Hogwarts Legacy Battle Arena Guide: Unlocking Every Location

Last Update: February 16, 2023


Hogwarts Legacy Battle Arena Guide

The open world of Hogwarts Legacy is massive, and as such you can find yourself going through the entire main story with only scratching its surface. One part of the game that is easily overlooked are the Battle Arenas. There’s two of them and you’ll need to test your strength in both of them if you want to earn that "Rise to the Challenges" trophy/achievement. Not only can you test your spell casting skills, but the arenas are a good place to earn experience points and make your way through some dueling feats.

How to Unlock the Battle Arenas in Hogwarts Legacy

The Battle Arena locations are indicated on the map by a specific marker. It looks similar to the dungeon symbol, though it’s slightly different. There’s only three of them so far, so you can’t miss them. There’s the Dark Arts Arena, located just north of Hogsmeade, the North Coast Battle arena, located all the way up north to the east of Pitt-Upon-Ford, and the South Coast Battle Arena, located by Feldcroft. For the sake of this guide, the two coastal arenas will be the ones that count toward the trophy/achievement challenge, as the Dark Arts Arena is currently held as a pre-order bonus.

In order to activate each arena, you’ll notice a scattering of vases around the vicinity. Simply destroy them using any spell or basic cast and you’ll be able to enter and challenge as you please. There will be a counter in the corner of the screen telling you just how many you need to destroy before proceeding.


Hogwarts Legacy Battle Arena Guide


Battle Arena Locations in Hogwarts Legacy

Dark Arts Arena

The Dark Arts Arena in Hogwarts Legacy offers exactly its namesake: you’ll be fighting here using only dark spells – especially the Unforgivable curses (Crucio, Imperio, and Avada Kedavra) along with the blasting curse, Confringo. Initiating the challenge will pit you against five waves of enemies ranging from dark wizards to goblins, to trolls. Completing every wave successfully will net some rewards, as well as some nice experience points. Should you wish to go again, all you have to do is select the option from the victory screen or head back out to the open world.

North Coast Battle Arena

Hogwarts Legacy Battle Arena Guide


Located to the north east of the map, the North Coast Battle Arena is a far broader experience than the Dark Arts Arena. Here you’ll be able to practice using your full arsenal of spells against another five waves of enemies. The variety is more like you’ll see out in the broader world and includes poachers, dark wizards, spiders and even and acromantula.

South Coast Battle Arena

Hogwarts Legacy Battle Arena Guide


Located at the south west of the map by Feldcroft, the South Coast Battle Arena is similar to the North in every respect. You’ll have to deal with the same types of enemies for the most part and once again, you can re-challenge as much as you’d like.

These Battle Arenas are worth doing to not only practice your spell casting, combos and getting used to the various enemies in Hogwarts Legacy, but the experience drops are nice too. If you need a little extra before your next level? Just head to one of the Arenas and fight your way through for a few rounds. Otherwise, it’s a quick and easy trophy/achievement for those looking to complete the full set.

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