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Image of Genshin Impact's Kalpalata Lotus In The Wild

Kalpalata Lotus, a small flower that grows from vines on cliffs, is one of the main new materials added in Genshin Impact’s 3.0 update. This update brought with it the long-awaited Sumeru zone, a new Archon storyline, and new characters and weapons to collect. Along your journey in the new forested region of Sumeru, you will no doubt encounter its various unique flora. While this material currently has few uses, it’s helpful to get ahead of the curve and is required to level up Dori, the new Electro four-star claymore-wielder character added with Sumeru. Luckily, we have a guide on how to get this new material, the best Kalpalata Lotus farming routes, and best uses as well!

Kalpalata Lotus Map | Where to Find

Kalpalata Lotus can be found across Genshin Impact’s new region of Sumeru, although it only spawns on vines found on cliff faces. The map below features all 59 spawn points for Kalpalata Lotus in Sumeru:

All Kalpalata Lotus Spawns On Genshin Impact Map
Credit to HoyoLab.

Kalpalata Lotus does not require any extra steps to acquire, unlike Mist Flower Corolla, for example, which requires you to first apply Pyro to the flower in order to interact with it. Do note, however, that Kalpalata Lotus spawn on cliff faces and therefore require you to climb to harvest them. Keep an eye on your stamina to avoid a long (and often deadly) fall.

The area surrounding the river that cuts through Vimara Village in the Ardravi Valley, the many cliff faces of the Vissudha Field, and the mountainous region surrounding the Yasna Monument between the Vissudha Field and the Ashavan Realm are particular hotspots for Kalpalata Lotus to spawn.

Aramani Vendor In Genshin Impact 3

Unlike Nilotpala Lotus, Kalpalata Lotus can be bought from a merchant, although only in limited quantities. To buy Kalpalata Lotus, you must have access to Vanarana through completing the Woodlands Encounter: Aranyaka Part 1 World Quest chain. Once accessible, you can speak to Aramani to buy Kalpalata Lotus. These cost 1,000 Mora and a maximum of only five can be purchased from this merchant every three days. This merchant also sells Rukkhashava Mushroom, a similarly valuable new material added in Genshin Impact’s 3.0 update.

While hunting for this material will still be the main method of acquisition, being able to purchase even a small amount could help you out in a pinch if you only need to collect a few more for a character upgrade or craftable item.

Best Kalpalata Lotus Farming Routes

While this material can be found in many areas across Sumeru, some areas are certainly better than others when it comes to farming materials. Here are the best Kalpalata Lotus farming routes!

Take note that this material, much like Nilopala Lotus and Rukkhashava Mushroom in Genshin Impact, only respawn every 48 hours. Therefore, you’ll often be using many different material farms between respawns.

Vissudha Field Best Kalpalata Lotus Locations

1: Vissudha Field (15 Spawns)

Vissudha Fields is a great location to begin farming Kalpalata Lotus as there are three high-density spawn areas in close proximity, all with Teleport Waypoints or a Statue of the Seven for quick and easy travel.

Vissudha Fields Spawns Circled In Point Of VIew Near Waterfall

Begin by heading to the first site marked on the map above where you can find five Kalpalata Lotus on the cliff faces around a waterfall. Be mindful of your stamina metre in this area to avoid an untimely death from falling to the ground or into the water.

Second Set Of Kalpalata Lotus Spawns In Vissudha Field

From here, make your way to the second site marked on the map, where you will find three Kalpalata Lotus across two resource nodes. These can be found on a large tree branch jutting out from the water. This area is more challenging to navigate as there is no solid ground at first, only water, and climbing on the branch can sometimes be easier said than done. Once again, monitor your stamina to avoid drowning!

Third Set Of Kalpalata Lotus Spawns In Vissudha Field

Last but not least, make your way to the third site in the Vissudha Fields farm, located near Sumeru City to the east. Here, you will find another waterfall surrounded by rock faces adorned with seven Kalpalata Lotus across four resource nodes.

Yasna Monument Kalpalata Lotus Spawns On Genshin Impact Map

2: Yasna Monument (14 Spawns)

Much like the Vissudha Fields Kalpalata Lotus material farm, the Yasna Monument Kalpalata Lotus farm is best when taking advantage of multiple nearby resource rich areas. Furthermore, this farm is also easily accessible thanks to the elevated Teleport Waypoint to the south, where this farm will begin, which allows you to glide much of the distance between the two sites.

First Set of Yasna Monument Kalpalata Spawns Circled On Screen

Begin this Kalpalata Lotus farm by travelling to the Teleport Waypoint by the first site marked on the map above, located south of Yasna Monument. From the Waypoint, head north to find the three resource nodes directly on the highest cliff face of the mountain. There are two 3x resource nodes and one 1x resource node, making a total of eight Kalpalata Lotus to be harvested in this first site. There will also be a Withering Zone nearby so stay alert.

Second Set of Yasna Monument Kalpalata Spawns Circled On Screen

Once you have collected these Kalpalata Lotus resources nodes, glide north towards Yasna Monument itself to find the second resource site. The final three resources nodes, containing a total of six Kalpalata Lotus, can be found on the large rocks near the centre of the area.

Vimara Village Kalpalata Lotus Spawns On Genshin Impact Map Circled

3: Vimara Village (8 Spawns)

The ravine just south of Vimara Village is another excellent area to find Kalpalata Lotus. You can access this area quickly by teleporting to either the Teleport Waypoint on the western side of the ravine or the Statue of the Seven on the eastern side, and simply gliding down into the ravine.

First Set of Vimara Village Kalpalata Spawns Circled On Screen

The first group of nodes can be found on the cliff face to the west. There are three individual nodes to harvest, with two of them providing two each.

Second Set of Vimara Village Kalpalata Spawns Circled On Screen

The remaining three nodes are a little easier to miss. Look north towards Vimara Village further along the river and you should see the Kalpalata Lotus nodes shining on the side of the overhanging rock.

Gandharva Ville Kalpalata Lotus Map Circled

4: Gandharva Ville (6 Spawns)

Perhaps the most convenient Kalpalata Lotus farm of all is this one outside Gandharva Ville. What makes this so convenient is that it’s right next to the Statue of the Seven, the first one you’re likely to come across upon entering Sumeru. Therefore, this material farm can be done right away, giving you an easy six pickups every two days as soon as you begin your adventure in Sumeru.

First Set of Gandharva Ville Kalpalata Spawns Circled On Screen

To find the spawn near Gandharva Ville, head south from the Statue of the Seven located between Gandharva Ville and the Cinnabar Cliff. After only a few short steps you’ll find yourself overlooking the ravine.

The Kalpalata Lotus can be found at the top of the waterfall. Two 2x resource nodes are located either side of the waterfall, while a final node is tucked away above a tree branch slightly further upriver.

What is Kalpalata Lotus used for?

Currently, Kalpalata Lotus has very limited uses, but it is expected to gain more importance as more Sumeru characters and items are added to Genshin Impact.

The main use players will have for this material is to ascend the new four-star Electro claymore-wielder Dori. Along with various other materials, Dori requires Kalpalata Lotus to ascend every 20 levels for the first two Ascensions and every 10 levels past Ascension 2. This, therefore, requires a significant volume of this new material. To fully Ascend Dori would cost a total of 168 Kalpalata Lotus. The amount of the material required for each ascension can be seen below:

  • Ascension 0-1 requires 3
  • Ascension 1-2 requires 10
  • Ascension 2-3 requires 20
  • Ascension 3-4 requires 30
  • Ascension 4-5 requires 45
  • Ascension 5-6 requires 60


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