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Nilotpala Lotus, a small flower that sits on top of the water, is one of the main new materials added in Genshin Impact’s 3.0 update. This update brought with it the long-awaited Sumeru zone, a new Archon storyline, and new characters and weapons to collect. Along your journey in the new forested region of Sumeru, you will no doubt encounter its various unique flora. While this material currently has few uses, it’s helpful to get ahead of the curve and is required to level up Tighnari, the new Dendro five-star character added alongside Sumeru. Luckily, we have a guide on how to get this new material, the best Nilotpala Lotus farming routes, and the best uses for it..

Nilotpala Lotus Map - How to get this Material

Nilotpala Lotus can be found across Genshin Impact’s new region of Sumeru, although it spawns only in wetland areas along rivers and lakes. The map below features all 78 spawn points for Nilotpala Lotus in Sumeru:

Nilotpala Lotus Map - Credit to HoyoLab
Credit to HoyoLab

Nilotpala Lotus does not require any extra steps to acquire, unlike Mist Flower Corolla, for example, which requires you to first apply Pyro to the flower in order to interact with it. Do note, however, that it mostly spawns in water and therefore demands you swim. Keep an eye on your stamina and practice your forward strokes!

The area surrounding Sumeru City (located in the Avidya Forest), the river going through Vimara Village (located in Ardravi Valley), and the Ashavan Realm region to the southwest are particular hotspots for Nilotpala Lotus.

Best Nilotpala Lotus Farming Routes

While this material can be found in many areas across Sumeru, some areas are certainly better than others when it comes to farming materials. Here are the best Nilotpala Lotus farming routes! Take note that Nilotpala Lotus, much like other plants in Genshin Impact, only respawn every 48 hours. Therefore, you’ll often be using many different material farms between respawns.

Farming Route for Nilotpala Lotus North of Sumeru City

1: North of Sumeru City (13 Nilotpala Lotus)

The river to the north of Sumeru City is an excellent place to find and farm Nilotpala Lotus. It’s easily accessible via Sumeru City or the Teleport Waypoint on the north side of the river. There’s also a whopping 13 up for grabs!

The first 10 are located in a simple loop around the area. Beginning near the northern Waypoint, follow the path down to the river and then start heading west, looping along the south side of the river until you reach the waterfall to the east. Jump down to the lower area at the bottom of this waterfall to find the remaining three.

There are several enemies located in this area that may want to join in on the fun, so be careful and cautious to not enter the water without stamina.

Farming Route for Nilotpala Lotus South of Sumeru City

2: Chinvat Ravine - South of Sumeru City (9 Nilotpala Lotus)

The Chinvat Ravine to the south of Sumeru City is another great farming spot for much the same reasons - it’s easily accessible and has nine concentrated in a small zone.

Travel to the Teleport Waypoint just outside the southern entrance to Sumeru City and glide down into the ravine to begin the farm. The Nilotpala Lotus in the Chinvat Ravine are also located in a convenient loop. Be warned, there are a few enemies to be found in the Chinvat Ravine that may get in the way.

Farming Route for Nilotpala Lotus In The Vimara Village River

3: Vimara Village River (10 Nilotpala Lotus)

Vimara Village is another great place to find large quantities of Nilotpala Lotus without much legwork. To begin, travel to the Teleport Waypoint near Vimara Village and glide down into the ravine. Follow the river until coming across the first two. From here, continue heading south along the river. Eventually, you will find a staggering group of eight next to each other.

Alternatively, you could begin at the Statue of the Seven near Devantaka Mountain, in which case you will travel north along the river, rather than south.

What is Nilotpala Lotus used for?

Currently, Nilotpala Lotus has very limited uses, but it is expected to gain more importance as more Sumeru characters are added to Genshin Impact.

The main use players will have is to ascend the new Dendro bow-user Tighnari. Along with various other materials, Tighnari requires this material to ascend every 20 levels for the first two Ascensions and every 10 levels past Ascension 2. This, therefore, requires a significant volume of this new material. To fully Ascend Tighnari would cost a total of 168 Nilotpala Lotus. The amount of Nilotpala Lotus required for each ascension can be seen below:

  • Ascension 0-1 requires 3
  • Ascension 1-2 requires 10
  • Ascension 2-3 requires 20
  • Ascension 3-4 requires 30
  • Ascension 4-5 requires 45
  • Ascension 5-6 requires 60

Other than Ascending Tighnari, Nilotpala Lotus is also used to craft Dendroculus Resonance Stones. Upon reaching Reputation Level 8 in Sumeru, players will unlock the ability to craft Dendroculus Resonance Stones. These gadgets can be used to search for the nearest Dendroculus to your location. If a Dendroculus is successfully found, then the item will be consumed. These craftable devices are handy in discovering any Dendroculus you might be missing.

  • Crafting a Dendroculus Resonance Stone costs 5


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