Hogwarts Legacy Sales Reach 15 Million As PS4 And Xbox One Versions Launch

Published: May 5, 2023 10:48 AM /


A student examining a wand as a wand seller looks on in Hogwarts Legacy

New Hogwarts Legacy sales figures have been announced, and even for a game that was pretty much guaranteed to be successful, they're pretty astounding. The game has managed to sell more than 15 million units within less than three months on sale, crossing $1 billion in revenue in that time.

Back in February, Warner Bros announced that Hogwarts Legacy had sold 12 million units in just 2 weeks, making it the biggest launch ever for the studio's gaming division. Now, that number has jumped to 15 million, and it's likely that this figure doesn't even include today's PS4 and Xbox One releases, which will almost certainly give Hogwarts Legacy another huge sales boost.


To put this figure into perspective, within just under a year on sale, Bandai Namco's wildly successful open-world action RPG Elden Ring amassed 20 million sales. This means Hogwarts Legacy has achieved around 75% of Elden Ring's sales total within a fraction of the time, and what's more, Warner Bros' game wasn't even available on last-gen consoles until today.

A student facing down a troll in Hogwarts Legacy
"I'll 'ave one copy of Hogwarts Legacy, if ya please."

If you've somehow missed out on the Hogwarts Legacy hype, it's an open-world RPG set in the Harry Potter universe during the late 19th century. You play as a fifth-year student whose job is to uncover the truth behind a newly resurgent type of magic that could threaten the Wizarding World as you know it.

Since its release, Hogwarts Legacy has received a number of updates. The latest of these introduces an Arachnophobia Mode, which should make spider enemies significantly less scary, and squashes a whole heap of bugs as well. It's not clear whether that update has already been incorporated into the PS4 and Xbox One releases or whether you'll have to wait a little longer for it on those platforms.


Hogwarts Legacy is available to buy right now across PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. The game is also slated to arrive on Nintendo Switch on July 25th. For some extra help navigating the treacherous traps and mysteries of the Wizarding World, be sure to take a look at our Hogwarts Legacy guides!

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