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Welcome to Seirai Island, the southwesternmost island in the Inazuma archipelago. While you won’t come here as part of the main Archon Questline there are quests like the Seirai Stormchasers that will bring you here. One of the secrets that you might come across is the shipwreck on the westernmost short of Seirai Island. The Seiraimaru contains a series of puzzles that will earn you a number of Electroculus, as well as other treasures. In this Genshin Impact Seiraimaru Shipwreck Puzzle Guide, we'll go over all of the available loot onboard and how to solve each of the puzzles.

Genshin Impact Seiraimaru Shipwreck Puzzle Guide - How do I get in?

After finding the ship the first thing that you’ll want to figure out is “how do I even get inside?.” On the upper deck of the ship, you’ll see four capstans (what’s used to raise and lower anchors.) You’ll notice that each has two unique prongs, one that’s a trident and one that’s a spearhead. To solve the first puzzle you’ll have to make it that each different prong is facing each other i.e trident points to spearhead. Realistically though… the four capstans each only have two prongs so just make the prongs form a box and you’ll get a cutscene of a wall breaking. Before you go searching for the way into the ship be sure to climb up the mast here, at the very top is an Electroculus.

Genshin Impact Seiraimaru Shipwreck Puzzle Guide
Matching trident with spearhead will be a common theme through the rest of the capstan puzzles

Walk around the right-hand side of the ship and drop down, to find the entrance. Inside you’ll immediately see another Electroculus. All throughout the shipwreck, you'll also be able to find all kinds of ingredients and low-star weapons from various interact points. I don't specifically mention where to get any of these but if you're looking for low-level materials to fuse into some of the new weapons you've found in your Inazuma adventure then there's even more in store for you here than you thought.

Genshin Impact Seiraimaru Shipwreck Puzzle Guide - Main Hold

In the hold drop-down and you’ll see six tiles on the floor. When you step on them a symbol will light up, the trick to this puzzle is a simple game on pairs. Match together the connected symbols and once you have all three pairs together a portion of the ship will break away revealing a staircase going down. You can align yourself with the photo below to see where the pairs can be made, if you're interested in solving it yourself you can with trial and error.

Genshin Impact Seiraimaru Shipwreck Puzzle Guide Match Puzzle 1

Instead of finding the stairs and going down instead chase the seelie. It will go up a broken hallway where you can open a chest for a rusty key, keep following it and you’ll go through a door that uses that key. Keep following the seelie and it will go by another room that has four capstans, solve this one the same as the one on deck. Follow the seelie until it goes down to the lower level you just unlocked.

Genshin Impact Seiraimaru Shipwreck Puzzle Guide - Below the hold

The seelie will make its way through the room, following it will trigger a few slimes to appear but you can quickly dispatch of them. The seelie will then make its way through another locked door that requires an Intact Key. Just like in the main hold above this room also has a number of floor tiles that you'll need to match together. You can use the below image to know where to link them up and unlock another chest. You’ll also now have the Intact Key used to follow the seelie to the next room. Before you step through that door though there’s a common chest that’s hidden in a crack in the floorboards, make sure you grab this on your way through.

Genshin Impact Seiraimaru Shipwreck Puzzle Guide Match Puzzle 2

Behind the locked door, you'll find the last few portions of hidden treasure that the Seiraimaru has to offer you. First of all as soon as you go through the door you'll see a sealed exotic chest in front of you. It will be surrounded by four capstans, once again angle them so that tridents are pointing spearheads and the chest will unlock. From here continue following the seelie and it will head up a ladder and back out to where this mini-dungeon began. As you're climbing up the last ladder before you exit the ship you'll run into another Electroculus, it's impossible to miss and you'll likely capture it before you even realize it's above you on the ladder.

Once you're back on deck the seelie will fly to its final destination and it will spawn another chest. Open this chest and you'll have cleared out everything that the ship has to offer. You'll know that you've unlocked all of the chests related to capstan puzzles because you'll earn the achievement "Davy Jones' Locker" for 5 Primogems.

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