Hogwarts Legacy Spilled Milk Trophy Guide

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Hogwarts Legacy Spilled Milk Trophy

One of the more whimsical trophy/achievements you can obtain in Hogwarts Legacy is called "Spilled Milk". As the name implies, you’ll need to go find some cows and tip them over with the Flipendo spell – 10 of them to be exact. While the requirements are pretty easy to satisfy, there is a small bit of legwork you’ll have to do before getting the spell in the first place.

How to Unlock the Flipendo Spell in Hogwarts Legacy

In order to proceed with this challenge, you’ll need to have already finished the quest “In the Shadow of the Undercroft”.

Flipendo is a force spell that will flip objects and enemies upwards and backwards. Which, again, seems conveniently useful for this very specific task. Your character will obtain the Flipendo spell as you make your way further into the main story. Professor Garlick will call upon you once again to complete some assignments – use all three combat plants at the same time in battle, and then grow and harvest Fluxweed. The Fluxweed task is easy enough, just head on over to the Magic Neep and purchase the required seeds. You’ll need a large pot to plant in, so make sure you have that Spell Craft secured from Tomes and Scrolls before heading back to the Room of Requirement.

Using the three combat plants at once is just as straightforward, either buy or grow them – you can purchase the plants directly from Dogweed and Deathcap in Hogsmeade. Find a group of enemies out in the world map, cycle through your left item wheel and toss each plant out as soon as you can, as they only last for a certain amount of time.

With that squared away, head back to Professor Garlick in the greenhouse and she’ll teach you how to use Flipendo. Now that we have our required spell, let’s go find some cows.

Hogwarts Legacy Spilled Milk Trophy

Cow Locations in Hogwarts Legacy

The cow locations are, as you might expect, located out away from the main hubs and into the smaller hamlets. There’s one such location just southeast of the school in Brocburrow. Or if you’re on the south end of the entire map, you can find them in Poidsear Coast or by Manor Cape. They’re not hard to spot – look for the big animals covered in brown fur usually kept in a farm-like area.

Getting the Spilled Milk Trophy

Hogwarts Legacy Spilled Milk Trophy

After locating your group of cows, you just need to cast Flipendo on them ten times to get the Spilled Milk trophy/achievement to register. They do run off once you attack them so you might have to do a bit of chasing around. It’s also helpful to use the manual targeting and catch them that way if they wander too far off. If you’ve only found a small group of cows, that’s okay too – just wait until they get back up and you can cast the spell again. It’s that easy. There’s no counter so just do it until the trophy/achievement pops up for you.

With that you’re one step closer to 100% completion in Hogwarts Legacy and have Flipendo, which will come in use for both battle and solving specific puzzles such as Merlin Trials. Not bad for a fun little detour away from challenges and hunting down enemies.

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