Hogwarts Legacy Beasts Guide: Locations and Reagents

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Hogwarts Legacy Beasts Guide, Locations and Reagents

Hogwarts Legacy is filled with fantastic beasts to find and collect. Each beast can help you monumentally as you progress further, and not just by giving you a sweet escape from the real world to pet them and give them some snacks. The beasts in the game are collected using a Nab-Sack out in the wilderness, and then are housed in the bag until you bring them to their new home; The Vivarium. 

As you progress in the main storyline, you will gain access to your first Vivarium thanks to your sweet house elf residing in the Room of Requirement, Deek. Deek gives you several quests, starting with "The Elf, The Nab-Sack, and The Loom", to help you understand how to catch these beasts, what they can do for you, and how they can help you in the long run. Deek also teaches you how to breed beasts inside of your Vivariums later in the quest line, which can help you make some coin and keep your stockpile of reagents going strong. 

In this Hogwarts Legacy beast guide, we will discuss every beast we have found, where they can be located, how to catch them, and why they are so useful.

Beast Locations in Hogwarts Legacy

As you fly or walk around the large map within the game, you will notice you begin to unlock little paw prints all over the map. These are beast dens, and even though they are marked on the map in places you have been, they remain hidden until you have uncovered more of the map in those areas. There are some quests that will ask you to collect certain beasts, so knowing where they are is crucial as you progress through the main storyline quests. Here is a list of each beast in Hogwarts Legacy and where they can be found:

Beast Name & Rarity: Beast Locations: Reagents They Give:
Diricawl (Common) Hogwarts Valley, Poidsear Coast, Marunweem Lake, & Clagmar Coast.  Diricawl Feather
Giant Purple Toad (Common) North Ford Bog, Forbidden Forest, South Hogwarts Region, South Sea Bog, Marunweem Lake, & Clagmar Coast Toad Warts 
Fwooper (Common) Clagmar Coast, Poidsear Coast, Feldcroft Region, & Hogwarts Valley Fwooper Feather
Hippogriff (Common) Forbidden Forest, Feldcroft Region, Poidsear Coast, & Manor Cape Hippogriff Feather
Jobberknoll (Common) Feldcroft Region, Marunweem Lake, & Manor Cape Jobberknoll Feather
Kneazle (Common) Hogwarts Valley, South Sea Bog, Marunweem Lake, Clagmar Coast & Cragcroftshire Kneazle Fur 
Mooncalf (Common) Poidsear Coast, Feldcroft Region, South Hogwarts Region, & Forbidden Forest Mooncalf Fur
Niffler (Common) North Ford Bog, North Hogwarts Region, Hogwarts Valley, Feldcroft Region, Poidsear Coast, & Manor Cape Niffler Fur
Puffskein (Common) Clagmar Coast, Hogwarts Valley, Hogsmeade Valley, & Forbidden Forest Puffskein Fur 
Thestral (Common)  North Ford Bog & Marunweem Lake Thestral Hair
Unicorn (Rare) Forbidden Forest Unicorn Hair
Phoenix (Rare, One of a Kind) Poidsear Coast Phoenix Feather
Graphorn (Rare) Clagmar Coast Graphorn Horn

How To Catch a Phoenix in Hogwarts Legacy

There is an elusive and one-of-a-kind beast to collect and add to your Vivarium in Hogwarts Legacy, and that is the Phoenix. This beast is found by doing a quest in the main storyline titled "Phoenix Rising". In order to get this quest, you must first complete all of Deek's initial side quests and the main story quest "Niamh Fitzgerald's Trial". Once those two prerequisites have been met, Deek will have the Phoenix Rising quest available for you to complete. 

The quest will bring you to a cave located in the Southwest part of the Poidsear Coast. The quest guides you through everything you need to do to get the Phoenix so it's pretty straightforward. You will have to complete a mini-dungeon in the Phoenix Mountain Cave, but that is not too difficult either. The dungeon will have spiders and poachers for you to defeat along the way, but once you get to the end, the beast basically plops itself into your Nab-Sack for you without any button presses or chasing involved. Once that's done, you will go back to the Room of Requirement and turn the quest in to Deek. Now, you have your very own Phoenix to add to the Vivarium and collect reagents from! 


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