Hogwarts Legacy Cairn Dungeon Guide: How to Find Every Location

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Hogwarts Legacy Cairn Dungeon Guide

One of the more tucked away trophy/achievements you’ll need to complete everything in Hogwarts Legacy involves the discovery of what is called “Cairn Dungeons.” For those unaware, it basically means that these dungeons are usually marked by some sort of stacked rock formation, and in the case here you’ll be needing to find five of them scattered across the world map to satisfy the conditions.

Most of these Cairn Dungeons are relatively easy to discover, and you’ll find them naturally by doing both the main scenario and side quests. However, Hogwarts Legacy doesn’t exactly tell you which ones count as the Cairn Dungeons, so that’s what we’ll cover here.


All the Cairn Dungeon Locations in Hogwarts Legacy

Each Cairn Dungeon location in Hogwarts Legacy is fully unique and no two are located too close to the other to break up the experiences. Some dungeons are fairly challenging with tough enemies and multiple puzzles. These are the five you’ll need to satisfy your trophy/achievement hunting.

Feldcroft Catacomb

Hogwarts Legacy Cairn Dungeon Guide

Surprisingly enough, the Feldcroft Catacomb is a Cairn Dungeon. You’ll arrive here should you be following Sebastian’s relationship quest line – specifically with the quest, “In the Shadow of Time.” In addition to having access to the Imperius curse, you can check this dungeon off your list. If you’ve not undertaken the quest, you can still go to this location by heading south from the Feldcroft Floo point.


Moonstone Garden

Hogwarts Legacy Cairn Dungeon Guide

The Moonstone Garden location will come up if you’ve taken on Poppy Sweeting’s relationship questline. Eventually you’ll get the quest “The Centaur and the Stone,” which will take you there directly, however, the dungeon itself is located near Irondale, just to the west of the Floo point.


The Collector’s Cave

Hogwarts Legacy Cairn Dungeon Guide

This Cairn Dungeon comes as part of the main scenario quest line. Located near the south of the Forbidden Forest just north of that Floo point, you’ll enter this dungeon as part of “The Helm of Urtkot” quest.


Dale Family Tomb

Hogwarts Legacy Cairn Dungeon Guide

The Dale Family Tomb is a bit out of the way and you’ll be introduced to it through the side quest with Samantha Dale called “’Beeting’ A Curse.” The tomb is located east of Brocburrow, so take up your broom or flying mount and head over there. Despite the longer distance to get there, this dungeon is one of the shorter ones.


Tomb of Treachery

Hogwarts Legacy Cairn Dungeon Guide

Last but not least, the Tomb of Treachery is located far beyond the reaches of Hogwarts itself. Starting from Manor Cape, you can start the “Cursed Tomb Treasure” quest. The tomb itself is located far down the Poidsear Coast, nestled in the corner where water meets land and right behind the waterfall. It’s a fair ways down the wall there so take your broom or mount to get there.

So there you have it. Simply discovering these places will net you the trophy/achievement so don’t hesitate to go ahead and explore once you’ve unlocked flying in Hogwarts Legacy. It’s one of the quicker collectables of the lot and let’s you grab those Floo locations and some Merlin Trials too.


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