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V Rising Map and Locations Guide

June 6, 2022

By: Robert N. Adams


Our V Rising Map and Locations Guide will show you boss locations, Important Loot item locations, Cave Passage locations, and more!

Quicklinks: Bosses Map | Cave Passage Map
Important Loot Items Map | Clean Map Image


Note: the Fishing Map can be found in our Fishing Guide.

V Rising Map - Bosses Map

V Rising Map Guide - Bosses Top v2 V Rising Map Guide - Bosses Bottom v2


This map shows the locations of all of the bosses we've found. Most bosses are in static locations, but some will travel along the roads in their zone.

Most bosses in larger areas are typically located deep within a zone. While you can sneak past the mobs, it's probably a better idea to kill all of the regular enemies on your way to the boss; you certainly don't want to have to fight another half dozen soldiers in the middle of a boss fight!


V Rising Map - Cave Passage Map

V Rising Map Guide - Cave Passage Top v2 V Rising Map Guide - Cave Passage Bottom v2

How V Rising Fast Travel and Vampire Waygates Work

V Rising Fast Travel works using special portals called Vampire Waygate. (You can see the Vampire Waygate locations in any of the maps on this page; they're the green portals).

Vampire Waygates allow you to instantly travel to any other Vampire Waygate that you have on your map. You can also respawn there if you die. However, there are some items that cannot be teleported such as resources; this means that you can take a Vampire Waygate to an area to mine or loot, but you'll have to walk back.

Players can also build a Vampire Waygate at their own base, but you'll have to unlock it first. There is one other form of fast travel, but it's a little quirky.


How Cave Passages Work in V Rising

Cave Passages are a secondary method of V Rising Fast Travel; they are effectively one-way teleporters that typically transport you from north to south. The arrows  on the above map indicate which cave leads to where.

The exit of a Cave Passage is on top of a cliff. You'll have the opportunity to turn around if you don't like the destination. Be warned: if you jump down, you won't be able to take the Cave Passage back to its origin!

Why would you use Cave Passages in V Rising? Well, they have a major advantage over Vampire Waygates -- you can carry loot through them. It may be a good idea to build your Castle near a Cave Passage exit to make for easy unloading of items!

V Rising Map - Important Loot Items Map

V Rising Map Guide - Icons Top v2 V Rising Map Guide - Icons Bottom v2

Most locations in the world have "Important Loot" listed as a tooltip when you hover over them. This shows items that you have a very good chance of getting if you kill enemies, destroy crates, and loot chests in that area.

Keep in mind that these are not always exhaustive. Dunley Monastery, for example, is a good place to find Glass, but you can also find Glass in crates and chests elsewhere in the Dunley Farmlands.

V Rising Map - Clean Map

V Rising Map Guide - Clean Top v2 V Rising Map Guide - Clean Bottom v2

That's it for our V Rising Map Guide -- hopefully, this will save you a lot of running around looking for bosses and loot. Don't forget to check out some of our other guides below!

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