Genshin Impact Co-op Guide: How Does It Work?

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One of the big selling points for Genshin Impact is that it doesn't just have big attacks, beautiful landscapes, and plenty to do in the world, but also that you can share it with a friend. Regardless of whether you're playing on a PlayStation 4, PC, Android, or iOS device you can link up with friends or strangers around the world and play Genshin Impact co-op together.

With so much happening in the game though, there are a few asterisks and limitations attached to playing the game with friends.

How Do I Play Genshin Impact Co-op?

The first requirement to unlocking co-op is going to be the most time-consuming part of the process, but if you're enjoying the game enough, it's not going to be too difficult. You unlock co-op mode as a reward for getting to Adventure Rank 16.

Unlike your character levels, the Adventure Rank is kind of like your profile level. You earn experiencing for the Adventure Rank by, well, adventuring. Completing quests, opening treasure chests, finishing entries in your Adventurer's Journal, and exploring the world. You will be part way through the second act of the prologue by the time you gain access to co-op play.

From the top of the screen, or the Paimon screen, you need to select the icon that looks like a Wi-Fi connection symbol over a small tower to launch the co-op game finder. This finder will show a list of players whose game sessions are open to join requests.

By clicking on "Request to Join," they'll be notified that you'd like to join their current game; whether they allow you in or tell you to keep searching for a game is up to them at this point. In the bottom left of this screen, you can also set the preference for your own multiplayer session.

Genshin Impact Co-op Lobby
It's an interesting choice that your lobby is default open.... but I also keep forgetting Genshin Impact a mobile/gacha game too.

It's interesting to note that the game defaults your Multiplayer settings to "Join After Approval." This means that your name will appear if someone searches for your UID, or if their random grab bag of names includes you. The other options you can select is "Allow Direct Join" or "Reject Join Requests." If you and your friends who want to play know each others' UID, you can of course search for and find the game you want to join.

A restriction to playing co-op is that not only does each player have to be at least Adventure Rank 16 to be able to unlock the co-op feature, but you can only play on the lowest World Rank you have in common.

If I'm only at World Rank 0 and haven't Ascended my World Rank, then I can't join a player that's at World Rank 1. But if I were World Rank 2, then I could join a player on World Rank 0, 1, or 2.

What Can I Do in Genshin Impact Co-op?

You and three friends can get together and play Genshin Impact, but just how much is everyone able to do? All players will be able to fight enemies in the overworld, but the Host will get the most out of this mode.

Going into multiplayer you need to understand the following:

  • All players will have access to the host's world, including all unlocked warp points.
  • Treasure Chests can only be opened by the host.
  • NPCs can only be interacted with by the host.
  • Story mission progression only counts for the host.
  • All players can replay dungeons and challenge them at higher levels where available.
  • All players can complete the random daily quests.

This isn't the kind of multiplayer that will allow each of your players to go off and do their own thing and then circle back together to meet up. Instead, it's a very party-driven experience. It's also worth stating that Genshin Impact co-op doesn't have any element of PvP, so if you're looking for a way to grief your friends, unfortunately this will not be your game.

What do you think of Genshin Impact Co-op? Do you wish you could play the story together with your friends? Are you surprised by how long it takes to unlock co-op?

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