Hogwarts Legacy Second Keeper Trial: Charles Rookwood's Trial

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Image of the Second Keeper Trial in Hogwarts Legacy

The Second Keeper Trial in Hogwarts Legacy can be quite tricky. Between many archways that change the objects in a room and enemies that can only be seen on one side of the archway (but can still pack a punch when you can’t see them), it’s much more difficult than the First Keeper Trial. This guide will help you get through the trial and collect all the loot you can!

Spiral Archway in Second Keeper Trial of Hogwarts Legacy

Starting Charles Rookwood’s Keeper Trial in Hogwarts Legacy

Upon entering the second trial, walk to the first room. There will be a massive arch in the center and a staircase to the right. Take the staircase to the right and find the Ancient Magic hotspot at the top. Investigate and head back down the stairs. There will be a box and a pillar that are movable-use Accio on them to get them positioned on the left side of the room by the pathway. 

The best way to do this is to create a stairway for yourself along the center part of the left path (in between the top of the staircase and where the players should go). Before climbing up, walk through the archway. That will change the smaller box into a chest that can be looted, and walking back through the archway will turn it back into a box that can be climbed on. Players can climb on the pillars themself, but make sure to bring the smaller box out of the chamber it’s in so that it’s accessible as a chest. 

Path in Second Keeper Trial of Hogwarts Legacy

Follow the pathway that opened up into the second room. Players should walk all the way to the arch and look for the investigation spot nearby. After investigating, players can hit the circle on the wall to the back-right of the room to move the archway. While it’s facing the original way, using Accio on the box inside to pull it out will let players move to the next area. However, before continuing on, players should go through the archway and head to the left side of the room to follow the short path to a gated room. Use Accio on the object to pull it toward the gate (if it’s a chest, go back through the archway and return so it’s a movable box.) Go back through the archway and head back to the area-there will be a chest that can be opened from through the gate. 

The next room will have the first bit of combat. After defeating all enemies, continue to the next room and investigate the hotspot in front of the arch. Hit the circle that appeared through the arch to turn it. Turn it once and then collect the chest that appeared where it once was. Go through the archway to the pathway and then hit the circle to rotate the archway again. This allows the player to cross the middle area and go to the path straight ahead to the next area. 

Kneeling Statue in Second Keeper Trial of Hogwarts Legacy

The Last Stretch of The Second Keeper Trial 

From there, walk forward to the next Investigation point. After investigating, a pillar will appear in the middle of the platform, and walking down the stairs will make two enemies appear. However, they’re on each side of the archway. However, each enemy exists on different sides of the archway, so players will have to go in and out of the archway in order to defeat both enemies. 

After both enemies are defeated, players will need to hit the circle on the wall to turn the arch completely around. After that, stand on the back side of the archway away from the entrance and Accio the box through the archway. A few notes here-one the box is through the archway it will turn into a pillar. The pillar itself isn’t able to be moved, which is why turning the archway is required. At the end, the archway needs to be glowing red when facing it from the entrance of the room, and the box needs to be floating in front of it or the pillar needs to be in its original place. There are a few different ways to do this, but remember that the box can go through the archway without you going through the archway. Use that to your advantage to get the box where it needs to be on the right side (or color) of the pathway. 

Pillar in Second Keeper Trial of Hogwarts Legacy

Once the box-turned-pillar is through the archway, go back through the archway to turn it back into a box. Now, it can be moved with Wingardium Leviosa back to its original place as a box. Once the box is in place, use Wingardium Leviosa to keep it floating in the air. Players can then jump on it and up onto the platform above the archway. From there, hitting the circle button on the wall can let players stay on the platform as it turns towards the opposite side of the room. Then players can jump to the new platform to continue. 

Continue walking forward and turn left when the trail ends. After defeating a few enemies, there’s a path to the left that will lead to a small room with a chest and an archway. Players should hit the circle on the wall while looking through the arch as it begins to rotate. Once it’s rotated 180 degrees, players can use Accio on the chest that’s now turned into a movable box. It will pull it down and then it will turn back into a chest that players can grab.

Afterward, go back to the main room and take the only exit available. Walk up the staircase and continue until more enemies appear. Take them out and the main boss will show up.

Big Boss in Second Keeper Trial of Hogwarts Legacy

After beating the boss, take the only exit available. There will be a chest near the Pensieve just like in the first trial, so make sure to grab that before ending the second trial! And that’s the end of the Second Hogwarts Legacy Keeper Trial. Be sure to let us know if it helped you out in the comments below.

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