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Bugsnax Scorched Gorge

Scorched Gorge is the first of two desert-inspired areas which you will encounter in Bugsnax. It's a snak-eat-snak world in a rough landscape inhabited by aggressive, powerful Bugsnax—plus some secret ruins to explore! When you visit the Scorched Gorge, make sure to talk to the Grumpus Cromdo Face in order to obtain a new tool called the Lunch Pad, which will allow you to shoot objects high in the air. It will be needed to catch several of the 12 types of Bugsnak available in this area. Here's your Bugsnax Scorched Gorge guide!

Here's every single one of the 12 Bugsnax which can be found in Scorched Gorge, plus tips on how to catch them. Keep in mind that there are multiple ways to catch most Snax using the available tools, so you might discover methods that aren't covered in this guide.

How to catch every Snak in Scorched Gorge

Bugsnax BBQ Bunger

How to Catch BBQ Bunger

This cousin of the standard Bunger is just as aggressive as the version you've previously encountered. However, it's a solitary Bugsnak which lives by itself on high cliffs, meaning there's no other Snax around for the BBQ Bunger to run into.

Use your Snax Scope to track the BBQ Bunger's path, then place your Trip Shot across the area where it will walk. When the BBQ Bunger collides with the tripwire, it will be stunned, and you can catch it in your Net. Remember that the BBQ Bunger will charge you as soon as it sees you, so make sure to stay out of sight until it has been stunned.

Bugsnax Sweet Fryder

How to Catch Sweet Fryder

The Sweet Fryder clings to the high walls of Scorched Gorge, seemingly out of reach of any of your tools. Luckily, there are two methods you can use to lure the Sweet Fryder down from its perch and into your collection.

First, you can use your Sauce Slinger to lay a trail of ketchup, cheese, or ranch dressing down the wall. Once the Sweet Fryder reaches the ground, you can set up a sauce-baited Snak Trap in order to catch it. Alternately, you can use your Lunchpad to launch yourself onto the ledge below where the Sweet Fryder lurks. Once you're on its level, you can lay a much shorter sauce trail which leads directly into your Snak Trap.

Bugsnax Ribblepede

How to Catch Ribblepede

There aren't many shy Bugsnax living in Scorched Gorge, but the Ribblepede is definitely one. This long Bugsnak clings to ceilings and will not come down unless tempted to do so by its favorite hot sauce.

Place a Snak Trap at the base of the wall below where the Ribblepede hangs out. Then, bait the trap with hot sauce and wait for the Ribblepede to walk into it. If it's still not motivated, you can spray some sauce along the wall as well to overcome its nervousness.

Bugsnax Scorpenyo

How to Catch Scorpenyo

Scorpenyo crawls along the walls of Scorched Gorge, shooting fire attacks at anyone who passes by. It will burn your trap, so you've got to put out its fire if you want to have any chance of adding this fiery Snak to your collection.

Luckily, the Scorpenyo's path takes it above the river which flows through the Scorched Gorge. Set up your Trip Shot over the river so that the Scorpenyo will hit the wire and fall into the water. This will both put the Scorpenyo's fire out and stun it, allowing you to quickly pick it up with your Net.

Bugsnax Poptick

How to Catch Poptick

These tiny kernel-shaped Snax are too small to catch in your trap, so you've got to make them "pop" before you can obtain them. Fortunately, there's a heat source right near where the Popticks hang out: the flaming attacks of the Scorpenyo.

Cover a Poptick in hot sauce, then wait until the Scorpenyo attacks it. This will cause the Snak to "pop" and become large enough to catch. They bounce around and follow a random, difficult to follow trajectory, so try luring the Popticks into your Snak Trap by baiting it with chocolate sauce. You might want to try directing the Popticks away from the Scorpenyo or catching the Scorpenyo first because it will try to burn you or your trap if you get too close.

Bugsnax Spuddy

How to Catch Spuddy

This incredibly aggressive foil-covered Bugsnak will charge and attack pretty much anything it sees - including you, so be careful! Luckily, like the Bunger, the Spuddy is hard-headed and can be stunned if it runs into another of its kind.

