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Rukkhashava Mushroom Under A Tree Genshin Impact 3

Rukkhashava Mushroom, a small fungus often found growing on trees and other vegetation, is one of the main new materials added in Genshin Impact’s 3.0 update. This update brought with it the long-awaited Sumeru zone, a new Archon storyline, and new characters and weapons to collect. Along your journey in the new forested region of Sumeru, you will no doubt encounter its various unique flora. While Rukkhashava Mushroom currently has few uses, it’s helpful to get ahead of the curve and is required to level up Collei, the new Dendro four-star character added alongside Sumeru. Luckily, we have a guide on how to get this new material, the best Rukkhashava Mushroom farming routes, and best uses as well!

Rukkhashava Mushroom Map | Where to Find

Rukkhashava Mushroom can be found across Genshin Impact’s new region of Sumeru, although it typically spawns in more densely vegetated areas, around trees and other flora. The map below features all 73 spawn points for Rukkhashava Mushroom in Sumeru:

Rukkhashava Mushroom Map With Marked Locations
Credit to HoyoLab.

Rukkhashava Mushroom does not require any extra steps to acquire, unlike Mist Flower Corolla, for example, which requires you to first apply Pyro to the flower in order to interact with it.

The area surrounding Mawtiyima Forest (located in the Lokapala Jungle region in the northeast of Sumeru), the hills to the east of Port Ormos and Devantaka Mountain (located in Ardravi Valley), and the area surrounding Apam Woods in the Ashavan Realm region to the southwest are particular hotspots for Rukkhashava Mushroom.

Character In Genshin Impact Talking to Ashpazi

Unlike Nilotpala Lotus, Rukkhashava Mushroom can be bought from a merchant, although only in limited quantities. To buy Rukkhashava Mushroom, speak to Ashpazi in Gandharva Ville, a merchant located close to Tighnari’s house. These cost 1,000 Mora and a maximum of only five can be purchased from him. While hunting for these mushrooms will still be the main method of acquisition, being able to purchase even a small amount could help you out in a pinch if you only need to collect a few more Rukkhashava Mushrooms for a character upgrade or craftable item.

Likewise, if you have gained access to Vanarana through completing the Woodlands Encounter: Aranyaka Part 1 World Quest chain, you can also buy Rukkhashava Mushroom from Aramani under the same conditions.

Character In Genshin Impact Talking to Farbod

While in Gandharva Ville, an additional four Rukkhashava Mushrooms can be acquired by speaking to Farbod by his tent. Speak with him and select the response ‘Sounds tough’. After this, ask Farbod about Rukkhashava Mushrooms to receive four Rukkhashava Mushrooms once the conversation ends. Again, this is only a small amount, but it can save you a little time and effort.

Best Rukkhashava Mushroom Farming Routes

While Rukkhashava Mushroom can be found in many areas across Sumeru, some areas are certainly better than others when it comes to farming materials. Here are the best Rukkhashava Mushroom farming routes!

Take note that Rukkhashava Mushroom, much like other plants in Genshin Impact, only respawn every 48 hours. Therefore, you’ll often be using many different material farms between respawns.

Rukkhashava Mushroom Farming Route Mawtiyima Forest

1: Mawtiyima Forest (19 Rukkhashava Mushroom)

Mawtiyima Forest is perhaps the most straightforward Rukkhashava Mushroom farm in Genshin Impact since the area is relatively flat with good visibility. It also helps that Mawtiyima Forest contains 19 Rukkhashava Mushrooms!

To begin this Rukkhashava Mushroom farm, travel to the Statue of the Seven near the southern entrance to the Mawtiyima Forest and head into the secluded forest. Immediately upon entering the area you will see three Rukkhashava Mushrooms on the right side of the path, with a few more hiding along the cliff face. From here, continue following the path northwards where there will be Rukkhashava Mushrooms on either side of the road. Eventually, this path will turn to the west. Continue following the path around the bend where you will find the remaining Rukkhashava Mushroom, located to the northeast on the map above.

Image of Mawtiyima Forest With A Spot Circled For Rukkhashava Mushroom Locations

Take note that many of these Rukkhashava Mushrooms are located in the large, luminescent mushrooms/trees that call Mawtiyima Forest home. If you can’t immediately find the Rukkhashava Mushroom marked on the map above, then they’re likely to be above your very head, requiring only a short climb to reach and harvest the node. In fact, many of these large trees have Four-Leaf Sigils inside, allowing you to quickly ‘teleport’ to their location.

