Genshin Impact A Strange Story in Konda Quest Puzzle Guide

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Genshin Impact A Strange Story in Konda

Genshin Impact’s Version 2.0 is officially live and a plentiful amount of side quests have become available to players. When traversing the electro-themed region of Inazuma, you’re bound to come across the Genshin Impact  A Strange Story in Konda world quest, which can be located at the Sky Kitsune Statue outside of Ritou.

Genshin Impact A Strange Story in Konda Quest Puzzle Guide

Here, the player can interact with a shrine maiden, who asks for your aid. You should strike the Sky Kitsune Statue with an Electro ability to help her. This can be done with any Electro character, like Lisa, Keqing, or Fischl. After doing so, a Ward will appear near the fox’s paws. Pick this item up, and the shrine maiden will refer to you as the “Destined One,” revealing her name to be Kazari.

Genshin Impact A Strange Story in Konda

Kazari will ask you to bring down a mysterious barrier in the village of Konda, which is a few steps east of the Sky Kitsune Statue. Follow the road east to the village, where you will need to ask the locals for information.

The first local you should speak to is the child, Takeru, who stands awkwardly upon a rooftop in the village. After doing so, the child will reveal that you should look for clues around the village and its outskirts. This will reveal the locations of three clues, marking them on your map to investigate.

The first clue can be found in a bucket beside the locked well on the western side of Konda. This piece of evidence is a Purse by the Dried-Up Well. The second clue can be located by following the gully in the middle of town, which leads out to a larger pool of water. Here, you can find a Cargo Bag Fished from Water, which is directly in front of a challenge. Finally, the third clue can be found a few paces north of the village of Konda. You’ll find a broken-down cart surrounded by hilichurls. Quickly disperse them, then collect the final clue: a Ragged List of Goods.

At this point in the quest, you might be piecing a story together in your head. With the evidence and events in mind, take what you found and cut a deal with the village chief, who can be found near his home in the middle of the village.

When confronting Konda Densuke, the village chief, you’ll be asked to provide your evidence.

 Present the evidence in this order:

  • 1: Purse by the Dried-Up Well
  • 2: Cargo Bag Fished from Water
  • 3: Ragged List of Goods

After being outed with your incriminating evidence, Konda tells you to look for the chief’s diary on the rooftop to discover the truth to the mystery.

The diary tells of a night where a few drunken members of the village had the bright idea to rob a Shogunate cart. To preserve the reputation of the village, the members decided to dump the stolen goods down the well, destroy the cart, and hide the key in a broken house across the gully on the east side of the village. With that information, head to said broken house to recover the well key.

There, you’ll find a group of Inazuman treasure hoarders, who are also looking for the well key. Get rid of them, then collect the key from the rubble of the home. Take the Old Key and head back to the village. Return to the location where the coin pouch was found, and descend into the well in Konda Village after unlocking it.

There’s a sizable space to explore down below. Break the Electro-boulder and head deeper into the cave, where you’ll find an empty cavern with flowing water into it. After you scrounge the area for collectables, (be sure to grab the chest down below, along with the Electroculus), interact with the Electro root to summon an Electrogranum. Take this and cross over the Electro barrier at the bottom of the well.

Waiting for you is an Electro-themed Torri gate. “Purify” the altar with the Ward collected back at the Sky Kitsune Statue to witness an Electro sakura appear in the midst of the Torii gate. This Electro sakura is the hint to the puzzle you must solve, in which you must recreate the pattern presented within it.

Genshin Impact A Strange Story in Konda

There are five shrines surrounding the Torri gate. Each shrine has a number of “petals” present on it, which can be changed. Set each petal amount on the shrines to the numbers present in the image. Finally, “Pray” at the first shrine and be ready to fight.

The “Phantom Warrior Beneath the Konda Village Well,” also known as Ochimusha, will appear and attack you. He is an Electro element user, so be sure to utilize Cryo and/or Pyro to rid the cave of him. Once you defeat him, Kazari will appear and explain what is going on. The Electro Sakura tree’s roots sprawl across Narukami island, but they are polluted. She asks for your help to cleanse the tainted sections.

After agreeing to help her, the mysterious Kazari thanks you, then leaves. That’s it - you finished the quest. You should have a new quest under the “Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual” questline: “Sacrificial Offering.” Don’t forget to climb the vine on the wall to the right of the Torri gate to find the Rust-Worn Key, which will help you unlock more treasure around Narukami Island.

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