Hogwarts Legacy Solved by the Bell Quest Guide

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Hogwarts Legacy Solved by the Bell Quest Guide

During your time with Hogwarts Legacy, one thing you’ll find yourself occupied with for a good lot of it is the side quests. While many of them are fairly straightforward fetch-and-retrieve quests by design, some of them require a bit of search and discovery. Luckily, you’re given a map and decent visual cues on where to go. These map quests can be found all over the world in Hogwarts Legacy, often in places you might not expect.

One such map quest is Solved by the Bell, and it’s one you may have missed unless you were searching the far south section of the map far away from Hogwarts itself. In order to begin this quest, you’ll need to head over that way toward the Manor Cape area. You should see the quest marker pop up if you zoom in some, which reveals the location that contains our intended destination; Henrietta’s Hideaway.

In order to successfully get through this quest you’ll need the following:

  • Glacius, which is unlocked through Professor Hecat's Assignment I quest.
  • Incendio, which is unlocked through Madam Kogawa's Assignment I quest.
Hogwarts Legacy Solved by the Bell

How to Complete the Solved by the Bell Quest in Hogwarts Legacy

Upon arriving at the quest location, head up to the ruined building and dispatch the dark wizards hanging around. Once you do that, locate the Merlin Trial and a set of stairs leading down next to it to a door. There’s your entrance to the Hideaway. There’ll be a bit to get through before you can actually begin the quest proper.

The Hideaway itself is a fairly standard dungeon of sorts with a couple of tricks thrown in. Upon entering you’ll see a room with torches, light them up with Incendio to reveal a cube that you’ll need to Accio or Wingardium Levioso over to the empty fire platform. There’s also one with a chest nearby so make sure you grab that too. Once the cube is in place, cast Incendio on the fire cube and Glacius on the ice one, which should have already been in place when you arrived. Doing so will open the wall directly in front of the cubes, which you can pass through.

Head down the stairs and clear out the dark wizards hanging about. There are some explorable side areas here with minor treasures and things like that, but the important thing to watch for is a sliding floor, which will come up again shortly.

After defeating the enemies here, head up the stairs located at the back of the courtyard area and head to the right. If you use Revelio, you’ll notice the floor is a section that can move again so to bypass this, you can Accio the fallen torch over from the other side to land on top of it and take the weight for you, or cast Arresto Momentum. Once you’re across you’ll find another room filled with enemies, take them out and the quest item is within reach.

As you go into the room here you’ll see an archway under a set of stairs. Go to the archway and up to the brick wall, where it should part and you’ll see the Musical Map you need on a table just to the left. As the quest now truly begins, you can exit the dungeon and look for the appropriate land mass which is marked with an X on the Musical Map.

Looking around at the land masses, we can see that we need to head southeast to Clagmar Castle. This too should come up as a point of interest on your map if you need help seeking it out. This area is teeming with enemies as well, so take care of them and then locate the side of the ruins that have several bells suspended from it in the southwest corner of the ruins.

Climb the platform here and face the bell. You’ll see nine bells in total and below them is a blank music measure. If you remember the picture on the map, it seems you’ll have to use the bells to recreate a certain tune. As such, each bell corresponds to a certain note, so you can play around with that if you want or refer back to the map. Each note will light up on the measure so you can see which bell is which.

Hogwarts Legacy Solved by the Bell

For the sake of the puzzle, however, you’ll need to hit each bell with a basic cast in this specific order for eight notes in total. Each bell is indicated by left or right side and numbered starting from the top:

  1. Right side, bell four.
  2. Left side, bell three.
  3. Left side, bell two.
  4. Right side, bell two.
  5. Left side, bell three.
  6. Left side, bell one.
  7. Right side, bell one.
  8. Right side, bell two.

If you do this correctly, you should hear a familiar motif that was used throughout the Harry Potter movies, and as the map promised a treasure box should appear just to your left. Open it to retrieve the Treasure-Seeker’s Longcoat for a stylish new robe along with 400 galleons. So that's all there is to it, not bad for a bit of treasure hunting and music playing.

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