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Genshin Impact Yae Miko and Raiden Shogun

In Genshin Impact, Yae Miko has been a character many have had their eyes on since her reveal. She is a 5-star Electro Catalyst user who played a pivotal role in Inazuma's most recent war, resulting in the end of the Vision Hunt Decree.

Yae Miko, also known as Guuji Yae, is a curious kitsune in charge of the Grand Narukami Shrine. As a maiden, her role doesn't end with the Grand Narukami Shrine - she doubles as the editor-in-chief at Yae Publishing House. So where does this peculiar fox fit into your team?

Genshin Impact Yae Miko Team Role

Yae Miko's kit isn't quite as peculiar as her personality. She fits into the role of both a main DPS and sub-DPS, so dependent on how you want to build her, there are different team compositions and Artifacts to slot onto Yae Miko.

Her damage output and Elemental abilities help Yae produce Electro DMG on and off the field. With the right compliments to Yae Miko's playstyle, Yae's Elemental Burst can be fully charged and ready to deal regular DMG.

Yae Miko Genshin Impact Giggling

Genshin Impact Yae Miko Talents

Yae Miko Normal Attack: Spiritfox Sin-Eater

  • Yae Miko Normal Attack: Yae summons forth kitsune spirits, initiating a maximum of 3 attacks that deal Electro Damage.
  • Yae Miko Charged Attack: Yae consumes a certain amount of Stamina to deal Area of Effect Damage after a short casting time.
  • Yae Miko Plunging Attack: Yae plunges towards the ground from mid-air, dealing Electro DMG along the way. AoE Electro DMG is done upon impact.

Yae Miko Elemental Skill - Yakan Evocation: Sesshou Sakura

Yae Miko moves in any direction, leaving a Sesshou Sakura behind.

  • Sesshou Sakura: Periodically strikes nearby enemies with Electro DMG. Is increased by the presence of other Sesshou Sakura. Three can exist simultaneously.

Yae Miko Elemental Burst - Great Secret Art: Tenko Kenshin

Yae Miko summons the Sky Kitsune to fall upon enemies and deal great AoE Electro DMG.

  • Tenko Kenshin unseals nearby Sesshou Sakura, causing them to be destroyed and transformed into additional thunderbolts that do AoE Electro DMG.

Genshin Impact Yae Miko Artifacts

Thundering Fury

The Thundering Fury set is commonly used on Electro DPS.

  • The two-piece bonus for this set grants a 15% boost to Electro DMG.
  • The four-piece bonus for this set powers up Overload, Electro-Charged, and Superconduct DMG by 40%. Triggering these reactions will also decrease the Elemental Burst cooldown by a second.

The Thundering Fury set is a safe choice for any DPS character who relies on Electro DMG. Since Yae is a catalyst user, she does no Physical DMG, making this set perfect for her.

Emblem of Severed Fate

A set commonly used on Burst-reliant characters.

  • The two-piece bonus for this set grants  20% boost to Energy Recharge. 
  • The four-piece bonus for this set is a boost to Elemental Burst DMG by 25% of Energy Recharge.  A maximum of 75% bonus DMG can be obtained in this way.

This set has become a mainstay for many new Genshin Impact characters for its ability to boost Energy Burst DMG and Energy Recharge. If Yae Miko is being played more as a Burst/sub DPS, this set is perfect for her.

Noblesse Oblige

A set commonly used on Support and Sub-DPS characters. 

  • The two-piece bonus for this set 20% boost to Elemental Burst DMG. 
  • The four-piece bonus for this set is a 20% ATK boost bonus to all teammates, which is granted when the Artifact holder uses their Elemental Burst.

This set can be used on Yae if you want her to help bolster teammate DMG rather than output DMG on her own. It isn't recommended based upon her kit but it does work.

Yae Miko Genshin Impact Elemental Burst

Genshin Impact Yae Miko Build Guide - Weapons

Kagura's Verity

A 5-star Catalyst available in the weapon banner.

Grants the Kagura Dance effect when using an Elemental Skill. Kagura Dance increases the Elemental Skill DMG of the character to increase by 12% for 12 seconds. At the three stack maximum, the user will gain a 12% bonus to all Elemental DMG.
Secondary stat increases CRIT DMG by a maximum of 66.2%

Kagura's Verity is a powerful weapon for any Catalyst and especially useful for Yae Miko, making it her in-slot weapon. A boost to CRIT DMG is always welcome on any DPS and the immense increase in Elemental Skill DMG will make Yae especially powerful.

Skyward Atlas

A 5-star catalyst available as a limited-time event reward.

  • Increases Elemental DMG by 12%. Normal attacks have a 50% chance to earn the favor of the clouds, which seek out nearby enemies and attacks for 15 seconds for 160% ATK DMG total.
  • Secondary stat that increases ATK by 33.1%.

If Yae Miko's HP has been increased to a substantial amount, a weapon like "The Catch" is amazing on him due to its boost to Elemental Burst DMG. The boost to Energy Recharge will allow Yae Miko to be a better Burst DPS as well.

The Widsith

A 4-star polearm that can be wished for in the weapon banner

  • Grants a random theme song for the first ten seconds a character is on the field. The theme songs can increase ATK by a maximum of 120%, Elemental DMG by a maximum of 96%, and Elemental Mastery by a maximum of 480
  • Secondary stat increases CRIT DMG by a maximum of 55.1%

Apart from the Elemental Mastery bonus, everything about the Widsith is beneficial to Yae Miko. This weapon won't outshine Skyward Atlas or Kagura's Verity, but due to its attainability, it is still recommended.

Genshin Impact Yae Miko Build Guide - Team Composition

A team centered around Yae Miko should be benefitting from her Electro DMG output. Some of her teammates should also boost her Electro DMG to maximize her usage.

A team for Yae Miko could look like this:

  • Yae Miko (Electro Main DPS)
  • Raiden Shogun (Electro Sub DPS/Battery)
  • Kazuha (Anemo Sub DPS/Swirl)
  • Bennett (Pyro Utility)

Yae Miko is the main DPS of this team composition. Her ability to output DMG relies, ultimately, on one person: Raiden Shogun. These two characters have immense synergy, partly due to Raiden Shogun's ability to charge Elemental Bursts quickly. Yae should be using her Burst regularly. Kazuha will help keep enemies within Yae Miko's Sesshou Sakura while Bennett makes sure everyone is healed and doing as much DMG as possible.

Yae Miko is an old friend of both the Morax Zhongli and Baal, putting her in the ranks of some of the older characters available in Genshin Impact. Her age imparted an immense amount of wisdom and charm to Yae Miko, making her a highly desired unit for many people's teams. If you wish to boost Electro DMG and have one of the coolest characters around, roll for Yae.

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