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Two weeks into Genshin Impact being out and it still feels like every day is a new discovery, this time in the land of Liyue. As you explore the Cuijue Slope, you'll find a valley with large neon orange pillars all set up to encircle ruins and a stone tablet in the center. This quest will require a lot of collecting, but hopefully you should already be part of the way done before you even get here.

The first thing that you should do once you arrive in the valley is to interact with the stone tablet in the center. Doing so will not only activate the Genshin Impact Nine Pillars of Peace questline, but will also give you a good idea of what you need to do to complete the quest. The inscription reads as follows:

All the turmoils in the world have their root in human vice... Nine pillars we raised here to suppress conflict, that we may never again raise armies against each other... 

Ahead from the stone tablet in the center you'll see a large doorway. The goal of this mission is to open the nine pillars to allow yourself access to the danger and treasures found within the ruins. This is not a hard quest per se, but it will take some time to complete.

  • Quest Name: Nine Pillars of Peace
  • Description: Nine stone pillars tower over the barren plains, and they appear to disguise some mystery...
  • Objective: Open the Nine Pillars (1/9)
  • Reward: 450x Adventure Experience Points, 50x Primogems

How to Open a Pillar in Genshin Impact Nine Pillars of Peace Quest?

As you've been adventuring through Liyue you'll likely have been collecting the Geoculus, the open-world collectable that you'll be collecting for the Statues of the Seven. As well as Adventure Rank Experience and stamina upgrades, you might also notice that with each level you've been collecting Stones of Remembrance.

In order to open a pillar, you need to climb up the back of it to find the glowing panel that looks like a face. Climbing over it you'll be prompted to insert a Stone of Remembrance. After inserting a stone, the pillar will unlock, and the doorway will begin to budge slightly. An Exquisite Chest will also appear at the bottom of the pillar for a bit of instant gratification.

Genshin Impact Nine Pillars of Peace Placing Stone
This is the easy part...

So the big elephant in the room now is that you need to open nine pillars, which means you've got to have 9 Stone of Remembrance, which means getting the Liyue Statue of the Seven all the way up to Lv. 10. This means that you need to collect every Geoculi in the region and use it at a Statue of the Seven. In total this will mean getting 130 Geoculi. While not particularly difficult in terms of level requirements or strength, it will take a while for you to cover the landscapes of Liyue to find them.

If you want to do this the most efficiently, I'd recommend using a map tracker tool such as this one so that you can mark off ones you've already collected, or just sweep each region carefully as you continue to explore Genshin Impact.

What Happens After You've Collected All Geoculi?

After placing all of the Stones of Remembrance into the Pillars, the doorway will finally open and you'll be prompted to enter the ruins. In the next antechamber, you'll face off against a number of enemies in waves. Those waves are as follows:

  1. 1x Lv. 40 Ruin Guard
  2. 2x Lv. 40 Geovishap Hatchling (The smaller Geo rolling monsters)
  3. 1x Lv. 48 Ruin Hunter

If you're not too familiar with fighting the Geovishap Hatchlings, then the strategy that you're most likely going to want to follow is to keep both of them in your sights so they can't charge you from a blind spot. While dealing damage after they dig into the ground to get away from you, they'll leave behind Geo Shield Crystals. Pick one of those up and you'll get a shield over you. While the shield is active, you'll take less damage from Geo attacks, but most importantly, if they charge into your shield, they'll rebound and be stunned. This is your opportunity to get in with a number of combos and high-damage attacks.

Genshin Impact Nine Pillars of Peace Doorway
Nothing is more interesting to me than a locked door...

After finally defeating all of the enemies another small room will be open to you. Inside is where you can collect your rewards. The room contains the following:

  • 1x Precious Chest
  • 1x Luxurious Chest (This will contain a Dull Ring that you can sell to Linglang at the antique store in Liyue Harbor at night)
  • 1x Royal Flora (a 5-Star artifact)

You're not done with the quest JUST yet. One of the items that you picked up will be a Dull Ring. Paimon will appear, suggesting that you take it to someone who knows antiques. When you're done looting, head back to Liyue Harbor, and you can either head to the Antique Store at night to sell the Dull Ring to Linglang for 200,000 Mora, or you can head to the Wanyou Boutique who will buy it off you for 180,000 Mora with the addition of 5x Adeptus' Temptation, a 5-Star meal.

What did you think of the Genshin Impact Nine Pillars of Peace Quest? Do you think collecting all the Geoculi or the battles were harder? Is this the one quest you don't think you'll complete?

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