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The new 1.3 update is out for Genshin Impact and while we haven't made it to a new region there are plenty of new world quests to enjoy. The Genshin Impact Tianqui Treasure Trail quest has players seeking out hidden treasure. While the game does point you in the right direction with a treasure map and a few riddles to go off it wouldn't be impossible to think you could lose your way trying to complete this quest.

What is the Genshin Impact Tianqui Treasure Trail quest?

This quest is picked up from Lan of the Liyue Harbor Adventurer's Guild and is available as part of the 1.3 update to Genshin Impact. As long as you've made it to Liyue Harbor you should receive this quest pretty soon after logging in. The rewards for completing the quest are as follows:

  • 30,000x Mora
  • 3x Hero's Wit
  • 1x Parametric Transformer Gadget

Through the natural course of the quest, you will also pick up three exquisite quests so that's chances for more Mora and Artifacts.

How to complete the Genshin Impact Tianqui Treasure Trail quest?

The first step of the quest is quite self-explanatory. After speaking with Lan they'll point you towards a group of enemies to defeat. Once they've been defeated you'll obtain a map to the next part of the treasure hunt.

Tianqui Treasure Trail Quest Map Location
For the fastest point of entry warp to the statue on the cliff just south of the ruins and float in

To the North-West of Liyue Harbor you'll see the Dunyu Ruins. On the North-West bank of those ruins you'll see a small camp setup. Hidden behind some bushes nearby is a riddle that will lead you to the next clue. The riddle reads as follows:

A giant tree, flourishing and lush. Within, it holds a precious stash.
Right in the middle, follow the road. Seek, and the riches shall be bestowed.
With so many steps to climb for good measure, descent and you chall find the hidden treasure

Each line gives you a hint as to where you can find the treasure but you also now have highlighted areas for each on your map so it shouldn't be too hard for you to locate them without.

Tianqui Treasure Trail Quest Treasure

  1. From the South-East entrance to the Dunyu Ruins area, there is a large tree right by the road. Next to the base of the tree is a fence. Hop over the fence and you'll find the dig spot right there. From here you can even see dig spot 3.
  2. At the quest area to the left, there will be a cobblestone path next to a river. As you walk along that pathway in the middle point you'll be prompted to dig, this is where you find another of the Exquisite Chests'. There will also be some strong enemies so you might want to either run through for the chest or take out the enemies first.
  3. As you approach the main ruins building from the South you'll see a set of steps up into the ruins proper. At the bottom of the steps, there is a dig point when you approach. After digging up the Exquisite Chest you'll also have to fight off four slimes.

Once you've collected all three treasures you can head back to Liyue Harbor to speak with Lan and receive your reward.


What is the Parametric Transformer?

This new gadget allows you to take a set amount of Character Development Items, Food, and Materials and turn them into Weapon Development Items. After obtaining the Transformer you can access it in the gadget screen of your inventory. Put in enough items that it reaches the 150 material cap, higher rarity items contributor to the total more, and then begin the transmutation process.

Tianqui Treasure Trail Quest Parametric Transformer

The Parametric Transformer will appear in front of you and you just need to start hitting it. In order to raise the percentage of the transmutation, you need to be hitting it with elemental attacks so any Catalyst character will likely have you reach the end fastest. Once at 100%, you'll receive an assortment of Weapon Development Items. After using the Parametric Transformer for the first time you'll receive the Transmutation Nuclide achievement to "Use the Parametric Transformer to complete one material transmutation" for 5 Primogems.

You can only use this Gadget once per seven days so it's time to get back to adventuring.

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