Hogwarts Legacy Well, Well, Well Quest Guide

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Hogwarts Legacy Well, Well, Well Quest

While Hogwarts Legacy is filled to the brim with side quests and other activities to do, not all of them are fully apparent even if you can do them as soon as you enter the open world. Some side quests for example, will have you out on the unbeaten path, needing to search the world map on foot or flying mount before an open quest decides to pop up. One such quest is “Well, Well, Well.” It’s both out of the way and will send you on a follow the map quest, for which Hogwarts Legacy has several.

The side quest “Well, Well, Well” can be found in a little hidden away location south east of Aranshire in the South Hogwarts section of the map. This quest is unique in that you’ll not be searching for a person, but rather an inanimate object – a well actually, as the name of the quest suggests. The well you need is located off from the path and you should hear it speaking, and once you get close to it, the appropriate quest marker should appear.

Hogwarts Legacy Well, Well, Well Quest

How to Complete the Well, Well, Well Quest in Hogwarts Legacy

To begin the quest, simply interact with the Magical Well and listen to what it has to say. It seems someone tossed a bit of parchment down the well and it’s gotten caught. The Magic Well asks you to take it, which you will automatically upon interacting with it to reveal a map. The map shows off a very specific ruins connected by a bridge to another ruined building. Additionally, you can see a location marked by an X near a waterfall. These are the only hints you’ll receive for finding the location of the quest.

The exact location will have you heading west towards Irondale. I you’ve been there before, simply Floo in to the town proper. If not, fly west to that location using your broom or mount. Once you get there, you must follow the river west until you see a waterfall. The ruins you’re looking for are located on the cliff just to the southwest of it, near the Ancient Magic hotspot displayed on the map.

Hogwarts Legacy Well, Well, Well Quest

Once you’re there, you should see the bridge from the picture in the map. Simply cross over until you see a single tree light up with the ability to be targeted. That’s your clue to know you’ve got the right one. As the map suggests, using Levioso will raise the tree up and you’ll need to do this to reveal the hidden treasure. Opening the treasure will then reveal its contents.

For your efforts you’ll be rewarded with the Treasure-Seeker’s Bicorne Hat and 400 gold. With that, the quest is complete. Since you’re already in this area, you might as well knock out the Ancient Magic hot spot and head back to Irondale for any open quests there too as you'll need to keep seeking these things out to complete all challenges and collectable items in Hogwarts Legacy.

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