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Genshin Impact Inazuma Sacrificial Offering Preview

Welcome to Genshin Impact 2.0 and the beautiful land of Inazuma. If you're here looking for assistance on the Sacrificial Offering that means you've already made it past Ritou and through the quest A Strange Story in Konda. It seems that the mysterious masked shrine maiden isn't quite done with the Traveller yet. This guide will go through steps to complete the Sacrificial Offering quest netting you all kinds of rewards along the way including the Memento Lens key item.

After wrapping up the Strange Story in Konda quest the Sacrificial Offering quest will lead you towards an old shrine to the North-East of Konda Village. As you follow the path up to it you'll notice fog setting in and that there are a number of ghostly maidens that are scattered around the land. Interacting with them will result in them saying nothing and simply disappearing.

How to solve the Genshin Impact Mysterious Shadow puzzle?

What you'll notice is that each time the Mysterious Shadow disappears it will reappear elsewhere. There are three sets of moving Mysterious Shadows in the area. One of the points that the shadow will appear will be at the large Kitsune statues to the East of the main Shrine building. In order to progress with this quest, you'll want to interact with each of the Mysterious Shadows until they appear at the Kitsune Statue. Once all three are at the Kitsune Statues you'll be rewarded with an old text that's the key item to the questline as well as three chests to open.

Be sure to equip the Memento Lens as an gadget and keep an eye out for glowing small Kitsune statues around Inazuma. You never know what you'll learn.

There are two Mysterious Shadows that are quite well hidden that you might need some assistance with. One appears on the roof of the shrine building so you'll have to climb up to talk to it, and another appears to the south of the three Kitsune statues in the middle of a few trees. There are also a number of enemies patrolling but nothing you shouldn't be able to handle.

After getting the key item to ascend the mountain to the north and get to the Grand Narukami Shrine. Speaking with a maiden there you'll get the Memento Lens key item. This is a new lens for your camera that you can use to learn the thoughts/memories of the small Kitsune statues. You'll be doing this to get the information on how to activate the next cleansing ritual. After getting the lens return to the area that you interacted with the Mysterious Shadows.

Which Kitsune Statue should I scan with the Memento Lens?

The Kitsune that you should scan will all be glowing with electro energy so shouldn't be too difficult to discover. If you're having issues they're in the following locations

  1. To the right of the old shrine
  2. Down the pathway under the little cover
  3. Next to the three Kitsune Statues
  4. To the far right of the shrine past the three Kitsune statues where the steps lead up
  5. South of 3 and 4, near where the Mysterious Shadow was in the trees

Genshin Impact Inazuma Sacrificial Offering Kitsune

Once you've gathered all of the information head to the shrine indicated on your map and interact with the Kitsune. After saying the three phrases (Just top to bottom in order of options) you'll pick up the ward. Now it's time to get to the ritual site.

Genshin Impact Sacrificial Offering - Find the barrier

After gathering all of the relevant information head to the cliff to the West. You should be able to look down and see a number of enemies in a shallow pool of water and a chest in the middle. Float down and find the cave entrance in the cliff face. The key you obtained in the previous quest will open it. Once opened head inside to find a familiar-looking setup for another ritual.

Complete the numbering of the small shrines like the below image illustrates

Genshin Impact Sacrificial Offering
#2 will be in the middle, and all exterior small shrines will get #3

After triggering the first small shrine another Mysterious Samurai will appear before you. This Mysterious Samurai will have a number of fire-related attacks. He acts like a Samurai from a movie drawing his sword in and posing before unleashing a rapid attack. You can use all of his posings as a great tell to back away and give yourself some time to heal before getting back in close and dealing damage. He'll also spend most of the fight in a shallow pool of water so be sure to work in some elemental synergies to make the battle go faster too.

After he's been defeated Kazari will appear to you once again. For completing the Sacrificial Offering quest you'll now receive the Cleansing Defilement quest, you need to purify three more locations. These locations are the Chinju Forest, Araumi, and below the tidal flats outside the Kamisato Estate. Each of these locations is east, north-east, and directly north of your current location.

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