Hogwarts Legacy for Nintendo Switch Delayed by Several Months

Published: May 12, 2023 12:28 PM /


Hogwarts Legacy

Today Warner Bros. Games announced that the Nintendo Switch version of the super-popular Wizarding World game Hogwarts Legacy has suffered a significant delay.

The game, which was supposed to release on Nintendo's console on July 25, is now scheduled to launch close to the end of the year, on November 14, 2023.


The message shared on social media was brief and simply mentioned the will to create the best possible experience. 

Hogwarts Legacy launches on Nintendo Switch on 11/14/23. We know fans are looking forward to playing on Switch, therefore creating the best possible experience is our top priority. Thank you for your patience.

This is the second third-party setback that the Switch suffers in a few days, with Take-Two outright canceling the port for the console of Marvel's Midnight Suns. At least Hogwarts Legends is still coming, for now. We'll have to wait and see if it sticks the landing in November.

Hogwarts Legacy has sold over 15 million units without counting the recently-released PS4 and Xbox One version. It's set in the Wizarding World universe and based on the Harry Potter franchise, but the story happens a long time before the books that have made it famous. Specifically, you play as a transfer student in the 1890s, which is a rather unique perspective on the history of Hogwarts. Players will be able to join one of the iconic houses within the school as they investigate the mysteries of the ancient institution, making friends, and most likely enemies in the process. 

The game is currently available for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PC, PS4, and Xbox One. If you'd like to see more about the game, you can check out a rather spiffy cinematic trailer, and the launch trailer.



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