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Welcome back to the Inazuma region of Genshin Impact. With the release of Genshin Impact 2.1, there are new characters and two new islands filled with story quests, side quests, and environments to explore. One of the new objectives you'll come across is the Genshin Impact Solitary Sea-Beast questline on the western shore of Watatsumi Island. This is a relatively quick quest but if you don't have the correct Electrogranum level you might find yourself in a pinch. In this guide, we'll go over how to complete the Solitary Sea-Beast questline including if you have a low Electrogranum level. If you're still hanging around Watatsumi Island it's also worth checking out the multi-part Moon-Bathed Deep questline.

Genshin Impact Solitary Sea-Beast Guide Start

Genshin Impact Solitary Sea-Beast Guide - How to begin the quest?

Start this quest on the west side of Watatsumi Island, Inazuma where you talk to Kumi a girl near a large set of bones on the beach. She'll tell you that she wants three Sakura Blooms to lay at the body of her friend. If you already have Sakura Blooms on you then you can hand them over and get right back to it, but if you don't happen to have any teleport to the shrine at the top of the mountain of Narukami Island. Walk into the blooms to trigger them and then attack them with an Electro attack to pick them up, if you do a walk around the perimeter of the summit of the mountain you should be able to collect more than enough.

After completing this task for Kumi you’ll then be told about Hillichurli activity on a beach to the west and a researcher who hasn’t returned. You’ll be asked to investigate so head to the waypoint provided. You'll get to fight a few waves of Hillilchurli here, mostly you'll face normal Hillichurli but you'll also encounter a Samachurl and Mitachurl. If you've made it this far then it shouldn't be too difficult a battle even if it's done in two waves.

After defeating a few waves of Hillichurli you’ll be able to talk to the scared researched Anisa. You learn that she is researching the statues of Watatsumi, specifically the one that's on the beach right next to where you're having this conversation. She explains that it's a way that the people of the island show respect for the dead, but that it's also used as a test of wit for those who are alive. If you're smart enough to figure out the puzzle, then you're smart enough to keep the reward.

Genshin Impact Solitary Sea-Beast Guide Three Beacons
Activate the beacons to activate the tower

To activate it you need to trigger the two electro and one hydro beacon that’s arranged on the hillichurli structure. The second Electro Statue is within an Electrogranum barrier, walk behind the house to find a plant to get an Electrogranum from. If you don't have a high enough Electrogranum level you'll receive the following message:

Your Electrogranum Level is insufficient to pass through this Thunder Barrier

To level up your Electrogranum level you need to hand over enough Electro Sigils that you earn through Inazuma to the tree at the shrine on Narukami Island. This quest however doesn't completely require you to upgrade your Electrogranum level...

Genshin Impact Solitary Sea-Beast Guide - How to complete the quest with a low Electrogranum level?

  1. Go behind the house and pick up the Electrogranum, this is so when you collide with the Thunder Barrier you don't get knocked away
  2. Get as close as you can to the Electro Statue underneath the house, you should see the above-listed message letting you know you can't get through the barrier
  3. Use an AOE Electro attack in the direction of the barrier, in my case I used Razor
  4. If done right you should trigger the statue without needing the required Electrogranum Level to pass through the barrier

I wasn't able to test with any other electro characters but it's worth the time quickly testing with which ones you have. (If you managed to trigger the Electro Statue with characters other than Razor leave a comment below!)

  • Beccnii was able to activate the statue with Keqing, thanks for letting me know Beccnii!

Genshin Impact Solitary Sea-Beast Guide - Walk the path

After the tower has been activated stand on the starting tile and more will appear from under the sand. Walk them in the following order:

Genshin Impact Solitary Sea-Beast Guide Walking Path
Start at the red circle and make your way through the tiles, at each green ring make sure you activate the tower!

Each time you get brought back to face the statue you’ll be able to interact with it to have a new platform appear. Claim the contents of the chest, they aren't anything too significant and talk with Anisa again to let her know that the puzzle has been solved. Return to Kumi and you’ll see a short scene of her placing a garland on the bones of her friend and then Anisa and Kumi will talk for some time about the bones and their irregularities ending the quest.

For completing this quest you'll get a mix of Primogems, Hero's Wit, and Mora. On top of that, you'll also earn the achievement A Mermaid's Tale which you can redeem for five more Primogems.

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