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As you first head into the Liyue region of Genshin Impact, you'll pass through the Stone Gate and by the Wuwang Hill, which on the other side is the Qingce Village. There are a series of secret riddles hidden around the village and outlying areas that will offer a great rewards at the end. In this Genshin Impact Qingce Village Riddles Guide, I will show you the three different starting areas for the riddles as well as their solutions so that you can find the great treasure.

The three areas listed below don't seem to need to be completed in any order. But if you approach one and the starting rune isn't shining, check the rest too. I have written about these riddles in the order that I came across them. Here is a map to where you can find each of the starting points of the riddles.

Genshin Impact Riddles Map
The order of locations is Right, Top, and then Bottom to the guide below.

Genshin Impact Qingce Village Riddles - Wuwang Hill

Once you get to the top of Wuwang Hill you'll see a landing with some water and glowing orange crystals. Here there will be a Rune marker in the middle, upon interacting with it you'll get your riddle.

... Its bones pierced, its spirit fases, its form and soul both decimated... still did its flesh survive... Here stands this status, to watch in each direction: The wind-swept ruin, the snow-capped peak, the adepti's abode, and the City of Liyue

There are a series of dragon-like statues sitting around the pool, all of them facing in different directions. You need to mark four of them to match the different directions that the riddle was talking about. If you've been playing through the story, most of the riddles should be quite clear, but just in case you're not too sure, here are the four directions you should trigger the dragon statues for.

  1. The wind-swept ruin: Statue facing to the North, past the branch you'll see Stormterror's Lair
  2. The snow-capped peak: Statue facing SE directly to the right of the crystal
  3. The Adepti's Abode: Statue facing SW, to the left of the lone crystal right next to some bushes
  4. The City of Liyue: Looking directly south at the tree with a house built into it
Genshin Impact Riddles Riddle 1 Solution
From Left to Right it's Solution 3, 1, 2, and 4

After opening the precious chest, you'll receive a Collected Fragment quest item. Paimon will tell you she isn't sure about it and suggests going to Quingce Village to investigate. Make sure you get the Geoculus while you're up here!

Genshin Impact Qingce Village Riddles - Shrine West of Qingce Village

The next riddle is located to the West of the Qingce Village. It's the one just south of the Teleport Waypoint. If you teleport here and then walk south into the shrine area you'll see the second rune you can activate.

...Rex Labis overcame the Chi, but the Chi could not perish in its entirety. Thus did Rex Lapis conquer each of its facets in turn: its spirit was bound in the north, its bones were pinned in the south-east, its flesh was incarcerated in the north-west, its soul was fettered in the north-east, and its form was crushed in the south-west...

This riddle is a lot simpler that the last one as you just need to hit all of the dragon statues in order. This time, you're not paying attention to where the dragon statue is looking, just its position in reference to where you got the riddle. The order that you need to hit the statues in is as follows:

North -> Southeast -> Northwest -> Northeast -> Southwest

Genshin Impact Riddles Riddle 2 Solution

After interacting with all of the statues in those positions (not the direction they're looking), then another precious chest will appear. You'll pick up a second Collected Fragment.

Genshin Impact Qingce Village Riddles - Ruins South of Qingce Village

South of the Qingce Village is another set of ruins. Here you might encounter a Lv. 24 Ruin Hunter so be prepared; they're a lot like the Ruin Guard but can fly. Best strategy, like with the Ruin Guard, is stay back and hit their eye for maximum damage.

After taking care of enemies you can approach the ruin and get the next riddle.

With the evil serpent gone from Qingce, the magic formula that subdued it was no longer in effect... But the serpent did not perish, and its foul blood congealed within the earth and formed stone, poisoning the world... Thus three statues were used to subdue it...

Here Paimon makes a comment about looking for strange stones in the area. Quite simply just find the three clusters of Orange Crystals in the area and at their bases will be a dragon to activate. After all three have been triggered a chest will appear with your third Collected Fragment.

What to do with the Collected Fragments?

Use the teleport point back to the Leaders building in Qingce Village, speak with Granny Ruoxin and she'll tell you the legend of the great creature Chi. She then gives you a hint that if you're searching to continue where you must go "must have something to do with water. Not only that, but it must also be water whose entrance can be blocked."

She will point you towards a waterfall northwest of Qingce Village, as you approach there will be some thieves there that you can take down. Head to the base of the waterfall and you'll find a small cave to the right.

Genshin Impact Riddles Waterfall Map

Once you enter the waterfall cave the quest "The Chi of Guyun" will begin.
Rewards: 500x Adventure Experience Points, 60x Primogems, 1x Liyue Shrine of Depths Key

Slot the Collected Fragments into the slots on the door and enter. After clearing out the humans the real fight begins.

You'll fight the following enemies in waves, while also trying to keep their aggro on you so that they're not attacking the central pedestal.

  1. 1x Lv. 24 Ruin Guard
  2. 3x Lv. 24 Ruin Guard
  3. 1x lv 29 Ruin Hunter

This isn't an easy fight, especially when you've got to be gathering the attention of three Ruin Guards at once. I recommend coming prepared with your best combinations (the battle is also near water so Electro is good), plenty of food to up your attack and health, and a good amount of patience. Once you've cleared the three Ruin Guards, keeping the Ruin Hunter's attention is pretty simple. 

Genshin Impact Riddles Waterfall Inner Chamber

After you've defeated all of those foes the doorway in the back of the chamber will open, allowing you to head deeper into the cave system. Inside you will find the following:

  • 1x Luxurious Chest
  • 1x Precious Chest
  • 2x Exquisite Chest
  • 2x Common Chest
  • A Seelie that will spawn an Exquisite Chest
  • A Geoculus

Once you've gathered up your goodies head back to speak with the village elder which will finish the quest. You'll also earn the "Crouching Dragon, Hidden Chi" achievement and earn 5x Primogems.


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