Hogwarts Legacy Gear Inventory Guide: How to Unlock Extra Slots

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Hogwarts Legacy Gear Expansion Guide

If you’ve been playing Hogwarts Legacy, you may find yourself constantly having to micromanage your gear inventory. To be frank, it’s not entirely ideal and you’ll find yourself running back and forth between shops to avoid getting stuck in a dungeon and having to toss gear you find there because you’ve run out of space. Luckily there is a solution to all this and it involves a bit of questing and traversal around the world map.

When you begin Hogwarts Legacy, you’ll have a total of 20 gear inventory slots and you’ll find that they’ll fill up rather quickly. Any time you open a chest with gear inside, it gets added to your bag. Given the amount of chests in any given area, this can add up quick. In order to circumvent this, Hogwarts Legacy will eventually introduce you to the Merlin Trials by way of the main scenario, so you can’t miss it.

What Are Merlin Trials in Hogwarts Legacy?

Hogwarts Legacy Inventory Guide

The Merlin Trials are eventual optional activities you can take on that count toward the Exploration challenges in Hogwarts Legacy. They can be found all over the world map by way of leaf symbols and come in a few different forms. You’ll first unlock the ability to tackle Merlin Trials by completing the main scenario quest “Trials of Merlin.” Here you’ll be introduced to the concept of the Trials themselves and the lore behind them – Merlin attended Hogwarts back in his day and created the Trials in order to keep his fellow Slytherin students occupied. What a standup guy.

This quest also shows you how to activate each trial – for that you’ll need Mallowsweet leaves, which can be purchased in Hogsmeade and other vendors around the world, or eventually grown on your own in the Room of Requirement or Greenhouse. For now though, the woman of interest in this initial quest, Nora Treadwell, has given you five mallosweet leaves to start with.

In order to activate the Merlin Trials, simply step up to the spiral circle located on the ground and interact with it. Your character will scatter the leaves and the Merlin Trial will begin. Each trial requires you do solve a quick puzzle of some kind. Some, like the introduction trial, involve lighting up consecutive torches. Others involve blasting away stone pillars or orbs, levitating small stones into slots, gathering moths with Lumos, flipping cubes, repairing statues or even carrying around large boulders to a specific location. You’ll know you’ve solved them correctly once an archway grows from the trial starting point along with silhouette of Merlin.

They’re all pretty quick and easy to do, and well worth it if you’re looking for inventory expansion. There is a little more you have to do in order to unlock those extra slots however.

Hogwarts Legacy Gear Expansion Guide

How to Unlock Extra Gear Inventory Slots in Hogwarts Legacy

As we’ve covered so far, Merlin Trials are the key to gaining more space for your gear in Hogwarts Legacy. In order to directly facilitate this, you’ll need to complete a specific number of Merlin Trials, which count towards your challenge guide. Each time you complete a challenge, you’ll unlock four more gear slots for a total of 20 total once you’ve completed the full set. That means there’s the potential for 40 gear slots total, adding the 20 gained from Merlin Trials to the 20 you start the game with.

The challenges work out to this:

  • Solve 2 Merlin Trials (24 Slots)
  • Solve 6 Merlin Trials (28 Slots)
  • Solve 10 Merlin Trials (32 Slots)
  • Solve 14 Merlin Trials (36 Slots)
  • Solve 20 Merlin Trials (40 Slots)

Make sure you return to the Challenges tab in your main menu and claim each reward as it becomes available. It’s important to note that your gear slots don’t get added automatically.

That’s pretty much it. It’s recommended you start doing these Merlin Trials as soon as you unlock the ability as it’ll make your quality of life while playing Hogwarts Legacy all the easier. Combined with their quick clear time, you’ll be working your way up the challenges in no time.

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