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Here we are at the next step in this incredibly involved Genshin Impact quest chain. At this point you'll have completed the A Strange Story in Konda quest, which will have led you to the Sacrificial Offering quest. The next quest you get as part of the chain is called Cleansing Defilement. While you previously cleansed two of the roots, there are now three more to go! The locations of the next roots to cleanse are in the Chinju Forest, the Araumi region, and the Tidal Flats to the east of Kamisato Estate.

Genshin Impact Cleansing Defilement - Chinju Forest

Once you arrive in Chujin forest completing the Sacrificial Offering guide this new quest will appear. Follow the path through the forest and you'll routinely hear a voice calling to you, just stay on the path. In the end, you'll have some enemies to defeat and a statue to talk to. You'll be tasked with finding three little tanukis and playing with them

  1. Backtrack down the path and a Tanuki will appear, it will dance and then disappear. Follow it until it becomes a torch and set it on fire to get the first one.
  2. To the west of the quest area are three hilichurls, defeat them and break the barrel on the rock to reveal the second tanuki.
  3. The last Tanuki will appear and be on a rock on the side of the path, he may not appear until the other two are found. Follow him down the path and into the river and finally, he'll turn into three torches. Light them all to complete this part of the quest.

After speaking with the large trapped tanuki Ioroi once more head to the eastern cliffs where the waypoint directs you. This puzzle is a bit more complicated, use the image below to tell you where to go

Genshin Impact Cleansing Defilement Puzzle 1
3 is tucked away so make sure you find it

After completing the circuit you'll have to fight an electro-based samurai. Once defeated that's one down.

Genshin Impact Cleansing Defilement - Araumi

When you arrive in Araumi you'll see a ruined structure with a locked switch in front of it. Around the perimeter, there will be 5 different electro sigils that you need to activate to unlock the switch. The directions to these five electro sigils will be based on the location of the switch.

  1. North - A locked electro sigil will require you to defeat enemies
  2. South-East - A normal electro sigil will be further up on some ruins
  3. East - Another unlocked sigil
  4. West - This sigil requires you to complete a rotating block puzzle to gain access
  5. At the switch - There's a sigil right there, nice and easy

After activating the switch you'll be able to access a chest in the ruin. If you scan the three kitsune statues they'll each reveal a button. Press them all and you can drop further down into the ritual site.


Scan the Kitsune statue near the protected door to make a tree appear that you can use "Summon Electrogranum" on to get through the door to the Kitsune shrine. Use an electro attack on the Kitsune to get the ward for this ritual. 

In this room there's also a rotating block puzzle to get a precious chest

After activating the ward a symbol will appear like normal but it looks like you don't have enough small shrines to get it going. Look upon the wall behind the central shrine and you'll see two small glowing kitsune. Look at both of these to have the missing small shrines appear.

Genshin Impact Cleansing Defilement Puzzle 2
Starts getting tougher to fit them all in one photo

Defeat the samurai again and you're done cleaning this part of the world.

Genshin Impact Cleansing Defilement - Kamisato Estate Tidal Flats

This portion of the quest takes place on the tidal flats to the East of the Kamisato Estate. The first place you're going to want to go is the little hill where you'll also find an Electroculus. Scan the small Kitsune statue and a large one will appear, hit it with an electro attack and you'll get the Ward needed.

Genshin Impact Cleansing Defilement Puzzle 3 Ward Location
The red X shows the Ward Location, while the circle is where you enter the cave system

Now that you have the Ward head out further east to the first island. You'll see three Kitsune statues looking into a hole where a small one is. Scanning it will make the floor disappear. Here you can drop down to find the next area, watch out though because you'll take consistent Electro damage due to it being an X region. You can combat this by getting an Electrogranum so be ready to go fast.

Inside you'll set up the shrines like in the image below and this time two samurai will appear. They're far weaker than the previous samurai but the real difficulty will be dancing between the multiple Electrogranum points so you don't keep taking damage.

Genshin Impact Cleansing Defilement Puzzle 3

Genshin Impact Cleansing Defilement - Purification Complete

After you've cleared the last of the root systems return to the tree in the cave near Konda Village. Unfortunately, you're not done yet and you now need to purify the center of the tree. For this you'll get the quest Yougou Cleansing.

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