A Genshin Impact Beginner's Guide: It's A Big World Out There

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Genshin Impact Beginner Guide PS4 PC iOS Android

Genshin Impact is an impressive free-to-play offering with a huge world to explore and lots of loot. Like other MMO titles, this can get overwhelming for beginners! But don't worry, intrepid players! We've got your back with this Genshin Impact guide. 

Genshin Impact Doesn't Punish You For Duplicates

Genshin Impact Constellation Moves PS4 PC iOS Android

In most gacha games, getting duplicates is lame, but in Genshin Impact, they could be very helpful. By getting doubles, you can obtain a constellation rank on your character. These offer new moves and status upgrades that are otherwise unavailable to you. Don't disregard these drops! 

Learn the Genshin Impact Elements (It's Very Pokemon

Genshin Impact Lisa Electricity PS4 PC Android iOS

Elemental powers are super important in Genshin Impact, and the way it plays with elements works similarly to Pokemon. You can freeze enemies with Cryo powers or cause explosions with fire arrows; use powers that foes are weak to, like fire being weak to water.

Akin to Breath of the Wild, they can also change the landscape around you, and your elemental powers can sometimes react to the weather and the environment. For example, lightning can be super effective when used on enemies in the water, and Cryo powers can freeze more easily in the rain. You can even freeze water around you!

It's pretty neat and adds a lot of dimension to Genshin Impact. If only the Pokemon series did this...

Check Your Genshin Impact Inbox 

Genshin Impact Mailbox PS4 PC iOS Android

As the game just launched, the developer is providing a bunch of rewards to Genshin Impact's first players! Press start, toggle to the left hand side of the menu, and click on Mailbox. Once there, press triangle (or your platform's dedicated button) to claim all the rewards. This will give you an extraordinary amount of in-game currency, like 1,600 Primogems, 10 Acquaint Fates, and a bunch of awesome items! 

Explore and Find Statues of the Seven 

Genshin Impact Statues of the Seven PS4 PC Android iOS

Throughout the world of Genshin Impact, you will find statues that are beaming a red light into the sky. Go and find them by exploring. They have a figurehead sitting on top of the sculpture. You may have to beat a boss in the surrounding area, but they're pretty easy to find!

Once you have unlocked that statue, you can fast travel to it any time, and you can get rewards by offering Anemoculus or the elemental material that corresponds to the statue. This includes Adventure EXP, Stamina, Primogem, and Anemo Sigils. It's worth checking these out! They can even unlock new powers for you.

The statue that resides in Bishui Plain near Dihua Marsh will give the main protagonist Geo powers, for example. Two quick Geoculus crystals I was able to find shortly afterwards is north of the statue on top of the first rock on the left (use your newfound Geo power to grab it) and on the roof of the beautiful Wangshu Inn. 

Follow The Seelies

Genshin Impact Butterflies PS4 PC Android iOS

Similarly to the foxes in Ghost of Tsushima, you can follow the Seelies in Genshin Impact for loot. These blue wisps will lead the way to a new chest. Enemies might pop up in the way, but you can still follow it to the eventual chest that summons.

For some chests, you'll need to gather three of the Seelies. They will each sit on a lantern until you find all three. You may have to climb for some of these, but they don't take long to follow from my personal play time so far. 

You Can Change The Voice Language 

Genshin Impact Language English Japanese Korean Chinese

A lot of the game is impressively voiced with full cutscenes between characters. It reminds me of the Tales of games a lot. Press the start menu and toggle over to Settings. Then, go all the way down to Language! From there, you can select the voice-over language to be English, Chinese, Japanese, or Korean. If you want to stick to the true creators' intent, switch over to the Chinese option! The English dub is actually great, however, so I will be sticking to that! 

Upgrade, Upgrade, Upgrade 

Genshin Impact Weapons PS4 iOS Android PC

The bonuses that the game gives you from the inbox are going to be really helpful. Head over to the character menu and then go on attributes. Use the items necessary to level up to the first maximum limit, level 20. Make sure you spread your resources across your different characters though. You don't want a few level 20s hanging with a level 1! 

You can also enhance your weapons. Go on the character menu once again and click on Weapons. Press triangle to enhance. You may have a bunch of 1-star materials like weapons gained from loot. Press triangle to Auto Add to the desired weapon you want to enhance. Then press the cross button to finish the process. 

Make Sure To Equip The Right Artifacts

Genshin Impact Artifacts PS4 PC iOS Android

In the character menu, there are also the artifacts you can equip. These will give status upgrades to your character. Don't just go willy nilly though. Make sure the artifact fits them perfectly.

For example, you want additional Cryo damage with a character like Chongyun as that's his elemental attack. Also, try to match the artifacts in a set for extra bonuses. For example, if you equip the Adventurer's Pocket Watch and the Adventurer's Tail Feather, you get your Max HP increased by 1000.

If you select all four artifacts in the set, you can get an extra ability. With the Adventurer set, opening a chest regenerates 30% Max HP over five seconds. 

Find Teleport Waypoints in Genshin Impact's Open World

Genshin Impact Teleport Waypoints PS4 PC iOS Android

Teleport waypoints are all over the world and will allow you to fast travel from anywhere on the map. If you  look on the map, you'll find all the points that haven't been activated yet if they are blank rather than blue. This is also a good way to know where you have and haven't been yet!

When activating teleport waypoints, you are also given Primogems that can be used towards getting a new character or weapons in the Wish gacha system. 

Recently, developer MiHoYo pushed out an update that affected Genshin Impact's anit-cheat software.

There's a lot more of Genshin Impact to find out, so keep checking in to TechRaptor for more guides on this game! 

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