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Hogwarts Legacy comes with several puzzles that can be solved to unlock chests and new areas. There are curious doors you will find around Hogwarts, and they have 10 symbols of animals and creatures around the doorframe. You will notice that using the Revelio spell near one of these doors reveals a math equation. You will also notice there are two interactable dice embedded in the walls nearby these doors, and they have all of the symbols from the door on them. This equation must be solved to open the door, but how? 

In this Hogwarts Legacy Puzzle Doors guide, we will discuss each of the puzzle doors we have found, where to find the datasheet to solve the puzzles, as well as the solutions to them if you don't want to search for the answer. Note: We're still playing through and finding additional doors.

Hogwarts Legacy Puzzle Doors Data Sheet

If you stumble upon one of these doors in the wrong order, you are going to be extremely lost and confused as to what to do to open them. The "first" door has a chest nearby that gives you all of the data you need to open these mysterious pathways. For those of you who want to find this sheet on your own, you will first need to head to the Library Annex Floo Flame. From there, to make things much easier, you can take a look at the map and locate the Divination Classroom Floo Flame on the map. Even if you have yet to unlock it, it still appears on the map, and you can select this Floo Flame to give you a waypoint directly to it. 

Once you are at the Divination Classroom Floo Flame, you will notice a doorway directly to the right of the flame with a small set of stairs. Go into that room, up the stairs, and into the rafters. You will then follow the pathway of wood floors straight ahead until you reach a little bridge that will be on your right. Make a right, and you will immediately see one of those puzzle doors, but with a few other items around it. Walk up to the Chalkboard that is directly in front of the puzzle door, and you will find a small blue chest that can be opened. Open it up and here you will find the sheet that gives you the data you need to solve the equations on each and every puzzle door like the one you are standing in front of. 

How To Solve The Puzzle Doors in Hogwarts Legacy

For those who might want to just guess with the dice until it works, you can do that too. Or, if you don't feel like searching for the datasheet, here is exactly what the datasheet looks like with the answers to all of the puzzle doors: 

Hogwarts Legacy Puzzle Door data sheet showing the answers to the equations on the doors

Now, how do you actually solve the puzzles? Simply put, each of them have a "?" and a "??" somewhere on the equation found on the doors blackboard (this equation is revealed once you have used the Revelio spell nearby or selected "Reveal" by the door.) These question marks correspond to a symbol you need to find. The answer to the equation is in the center of each of them. Here is the "First" puzzle door as an example of what we mean by "equation" and the answer being in the center of it:

Hogwarts Legacy first Puzzle Door Equation

As you can see in the image above, the first equation (the one within the circle at the top of the door), there is a Hydra symbol, a number two, and a "?" symbol. If you take a look at the datasheet, we know that the Hydra symbol equals the number three. The question mark is the number you need to figure out to unlock the door. So, using math, we see 3(the Hydra) + 2 (already revealed on the equation) + ? = 9. Well, 3+2= 5, so we now need to make that = 9 by finding the "?", right? Looking at the data sheet, we see that the odd looking owl-like figure equals four. So again, using basic math, we now know that the answer would be Hydra + 2 + Odd Looking Owl = 9. 

The answer to the second equation on the door is 0 + Hydra + 1 = 4

This is the idea you will use when trying to unlock each door; basic math using symbols that correspond to a number. Here is a quick list of all of the symbols as well as there corresponding number to simplify the answers for the rest of the doors we will list below: 

  • Furry Seal-Like Creature: 0
  • Unicorn: 1
  • Goat With Tentacles: 2
  • Hydra with 3 heads: 3
  • Odd Looking Owl: 4
  • 5 Legged Hairy Creature: 5
  • Lizard: 6
  • Squid-like Creature: 7
  • Spider: 8
  • Snake with 9 heads: 9

How To Solve The Central Hall Door Puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy

Central Hall Door Puzzle

This door puzzle is found in the Central Hall inside Hogwarts, nearby the Potions Classroom, to the left of the large staircase in the center of the room. The first die can be found to the left of the door, the second one can be found by going up the first set of stairs, making a left, and going up up a second set of stairs (almost directly above the puzzle door, just upstairs.)

The answer to the Central Hall puzzle door is:  

? = Spider

?? = Hydra

How To Solve The Ravenclaw Tower Door Puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy

Ravenclaw tower door puzzle

This one can be found by heading to the Ravenclaw Tower Floo Flame and making a right through the hallway, towards the staircase to exit the tower. The dice can be found very close by, as one will be on the wall in front of and to the left of the puzzle door. The other is straight ahead from the door to the right and around a little corner nearby a chair and table that has a chest on top of it for you to open. 

The answer to the Ravenclaw Tower puzzle door is:  

? = Odd Looking Owl

?? = 5 Legged Hairy Creature

How To Solve The Charms Classroom Door Puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy

How To Solve The Charms Class Door Puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy

This door can be found by using the Charms Classroom Floo Flame or heading to that location on the map, and making a left towards the large staircase in the room. Make another left before the staircase, and you will see the door with both dice next to it to solve the puzzle. 

The answer to the Charms Classroom puzzle door is:  

? = Goat With Tentacles

?? = Squid-like Creature

How To Solve The Great Hall Door Puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy

How To Solve The Great Hall Door Puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy

This door can be found inside the great hall, to the left of the main doorway, and left of the Floo Flame. The dice are in plain view nearby the door for this one, so no need to search! 

The answer to the Great Hall puzzle door is:  

? = Spider

?? = Hydra

How To Solve The Grand Staircase Door Puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy

How To Solve The Grand Staircase Door Puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy

This door can be found within the Grand Staircase area. To get here, you can travel to the Grand Staircase Floo Flame and head straight up the set of stairs and take a right, then go up the second set of stairs. Make a left, and the door will be right there. The dice are spread out, whereas the first one will be directly next to the door puzzle, and the second can be found to the right of the Grand Staircase Floo Flame. 

The answer to the Grand Staircase puzzle door is:  

? = Furry Seal-Like Creature

?? =  5-Legged Hairy Creature

Editor's Note: We're still seeking out more doors.

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