Find two Spuddies hanging out close together (or encourage two of them to chase you until they are both in the same area). Then, use your Sauce Slinger to douse both in either hot sauce or cheese. Quickly get out of range so you don't get caught up in the fight, then just wait until the two Spuddies have collided and stunned one another. You can pick up BOTH Bugsnax in your Net before their stun timer runs out!

Bugsnax Shy Weenyworm

How to Catch Shy Weenyworm

The Shy Weenyworm is a rare Bugsnak that hides in the inner chamber of Scorched Gorge's Ruins, located behind a locked door. After learning about the ruins from the archaeologist Grumpus Triffany Lottablog, coat the door of the ruin with cheese or hot sauce to encourage a Spuddy to charge into it and break the barrier.

Once inside the ruins, use your Snax Scope to scan the path of the Shy Weenyworm. Place a Snak Trap in its path and bait it with ketchup to encourage the slow-moving Snak to wiggle into it. Make sure to move out of the way, as the Shy Weenyworm lives up to its name and will run away if it sees you.

Bugsnax Cheepoof

How to Catch Cheepoof

The bright orange Cheepoof flies around the Scorched Gorge between the hours of 6 AM and 4 PM. Like other flying Bugsnax, you've got to find a way to disrupt its flight pattern in order to successfully catch one.

There are two options for catching a Cheepoof successfully. You can use your Lunchpad to sent your Snak Trap flying into midair and snap it shut once it hits the flying Cheepoof. Alternately, you can anchor your Trip Shot between two rocks, which will stun the Cheepoof once it collides with the wire mid-flight. Pick up the stunned Cheepoof using your net before the timer runs out.

Bugsnax White Cheepoof

How to Catch White Cheepoof

Unlike its orange counterpoint, the mystical White Cheepoof appears only at night. This Bugsnak starts flying around at 6 pm and goes back into hiding at 4 am. If you don't feel like waiting until nighttime, you can use the sleeping bag in Triffany Lottablog's archaeology camp to rest until 5 PM or midnight.

Catch the White Cheepoof using the exact same two methods as the orange Snak. Either launch your Snak Trap into the air using the Lunchpad or disrupt its path using your Trip Shot to stun it and collect it in your Net.

Bugsnax Green Peelbug

How to Catch Green Peelbug

Scorched Gorge's most brightly colored Bugsnak likes to hide deep within tunnels, and will not come out without a little motivation to do so. First, make sure to locate both entrances of the tunnel, as there is a particularly lengthy tunnel network in the Gorge when compared to other areas.

Set a Snak Trap outside one hole and then guide your Buggy Ball into the other. Move the Buggy Ball through the tunnel to chase the Green Peelbug out, then close the trap as soon as the Snak enters it. You can also cover your Buggy Ball in chocolate in order to attract and keep the Green Peelbug's attention.

Bugsnax Crystal Sweetiefly

How to Catch Crystal Sweetiefly

The Crystal Sweetiefly zips around the Scorched Gorge between the hours of 4 AM and 4 PM. They move quickly, but the heat rapidly tires them out, causing them to settle down on a rock or wall and take a nap. You can tell when a Crystal Sweetiefly is sleeping because a "ZZZ" emoji will appear above its head.

You can place your Trip Shot near a Crystal Sweetiefly's location before it lands. This will stun it as it alights to rest, allowing you to scoop it up in your net. Alternately, you can wait until the Bugsnak has settled down to sleep and then launch your Snak Trap at it using your Lunchpad. Move quickly if using this method, because the Crystal Sweetiefly will not stay napping for long!

Bugsnax Puffy Snakpod

How to Catch Puffy Snakpod

This lazy Snakpod has no particular location preference, as it can be found clinging to walls, ceilings, rocks and wood in both shady and sunny spots around Scorched Gorge. Make sure to look around for Puffy Snakpods in each new area you explore, including under bridges, on ledges and inside the hidden ruins. Once you've located a Snakpod, simply grab it with your Net or use your Snak Grappler to snag it if it is out of your reach.

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