Hogwarts Legacy Dissending For Sweets Quest Guide

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Hogwarts Legacy Dissending For Sweets Quest Guide

There are plenty of interesting quests available in Hogwarts Legacy, including Dissending For Sweets, which leads you through a tunnel below Hogwarts to the legendary candy shop, Honeydukes! This quest is fairly straightforward, but finding the one-eyed witch statue can be a bit tedious. 

In this Hogwarts Legacy Dissending For Sweets quest guide, we will discuss where to begin the quest, where the one-eyed witch statue is to find the tunnel, and how to complete the quest for Garreth Weasely.

Hogwarts Legacy Dissending For Sweets Quest Guide

One Eyed Witch Statue Location in Hogwarts Legacy

The one-eyed witch statue must be found in order to locate the tunnel for the Dissending For Sweets quest. You will need to follow the initial waypoint from Garreth's location to the Grand Staircase area on the Hogwarts map. From there you will need to make a left as you enter the Grand Staircase area through a doorway that would lead you to the Lower Grand Staircase Floo Flame. In that doorway is the one-eyed witch statue (if you are running directly from the quest giver, Garreth, it will be on your right-hand side.)

How To Complete the Dissending For Sweets Quest in Hogwarts Legacy

You will then interact with the statue and speak the magic word to transport you to the tunnel. Once you enter the tunnel, follow the pathway all the way to the broken lift. Use Reparo to fix the lift back to its working state as well as fix the bridge leading to the lift. Hop on and interact with the lever to move the lift further down into the tunnel. Exit the lift and follow the pathway toward Honeydukes. There are a few Horklumps along the way to collect, as well as a chest to the left side of the pathway hidden behind a spider web. You can use a Fire Spell, such as Incendio, to burn away the web and get to the chest. 

This side path with the chest will also lead you to the platform on the ground on the main pathway. You will need to use the Levioso on the platform in order to lift it off of the ground and climb up onto it to get to the next area. Once you climb the rock wall to this next area, you will come to a broken bridge that has another platform that you will use Levioso on again to raise up and jump onto in order to continue. There is also a chest below you on the left side of the broken bridge in front of the water. You can use Revelio to make it easier to spot if need be.

Once across the initial Levioso platform, you will need to use Reparo to fix the second platform and then cast Levioso on it to make it float. Jump onto that platform and across to the other side of the bridge. Use another Fire spell to burn the spider webs away to get to the third platform. Use Reparo once again to fix it, but this time you will notice that something is getting in the way of the platform when using Levioso. You will now need to cast Accio on the upper part of the platform in order to lift the last platform up high enough to jump across. 

There is one final chest on the left-hand side of the bridge, on a platform across the water, right next to the gate that leads to your destination. Revelio can be used once again to make it easier to spot. 

Hogwarts Legacy Dissending For Sweets Quest Guide

There is only one more puzzle to solve, which is to light the braziers on either side of the Wizard carving on the gate that leads to Honeydukes. Use a Fire spell on each of the braziers to light them and the door will open. Go into the room, climb up the ladder, and enter the room underneath Honeydukes. You can find the Billywig Stings for Garreth at the end of the hallway to the right on a table. 

Hogwarts Legacy Dissending For Sweets Quest Guide

Pick them up and return to Garreth in Hogwarts to complete the quest! 

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