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Genshin Impact is on a roll with reruns. For the first time ever, fans are getting a duo banner. Albedo and Eula will come together and share the limelight as rerun characters to roll for. Read ahead to learn how to build the studious knight in TechRaptor's official Albedo Build Guide.

Albedo is a mysterious and intellectual Captain of the Investigation Team of the Knights of the Favonius. He's also the chief alchemist and known as the Kreideprinz. Don't let his soft-spoken demeanor fool you; Albedo is a powerful Geo unit that is worth spending those precious Primogems on.

Genshin Impact Albedo Build Guide - Team Role

Geo characters tend to lean towards the Sub DPS/Support role and Albedo is no different. By consistently placing down his Elemental Skill and activating his Elemental Burst, Albedo has the potential to synergize with the right teammates and provide various bonuses.

Albedo will also be creating shields for all of his allies which allows them to stay on the field longer and do more DPS.


Genshin Impact Albedo Build Guide - Talents

Albedo Normal Attack: Favonius Bladework - Weiss

  • Albedo's Normal Attack: Perform up to five rapid strikes.
  • Albedo's Charged Attack: Consumes Stamina to release two sword strikes.
  • Albedo's Plunging Attack: Plunge from above, dealing AoE DMG upon impact and damaging opponents in the path.

Albedo Elemental Skill: Abiogenesis - Solar Isotoma

  • Albedo synthesizes a Solar Isotoma which deals AoE Geo GMG upon activation.
  • Opponents damaged by the Solar Isotoma field generate Transient Blossoms. These do AOE Geo DMG and will scale off of Albedo's DEF.
  • Transient Blossoms can be generated once every two seconds.
  • The locus of the Solar Isotoma will levitate into the air, allowing characters to use it as a lift.
  • Only one Solar Isotoma can exist at a time.

Albedo Elemental Burst: Rite of Progeniture: Tectonic Tide

Albedo summons Geo crystals and burst them forth, dealing AoE Geo DMG to the area in front of him.

  • If activated when a Solar Isotoma is on the field, Seven Fatal Blossoms will be generated, dealing an immense amount of AoE Geo DMG.

Genshin Impact Albedo Build Guide - Artifacts

Husk of Opulent Dreams

This set is new to Version 2.3.

  • The two-piece set bonus grants a 30% DEF bonus.
  • The four-piece set bonus grants the Curiosity effect. Each time this character hits an opponent, they gain one stack of Curiosity. They also gain one stack every three seconds off-field. Curiosity has a maximum of four stacks and provides a 6% bonus to DEF and Geo DMG with each stack. A stack is lost every six seconds the character goes without gaining a Curiosity stack.

This new set is quite literally built for Albedo. Since Albedo's Elemental Skill scales with his DEF this set fits perfectly. On top of that, the Geo DMG bonus adds extra DMG to Albedo's Elemental Skill and Burst.

Noblesse Oblige

A set commonly used on Support and Sub-DPS characters. 

  • The two-piece set bonus is a 20% boost to Elemental Burst DMG. 
  • The four-piece set bonus is a 20% ATK boost bonus to all teammates, which is granted when the Artifact holder uses their Elemental Burst.

While a four-piece set for Husk of Opulent Dreams is absolutely recommended, if you're interested in using Albedo to provide more Support to your teammates, then you can never go wrong with Noblesse Oblige.


Genshin Impact Albedo Build Guide - Weapons

Cinnabar Spindle

A 4-star sword available during the event.

  • Increases Elemental Skill DMG by 40% of DEF. Can only be triggered once every 1.5 seconds and will be cleared 0.1 seconds after the DMG is done.
  • Secondary stat increases DEF by a maximum of 69%.

Cinnabar Spindle is Albedo's new slot-in sword. Surprisingly enough, the Cinnabar Spindle will be available in an event rather than the weapon banner. The increase to DEF and Elemental Skill DMG makes the Cinnabar Spindle an absolute must-have for Albedo.

Harbinger of Dawn

A 3-star sword available in wishes and quests.

  • When HP is above 90%, CRIT Rate is increased by a maximum of 28%.
  • Secondary stat increases CRIT DMG by a maximum of 46.9%

The Harbinger of Dawn is amazing for Albedo as it increases both his CRIT Rate and DMG. Since it's a 3-star weapon, refining it to rank five is easy, which means getting the most of this weapon is affordable. Since Albedo is rarely on the field, he should always be above 90% HP for the bonuses.

Genshin Impact Albedo Build Guide - Team Composition

Albedo's additional Geo DMG and shield contribution make him the perfect Sub DPS character. Fitting him into a team with another Geo character is a good choice as it provides the Enduring Rock resonance, which increases shield strength by 15%. Additionally, characters within a shield get a 15% DMG increase and decrease the enemy Geo RES by 20%.

Alongside Albedo should be a Main DPS, a healer, and possibly an ATK buffer.

A team for Albedo could look like this:

  • Ningguang (Geo Main DPS)
  • Albedo (Geo Shield/Sub DPS)
  • Sucrose (Anemo Sub DPS)
  • Sayu (Anemo Healer)

This is a very uniquely tailored team for Albedo. Ningguang is the Main DPS who will be dealing the most DMG but only after Albedo has come onto the field and activated his Elemental Skill. With the Solar Isotoma, Geo DMG will be consistently applied alongside Ningguang's powerful DPS. Sucrose will occasionally be thrown onto the field to keep enemies within the Solar Isotoma AoE while also providing Swirl DMG and Sayu will keep everyone healed. 

Since this team runs two Anemo and two Geo characters, the Enduring Rock and Impetuous Winds Resonance effects will be applied. Enduring Rock will boost DMG and keep shields strong while Impetuous Winds will decrease Stamina consumption, increase Movement SPD by 10%, and shorten Skill CD by 5%.

Albedo is an enigmatic and dangerous Sub DPS character that calls upon the power of Geo to deal damage to his enemies. While many consider his powers to be a danger to all of Mondstadt, Albedo's quiet and clever demeanor is as alluring as the mystery behind his origins.

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