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On Yashiori Island chances are you'll come across the Serpent's Head, a large rock structure looking like a snakes head erupting from the island. If you've walked into the mouth of the structure though you'll learn that there's a closed gate. This Genshin Impact Secret Underneath Serpent's Head guide will show you how to progress through each of the levels underneath.

Genshin Impact Secret - Accessing Serpent's Head Cave

The first step is to open the door. You'll see floating electric orbs on two of the lower teeth of the rock formation. Chase them like you would normally, instead of leading you to where a chest spawns instead each orb will settle in the eye socket of the statue. Once both eye sockets have been filled there's no indication but the gateway will open. On your way down be sure to pick up the Electroculus!

The next floor down is pretty normal, you'll be in a small chamber where you can find a switch to throw and open progress even further down. The next room past that will have an enemy to fight and a hole with five switches around it. Two will be on one side, two on the other, and then there will be a fifth switch on its own that will reset the puzzle. If you're standing at the solitary switch you want to flip the switches in the following order.

1. Back Left
2. Front Right
3. Back Right
4. Front Left

Genshin Impact Secret

With that you can drop down once more, be ready when you hit the ground as there will be an electro samurai enemy behind you standing by a Simple Tomb. At the tomb you'll have an option to drop a Dendrobium flower, you'll likely have a number of these already but if not they're the red flower that can be picked up around Inazuma.

You can now find a way out of this area that will also lead you to another electro orb and a chest at the end of the path. You'll now find yourself in the mines where you might have already come for the Genshin Impact Cleansing Defilement Guide.

Genshin Impact Secret - Finding the remaining Simple Tomb

There are five other Simple Tomb's scattered around the island that's part of the "They Shall Not Grow Old" achievement line meaning you'll earn some Primogems for finding and placing a flower at the rest of them. The Simple Tombs can be found at the following locations:

Genshin Impact Simple Tomb Locations

  1. 3 Head to the west of Fort Fujitou and you'll find this Simple Tomb among some branches
  2. 2 West of Higi Village at the bottom of a cliff
  3. 6 This is the Simple Tomb at the bottom of the Serpent's Head Cave
  4. 1 At the far south of the island there's a small island. You'll find the Simple Tomb near some trees.
  5. 5 Teleport to the top of the island and make your way down the west side of the cliff to find the Simple Tomb
  6. 4 Go to the island to the south of the Nazuchi Beach waypoint and find the Simple Tomb there.

Lay a flower at each of the locations and you'll have completed this achievement.

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