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Kujou Sara in Genshin Impact standing with the Kujou Clan Army

The Raiden Shogun Baal isn’t the only Electro character coming in the Genshin Impact Version 2.1 update: Kujou Sara, the Vision Hunt Decree enforcing Tengu, will be available in Genshin’s upcoming banner.

Being the leader of the Kujou Clan’s troops, Kujou Sara exudes an admirable amount of strength and resolve - enough to capture the attention of the Raiden Shogun Baal, who allows her to wield her Electro vision freely as she serves directly under the Archon.

Read ahead to learn how to build the dominant and intimidating Electro wielder in TechRaptor’s official Kujou Sara guide.

Genshin Impact Kujou Sara Guide - Team Role

Due to Sara’s exceptional ability to apply the Electro element, she fulfills the role of being an Electro battery quite well. Sara can jump onto the field at any given time, activate her Elemental Skill and/or Elemental Burst, then switch back to the Main-DPS or another Sub-DPS to provide them with enough Energy to activate their Elemental Burst.

This build works particularly well with the Raiden Shogun Baal as Baal is also an Electro user who benefits greatly from her Elemental Burst. Through thorough use of Kujou Sara’s talents, you’ll be able to provide Energy for your whole team.

Genshin Impact Kujou Sara


Genshin Impact Kujou Sara Guide - Talents

Kujou Sara Normal Attack: Tengu Bowmanship

  • Sara’s Normal attack: Perform up to five consecutive shots with a bow
  • Sara’s Charged attack: Aim with a precise shot, dealing increased damage. Lightning accumulates on the arrowhead as you charge a shot, dealing Electro damage once fully charged
  • Sara’s Plunging attack: Fires off several arrows in mid-air before striking the ground with an area of effect attack upon impact

Kujou Sara Elemental Skill: Tengu Stormcall

  • Sara dashes backward and shrouds herself in the Crowfeather Cover. In this state, Sara’s aimed shot time is decreased by 60%. Additionally, an aimed shot will consume the Crowfeather Cover and leave a Crowfeather behind where the shot hits.
  • The left-behind Crowfeather will activate Tengu Juurai: Ambush, which deals Electro DMG and grants an ATK bonus to the closest ally. This ATK bonus scales off of Sara’s base ATK.

Kujou Sara Elemental Burst: Subjugation - Koukou Sendou

  • Sara casts Tengu Juurai - Titanbreaker, dealing AoE Electro DMG. Afterwards, Tengu Juurai - Titanbreaker spreads out into four additional clusters of AoE Electro DMG.
  • Tengu Juurai - Titanbreaker provides nearby allies with the same ATK bonus that Tengu Stormcall grants.

Genshin Impact Kujou Sara Guide - Artifact Sets

Noblesse Oblige

A set commonly used on Support and Sub-DPS characters. 

  • The two-piece set bonus is a 20% boost to Elemental Burst DMG. 
  • The four-piece set bonus is a 20% ATK boost bonus to all teammates, which is granted when the Artifact holder uses their Elemental Burst.

This set is helpful to Sara’s build as the four-piece bonus allows her to boost her ally’s ATK when she’s providing Energy Particles. These Artifact pieces can be collected in the Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern Domain, which is located in Liyue.

Thundering Fury

A set commonly used on Electro DPS characters.

  • The two-piece set bonus is a 15% boost to Electro DMG. 
  • The four-piece set bonus is a 40% boost to damage caused by Overloaded, Electro-Charged, and Superconduct. Triggering said effects decrease Elemental Skill cooldown by 1 second.

Since Sara will be switching out often, she will be leaving the enemy with an Elemental affliction of Electro. If she switches into an ally who uses Pyro, Cryo, or Hydro, they’ll do additional damage once they activate their Elemental Skills and Bursts. These Artifact pieces can be collected in the Midsummer Courtyard domain, which is located in Mondstadt.

Severed Fate

A set commonly used on Burst-reliant characters.

  • The two-piece set bonus is a 20% boost to Energy Recharge. 
  • The four-piece set bonus is a boost to Elemental Burst DMG by 25% of Energy Recharge.  A maximum of 75% bonus DMG can be obtained in this way.

Building Artifacts with high Energy Recharge is important to Kujou Sara’s kit as, in order to generate more Energy Particles for her team, Sara needs to activate her Elemental Burst as often as possible. This set assures that will happen by bolstering Energy Recharge and tacking on additional DMG based on said Energy Recharge stat. These Artifact pieces can be collected in the Momiji-Dyed Courtyard Domain in Inazuma.

Genshin Impact Kujou Sara Guide - Weapons

Sacrificial Bow

A 4-star bow that can be wished for.

  • Secondary stat increases Energy Recharge by a maximum of 30.6%.
  • After dealing damage to an opponent with an Elemental Skill, the skill has an 80% chance to end its own cooldown

The Sacrificial weapon series is a great choice for any character that relies on their Elemental Skill being activated. An 80% chance to end an Elemental Skill’s cooldown is absolutely worth the investment as Kujou Sara will be generating an immense amount of Electro particles.

The Stringless

A 4-star bow that can be wished for.

  • Increases Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst DMG by 24%.
  • Secondary stat increases Elemental Mastery by 36.

The Stringless’ boost in Elemental Skill and Burst DMG can benefit Kujou Sara greatly in the event that she is built more as a Sub-DPS than an Electro battery. If building Sara as a battery, it might be best to pick another weapon.

Favonious Warbow

A 4-star bow that can be wished for.

  • Critical hits have a maximum of a 100% chance to generate six Energy Particles for the character every 12 seconds.
  • Secondary stat increases Energy Recharge by a maximum of 61.3%

Favonius Warbow’s Energy Particle generation on top of its’ secondary stat increase of Energy Recharge aids in Sara’s ability to constantly activate her Elemental Burst, which produces an immense amount of Energy Particles for her allies, as well as boosting their ATK.

Genshin Impact Kujou Sara


Genshin Impact Kujou Sara Guide - Team Composition

Kujou Sara’s Elemental Particle-generating build can only be capitalized upon by a team that relies on its Elemental Bursts for damage. Characters like the Raiden Shogun Baal, who does the most damage when she uses her Elemental Burst, can be charged up by Kujou Sara’s ability. 

Alongside Sara and Baal should be an auto-attacking main DPS that synergizes well with Electro, like Klee or Hu Tao. Finally, your last teammate should provide healing. Characters like Bennett, Diona, and Sayu suffice.

A team for Kujou Sara could look like this:

  • Hu Tao (Pyro Main-DPS/Auto Attacker)
  • Raiden Shogun Baal (Electro Burst-DPS)
  • Kujou Sara (Electro Battery/Sub-DPS)
  • Bennett (Pyro Healer/Utility)

Hu Tao serves as the Main-DPS of this team composition. She should be on the field most of the time, doing damage with her Elemental Skill. When she isn’t on the field, Kujou Sara should be swapped in to utilize her Elemental Skill (multiple times if Sacrificial Bow allows it) so she can generate Energy Particles for the Raiden Shogun Baal. 

Once Baal’s Energy is full, Bennett should put down his Elemental Burst, which will boost the whole team’s ATK as well as heal anyone on the field. The Raiden Shogun Baal should activate her Elemental Burst, attacking until the duration is over, and Hu Tao will finish off the attack with her powerful Elemental Burst.

Kujou Sara is a helpful battery character that can keep your Burst-reliant allies charged up so they have the power to keep the damage going. On top of this, Sara is a resilient leader to the Koujou Clan Soldier. Being the cutthroat right-hand to the oppressive Raiden Shogun, Sara is sure to intimidate your foes and win on the battlefield.

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