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There's so much to see and explore in the latest Genshin Impact update. With three new islands, there are all kinds of interesting puzzles and quests. One of the trickier quests in the Genshin Impact Dreams of Sword Art guest that can be found on Kannazuka Island. This quest will have you talking to a Nameless samurai as you try to help him regain his memories.

Genshin Impact Dreams of Sword Art - How to begin this quest

To start this quest you need to make your way to the middle island of Inazuma called Kannazuka Island. Head up the mountain to the south until you find a small camp with a blue-robed samurai that you can interact with. He has forgotten his memory but not his love of swordplay. The first part of this mission will be fighting and defeating him.

Genshin Impact Dreams of Sword Art Sword Locations
Here are the locations of the two swords needed to be found in the quest

Genshin Impact Dreams of Sword Art - First Sword Location

After defeating him some of his memories will return and he'll as you to fetch two children's swords giving only vague instructions on where you'll be able to find them. Nameless tells you the following:

"Yes... they lived in a hut in the fishing village to the north... the hut was under a cliff and surrounded by sea on all sides. They would take the steps behind the house to the slope to spar... Their blades might still be there"

From here you have no marker whatsoever so it's time to use the clues to discover the location of the swords. Head north to the island just near the 'R' in Rujou Encampment. On the northwest shore, you'll find a building, walk up the steps behind the house to find a sword and family letter. Pick up both and head back to Nameless.

Genshin Impact Dreams of Sword Art - Obtaining Wine

After speaking with him you'll get to fight him once more. It's about the same level of difficulty as the last fight. Nameless will then remember he enjoyed drinking wine and give you another set of clues.

"I remember that we were inside a great encampment. Men armed and dressed in armor were all around us."

Paimon assist and points you towards the east to try finding an encampment. Travel to the Kujou Encampment and the quest will update to ask the soldiers about the wine. Speak with Matsudaira, he can be found in the central area of the camp to your left if you're looking at the main building. After receiving the jug of wine head back to Nameless for another fight.

Genshin Impact Dreams of Sword Art Wine Contact
Your contact for the wine Nameless remembers

Genshin Impact Dreams of Sword Art - Second Sword Location

After defeating him he'll again point you towards another clue. This time he'll say the following:

"I... I fled here from the tidal flats in the northwest. That was where the battle took place"

This time you'll get a direction marker towards the strip of land to the southeast of the Nazuchi Beach region. In the middle of the broken wreckage you'll find the sword upright in the ground. Pick it up as you did for the other one. Once again we'll return to Nameless, now called Masanori. Defeat him again in this multi-stage fight and speak with him once the battle is over. With that the quest will be over!

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