Rukkhashava Mushroom Farming Route Northwest of Apam Woods Marked Up For Locations

2: Northwest of Apam Woods (9 Rukkhashava Mushroom)

This Rukkhashava Mushroom farm can be very daunting at first given the many different levels and platforms available to you. However, once you’re familiar with the route, it becomes an easy-peasy nine Rukkhashava Mushrooms.

Begin by heading to the Teleport Waypoint located in the large tree at the centre of the marked area on the map above. The first Rukkhashava Mushroom can be found next to the Waypoint.

Next, activate the Bouncy Mushroom on the northwest side of this platform to reach a higher platform where you’ll find a Dendrograna and another Rukkhashava Mushroom. Then, you’ll want to look down to find a platform to the northeast with a small wooden shack:

Two Rukkhashava Mushroom On The Edge of A Platform Northwest of Apam Woods

Two Rukkhashava Mushrooms should be visible at the edge of the platform, next to the shack and another Bouncy Mushroom. Collect these and continue around the shack to find another two Rukkhashava Mushrooms, careful to avoid the Bouncy Mushroom.

Rukkhashava Mushroom Location In Apam Woods Farming Route

Once you’ve collected the Rukkhashava Mushrooms directly next to the shack, there will be a further two Rukkhashava Mushrooms on a small ledge to your left, slightly lower than the platform with the shack:

Apam Woods Rukkhashava Mushroom Farming Route Final Spawn

To find the final Rukkhashava Mushroom, glide to the northern side of the base of the tree. You should see an enemy encampment nearby containing a chest. The remaining Rukkhashava Mushroom is located just around the corner from this camp between two large tree trunks.

Rukkhashava Mushroom Farming Route Southeast of Apam Woods Map

3: Southeast of Apam Woods (9 Rukkhashava Mushroom)

This final Rukkhashava Mushroom farm, located to the southeast of Apam Woods, is a bit more troublesome to get to grips with but just as lucrative.

Once again, begin by heading to the Teleport Waypoint located in the large tree in the area marked on the map above. It is here where the first Rukkhashava Mushroom can be found, just next to the Waypoint.

Next, use the Bouncy Mushroom near the Waypoint to launch yourself into the air. Glide northwards between the tree trunk and the thick branch to find a large platform lower down on the tree. There will be a Four-Leaf Sigil, two Clusterleaves of Cultivation, and a Bouncy Mushroom that you can use to identify the correct platform:

A Large Platform With Rukkhashava Mushroom On The Farming Route

From here, use the chain of Four-Leaf Sigils on the platform to travel to another large tree to the northeast. The Four-Leaf Sigils will drop you onto a platform with a Bouncy Mushroom. There will be a Rukkhashava Mushroom next to this Bouncy Mushroom and another to the right, around the tree.

Platform Next To The Last Platform That Has Rukkhashava Mushroom On It

Turn around to face the previous platform (south) and use the Bouncy Mushroom to gain elevation. Glide to the left and climb to reach a small platform sticking out from the tree where you will find a further two Rukkhashava Mushrooms and another Bouncy Mushroom.

The final two Rukkhashava Mushrooms are located on the branches at the top of the tree. Use the Bouncy Mushrooms and the Four-Leaf Sigils to reach the top of the tree. One Rukkhashava Mushroom can be found on a branch jutting out to the north of the tree trunk, while the other Rukkhashava Mushroom can be found on a branch on the eastern side of the trunk.

Final Rukkhashava Mushroom Location Southeast of Apam Woods

What is Rukkhashava Mushroom used for?

Currently, Rukkhashava Mushroom has very limited uses, but it is expected to gain more importance as more Sumeru characters are added to Genshin Impact.

The main use players will have for it is to ascend the new Dendro bow-user Collei. Along with various other materials, Collei requires Rukkhashava Mushroom to ascend every 20 levels for the first two Ascensions and every 10 levels past Ascension 2. This, therefore, requires a significant volume of this new material. To fully Ascend Collei would cost a total of 168 Rukkhashava Mushrooms. The amount required for each ascension can be seen below:

  • Ascension 0-1 requires 3
  • Ascension 1-2 requires 10
  • Ascension 2-3 requires 20
  • Ascension 3-4 requires 30
  • Ascension 4-5 requires 45
  • Ascension 5-6 requires 60

Other than Ascending Collei, Rukkhashava Mushroom is also used to craft Dendroculus Resonance Stones. Upon reaching Reputation Level 8 in Sumeru, players will unlock the ability to craft Dendroculus Resonance Stones. These gadgets can be used to search for the nearest Dendroculus to your location. If a Dendroculus is successfully found, then the item will be consumed. These craftable devices are handy in discovering any Dendroculus you might be missing.

  • Crafting a Dendroculus Resonance Stone costs 5


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