Genshin Impact Into The Woods Quest Guide (Aranyaka Part 1)

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An image of a rock formation in Genshin Impact's Sumeru region

Genshin Impact’s huge 3.0 update is finally here, bringing with it the long-awaited Sumeru zone, a new Archon storyline, and new characters and weapons to collect. Along your journey in the new forested region of Sumeru you will surely come across the Aranyaka World Quest. This is a very long World Quest with multiple parts, involving missing children, dreams, and mysterious little vegetable-like creatures in the forest.

While optional, the Aranyaka World Quest offers many interesting gameplay elements and puzzles such as Withering Zones, alongside some great rewards, all while exploring this fantastical new region. Here’s a handy guide to completing Into the Woods, the second major quest step in Woodland Encounter: Aranyaka Part 1 .

Woodland Encounter: Aranyaka Part 1 has three sub-quests:

Each quest introduces the player to new mechanics and puzzles as the story progresses.

What are the rewards for the Into the Woods Quest?

Upon completion of the Into the Woods quest, you will be granted a sizeable reward:

  • 50 Primogems
  • 40,000 Mora
  • 4 Hero’s Wit
  • 4 Mystic Enhancement Ore
  • 400 Adventure EXP

This quest has increased rewards compared to the previous quest and sets the bar for future rewards in the Woodland Encounter: Aranyaka World Questline. While each quest in this series had different rewards, they are roughly equal to the quality available in this quest.

How to start the Into the Woods Quest

Into the Woods is unlocked immediately upon completion of the previous quest in the Woodland Encounter: Aranyaka Part 1 quest chain, The Children of Vimara Village. This quest involved meeting Rana, a Forest Watcher, and the nearby town of Vimara Village that she keeps watch over which has been experiencing several strange happenings in the forest.

How to complete Into the Woods Quest? More Withering Zones and How to Collect Firewood

Into the Woods is the second quest that makes up Woodland Encounter: Aranyaka Part 1 and sees the Traveler working with Rana to clear up more Withering Zone while investigating the mysterious happenings in the forest.

Image showing the location of the first three Withering Blooms for the Into The Woods questline

After meeting with Rana at the meeting point you will follow her to the next Withering Zone. This Withering Zone is much the same as the first, with the Withering Branches being conveniently placed in close proximity. There is one to the left of the dirt path and two on the right side, all of which are destroyed in the same manner of collecting the Dendrograna to empower your Charged Attacks or Aimed Shots.

However, the enemies that spawn and the small area can make this Withering Zone slightly more challenging than the first. Keep an eye on your Decay and use the Candle of Life to decrease your Decay if necessary. Remember also to collect Dendrograna or use Dendro attacks to defeat the Disciples of Decay that will spawn after destroying the Withering Branches. These must be defeated before you can clear the Tumour of Withering.

Once this Withering Zone is clear, push deeper into the forest where you will encounter another Withering Zone. The Withering Branches are a little harder to spot this time around, hidden amongst mushrooms, but the process remains the same.

For locations of Tumors of Withering for the Into the Woods Quest

One Withering Branch can be found on the left of the shallow river, next to the Candle of Life, tucked under large mushrooms. The other two Withering Branches are located on the right side of the river, next to the Dendrograna, and similarly covered by vegetation. Eliminate the enemies, destroy the Branches, defeat the Disciple of Decay, and cleanse the Tumour of Withering to progress.

With this out of the way, Rana has one final task for you both - ‘defeat a certain number of Spinocrocodiles’. This very vague objective is as straightforward as following Rana along the river until coming across a group of these beasts. As you defeat this group, another four will spawn further down the river. They are supposed to head towards you to join the fight, but they may lose interest and stay further down the river, without you realising they are quest targets. If this happens, simply head further along the river to slay them too!

After all this work it’s time for a break, wouldn’t you say? Rana proposes heading to a nearby Forest Watcher camp a little further down the creek. Follow the river until you reach the camp. Using the Four-Leaf Sigils conveniently placed along here is sure to make your trip a much quicker and less arduous one.

Upon reaching the camp, Rana will task you with collecting three pieces of wood for a fire, only you’ll need to get dried wood branches rather than resorting to deforestation. This step is a little misleading as, while you might not be sure exactly what to look for, you’d certainly be looking for wood at the very least. What you’re actually looking for is a small, glowing beam indicating an objective you can interact with. The location of these can be seen below:

An image showing the locations of the pieces of wood for the final part of the Into the Woods Quest

One piece of firewood can be found on the small piece of land between the river, another tucked under a Sunsettia fruit tree, and a final piece hidden away between plants next to the river.

Collect these three pieces of firewood and return to Rana where you’ll then have to light the campfire using a Pyro attack. Once that’s done, you’ll be rewarded with an intriguing conversation about Rana herself, the culture and people of the village, and the story of how the children had disappeared for a short time. The characters inevitably fall asleep, marking the end of the Into the Woods quest and the beginning of the final quest in Woodland Encounter: Aranyaka Part 1, The Lost Child.


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