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Last Update: September 1, 2021


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The island of Watatsumi has a new multi-part questline called the Genshin Impact Moon-Bathed Deep quest, not too dissimilar to the Genshin Impact A Strange Story in Konda Quest. This questline is trenched deep in the mythology of the island and it's peoples origins. If you're in it for the gameplay and not the worldbuilding there's an excellent mix of combat under pressure, as well as puzzle-solving that should be a worthy challenge for many players.

To begin this quest you’ll need to speak with Tsuyoko, the Shrine Maiden of the Sangonomiya Shrine. In order to find her teleport to the Statue of the Seven on Watatsumi Island and head up the steps to the West. You’ll see a broken-down building and Tsuyoko standing off to the right.


Genshin Impact The Moon-Bathed Deep Map Locations
The Orange Ring marks the beginning of the quest, after completing quests at the four red rings you'll be led to the yellow ring

Speaking with her you’ll learn about Sangonomiya slowly turning to sand and that a sacred ritual needs to be performed between the Sangonomiya and Enkanomiya. As always though sacred rituals take a bit of work to complete, and will end with an encounter with an heir to the dragon. The first part of this quest will be to open the way to Enkanomiya, to do this you need to break the five seals on Watatsumi Island. You’ll automatically get quests for the Eye, Fang, Fin, and Tail of Watatsumi, completing these will allow you to access the Heart of Watatsumi.

Genshin Impact Moon-Bathed Deep - Eye of Watatsumi

Fly over to the island and you’ll find a stone statue in the center. Reading it you’ll get the following message:

“...They say that Omikami’s envoy had three eyes: one for the ‘soul,’ one a ‘mirror,’ and the last the ‘truth.’ From the depths it arose, from the south, o’er the north, and all about the western mound. The three eyes shone mercilessly to ward off the dragon’s heir.”

Paimon will prompt you to use elemental sight to find out what to do next. Follow the elemental lines to the south, north, and west. You’ll see a floating purple orb that you need to hit while elemental sight is activated, any bow user should be able to do this.
Note: Destroying the orb to the South and West will spawn enemies, I recommend sniping at the orb so that enemies will spawn but that you’re safe and far away from them


After all three orbs have been destroyed head back to the center of the island to open the Shrine and get a Spirit Pearl

Genshin Impact Moon-Bathed Deep - Fang of Watatsumi

Head to the waypoint marker and you’ll find a stone statue next to a sealed shrine. Reading it you’ll get the following message:

“...To provoke battle, to defend, and end them quickly, and thus take unto oneself the spoils - ‘tis the way fo Watatsumi, marked in tooth and claw…”

After reading this the Ley Line Monolith just down the hill a bit will be interactable. Here you’ll need to fight off a few rounds of enemies while also protecting the Monolith. 


The waves each increase in difficulty, the first only has basic Hilichurls and a few Samechurls but you’ll eventually end up fighting Samurai and more. Below are a list of a few recommendations:

  • Work to juggle between those attacking the monolith and those with ranged moves, you can bait away enemies from the monolith
  • Use the Electrostasis to continuously trigger the exploding Electro rock that appears near the monolith
    • This will pretty consistently wipe out every enemy in the area, alternate between killing enemies with charged super attacks and then using the Electro rock to speed up kill times
  • Focus on the Hydro Samechurl when they appear and create healing rains, these can seriously slow your progress

Continue fighting until the timer runs out and at the end you’ll receive another Spirit Pearl.


Genshin Impact The Moon-Bathed Deep Fang of Watatsumi Cheese
Is this meant to be a challenge for me... or him?

Genshin Impact Moon-Bathed Deep - How to cheese the Fang of Watatsumi combat challenge?

If you find you're really having issues then there's an even easier way to complete this task. The basis of the challenge is in lasting the full 5 minutes of combat, each enemy you defeat will slow down that timer, but it's much easier to get to having one early Electro Hilichurl Grenadier left and just wait out the timer. Below is the full steps of what you should do

  1. Begin the combat challenge and defeat all of the melee Hilichurl, keep an eye on the Grenadiers and try to leave one of them alive
    • There are two rounds of Hilichurl alone so you have two shots at this, as soon as Mitachurl begin spawning just start healing up and let them at the Monolith to end the challenge
  2. When you have just the Grenadier left let them slowly attack the target, each attack of theirs will take 12 seconds to launch and will take off 3% of the target health. Even if you had the whole 5 minutes and the monolith was at 100% health a sole Hilichurl Grenadier would only be able to take 75% of its health. There are a few ways you can slow it down too:
    • Jump in front of the Grenadier as he's trying to attack and you can take the hit for the monolith. Make sure you don't set off the Electro-Rock killing the Hilichurl, if you end up chaining electricity just change quickly to a different character.
    • Hit the Grenadier every now and then to have it drop its slime grenade

Genshin Impact Moon-Bathed Deep - Fin of Watatsumi

Head to the marked location to find a stone statue. Reading it you’ll get the following message:

“For the retainers of other lands shall come from abroad. The two greet each other like scale and fin, like thigh and bone, ever connected, aiding in our great Omikami’s rule…”

Paimon will suggest having the fish statues on the platforms below look in at one another. Activate the pillars to allow the fish statues to start rotating. Once you can all pointed inwards on one side “Pay your respects” at the pillar and then go to the other side and do the same. If you have both pillars active at the same time then a fish on one side will affect the fish from the other side. Collect your next Spirit Pearl

Genshin Impact The Moon-Bathed Deep Fin of Watatsumi
Start by completing the fish statues on the left and lock them into place, then move on to the right-hand side.

Genshin Impact Moon-Bathed Deep - Tail of Watatsumi

Head to the marked location for yet another stone statue, you’ll have to fight some enemies on the way but they shouldn’t be too difficult. This one will say the following:

“This holy hall contains a divine blessing. Tread lightly and walk slowly, following the lights. Run not, rush never, make no hue or cry, and approach with piety in one heard for our great Omikami’s grace.”

From the shrine walk down the path and you’ll find an Electrogranum tree, pick up an Electrogranum and head back towards the tree allowing the Electrogranum to ignite every stone pillar on the way up. There are six in total, after each has been ignited the Shrine will unlock but you’ll need to defeat a number of Fatui enemies first.


Genshin Impact Moon-Bathed Deep - Heart of Watatsumi

Head to the center of Sangonomiya Shrine to find Tsuyoko, she’ll lead you towards a location to the east where a water barrier is up. Here is where you place the four Spirit Pearls. Inside you’ll find the “Heart” of Watatsumi and more puzzles like the ones at the Fin of Watatsumi island. The big difference this time is that as you complete them water enemies will spawn like those seen in the battle against the Oceanid in Liyue.

Once all puzzles have been completed and all enemies defeated you’ll get a short cutscene and then a prompt to obtain the Key of the Moon-bathed Deep. Speaking with Tsuyoko you learn this is the end of the quest. You’ll earn the achievement The Same Moonlight as well as plenty of other rewards including Adventure Experience, Primogems, Hero’s Wit, and more.

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