The player firing at enemies in Stalker 2

After rumors swirled that we would see Stalker 2 delayed, that's exactly what's happened. The developers have confirmed that the game's release date will be moved to December this year, as extra

Sonic sprinting through the forest in Sonic Frontiers

Sega has revealed that the Sonic Frontiers release date was originally supposed to land in 2021. The company intended the game to launch during the franchise's 30th anniversary, but delayed it in

The main logo for Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster

Square Enix has announced a Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster delay. The upcoming remaster was originally intended to launch before the end of 2021, but it's now arriving in early 2022 instead, with

A screen depicting planets in Terra Invicta

Any self-respecting fan of the XCOM Long War mods wouldn't want to see upcoming strategy sim Terra Invicta delayed, but that's unfortunately what's happened. Creator Pavonis Interactive says the

Two players jostling for the ball in eFootball 2022

Konami has announced an eFootball 2022 update delay. The next update for the ill-fated soccer sim was originally due to arrive this month, but the developers have pushed it back to November in order

Four adventurers watching a pillar shatter in New World

Amazon Game Studios has delayed New World server transfers indefinitely. The studio was originally due to introduce the feature to alleviate ongoing overcrowding issues, but now says that some "edge

Aiden surrounded by undead in the now-delayed Dying Light 2

Techland has announced a Dying Light 2 delay. The game, which was originally scheduled to launch later this year, has been pushed back to early 2022, with the developer citing a desire to meet player

A fiery shot of destruction in Total War: Warhammer III

Creative Assembly and Sega have announced a Total War: Warhammer III delay. Originally slated for release sometime this year, the game will now launch in 2022, but the devs have some good news to

A spooky snowy forest in the upcoming PS5 horror game Abandoned

The Abandoned PS5 trailers app has been delayed once again. After suffering a delay of a few days earlier this week, the app has now been pushed back to August, which will come as a serious blow to

Kyo Kusanagi as he appears in King of Fighters XV

SNK's upcoming King of Fighters XV has been delayed due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Rising cases in Japan have led SNK to move the game's release from its original window of 2021 to the

A battle scene in Eiyuden Chronicle

No true Suikoden fan wants to see Eiyuden Chronicle delayed, but unfortunately, that's exactly what's happened. A new Kickstarter update from the developers has confirmed that Eiyuden Chronicle:

Kirumi unintentionally commenting on the Danganronpa V3 mobile delay

If you've been looking forward to Spike Chunsoft's detective adventure on your phone, a Danganronpa V3 mobile delay may not be what you want to hear. Unfortunately, that's exactly what's happening,

Troops marching alongside tanks in Combat Mission: Cold War

Upcoming military turn-based strategy sim Combat Mission: Cold War has been delayed to early June. This is to allow the developers to add the PBEM (play by email multiplayer) system, giving players

The Prince in the upcoming Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time remake

The upcoming Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Remake has been delayed. It was originally due to launch in January next year, but will now instead hit PC and current-gen consoles in March. What is

A ship drifting through an asteroid field in Everspace 2

Rockfish Games has pushed back the launch of Everspace 2. The game was originally due to launch in Early Access in December, but has been moved back due to the recent Cyberpunk 2077 delay. When is

FF7 Remake Part 2 delays cover

While fans have been enjoying the remastered adventures of Cloud and his friends, we're still waiting on the FF7 Remake Part 2. Unfortunately, the development of this next part is running the risk of