Hogwarts Legacy Highlands Field Guide Pages Guide: Where to Find All 31 Pages

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Hogwarts Legacy Highlands Field Guide Pages

Further collecting in Hogwarts Legacy means you’ll have to go out into the open world to get everything you can’t find at Hogwarts itself and the nearby Hogsmeade village. There’s plenty to scour the land for and you’ll need to do just that if you’re looking to fill out the Collector’s Edition trophy/achievement. Just like the Hogwarts and Hogsmeade areas, there is a selection of Field Guide pages you can find out in the Highlands areas.

The Highlands Field Guide pages are condensed to one type you’ll need to find – the Revelio pages, of which there are 31 of them. Unlike the other two major areas in Hogwarts Legacy, these are marked on your world map by way of a scroll-like icon. Because of this they’re relatively easy to find. Set your waymark and you’re good to go provided you have fast travel Floos and flying unlocked. You can even go to these locations by foot but it’ll certainly take a lot longer. Each page will show up in your Collections guide in the main menu, so if you want to see what you have versus the guide here, you can narrow down the ones you still need to seek out.

Hogwarts Legacy Highlands Field Guide Pages

Where to Find Highlands Field Guide Pages in Hogwarts Legacy

  • Pungous Onion Bulb: Head northwest from Clagmar Castle, the page is located by the coastline near the tents.
  • Peruvian Instant Darkness Powder: Head south of the West Hogwarts Valley Floo, the page is located over by some rocks.
  • Acromantula Venom: In the bandit camp north of Clagmar Coast, the page is located by some bottles sitting atop stacked boards.
  • Dragon Skeleton: On the coast southwest in Cragcroft. The page is near the head of the giant skeleton.
  • Abandoned Bothy: Head south from the South Sea Bog Floo and look for the sagging building. The page can be found near the boarded-up entrance.
  • Jewelled Brooch: Head to Irondale, the page is over by the windmill on a bench.
  • Cinnamon Bark: Head southeast of Feldcroft and locate the fireplace inside the goblin bandit camp. The page is located just in front of the fireplace.
  • Lovage Bouquet: Head east of the South Feldcroft Floo, the page is located down below the cliff.
  • Broken Binoculars: Head northeast of Feldcroft, the page is found by a ledge with a view of the castle there.
  • Lace Doily: Head west of Keenbridge, the page is located by a small table and stone marker.
  • Murtlap Tentacles: Head west of the Central Hogwarts Valley Floo, the page is just near the water and some Lacewing Fly bushes.
  • Squib Cottage: Go south of the East Hogsmeade Valley Floo and find the page near the back of the cottage.
  • Antique Horn: Head North and east of North Ford Bog, the page is right at the end of the dock.
  • Spider Sign: Head to the south of Pitt-Upon-Ford, the page is located in front of the sign just to the left of the bridge.
Hogwarts Legacy Highlands Field Guide Pages
  • Spider Parts: Head to Aranshire, the page is located to the right of the shop in front of an open cage.
  • Beehives: Head south of the Floo in Keenbridge, the page is near the river by the beehives.
  • Giant Shade Tree: Head to Cragcroft and you should see the tree. The page is there in front of it.
  • Chocolate Frogs: At the very south edge of Hogsmeade outside of the village, on a stone bench.
  • Antique Compass: Take the North Poidsear Coast Floo, the page is right by it as you overlook the southern region of the map.
  • Doxy Egg: The page is located in a camp to the southwest of Keenbridge. The page can be found near the large tent.
  • Practice Dummies: Head to Feldcroft, the page is located over by the dummies east of the Floo point.
  • Alihosty Fudge: Located between the Forbidden Forest Floo and Hogsmeade, this page can be found on a bench overlooking Hogwarts itself.
  • Ginger Root: Head to Keenbridge, the page can be found sitting on a bar to the east of town.
  • Hogsmeade Station Ticket Office: At Hogsmeade Station, the page can be found right in front of the station sign, across from the train tracks.
  • Hebridean Black Scale: Go far south from Lower Hogsfield, the page is located near the tent.
  • Pumpkin Fizz: In Upper Hogsfield there’s a building with Butterbeer barrels. The page is inside on the bar.
  • Runespoor Egg: Travel to Falbarton Castle, the page is on the northeast of the Floo by a table.
  • Tilted House: Head to Keenbridge, the page can be found by a house in the northwest end of town.
  • Feldcroft Well: Head to Feldcroft and you should see the well and page in the center of town.
  • Enchanted Scarecrow: Head to Brocburrow and the page is located to the west of town in a garden next to two houses.
  • Groundskeeper’s Tools: In the cabin down from the South Hogwarts Exit Floo, the page is inside the house by the worktable.

That’s pretty much it. You only need the initial 30 pages to satisfy the requirements of the Highlands Field Guide challenge, but don’t forget about that extra page hiding over in the Groundskeeper’s cabin located in the Highlands, which you will need for the Hogwarts set of Field Guides. With all of these completed, you’ll be well on your way to polishing off that trophy/achievement in no time.

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