Hogwarts Legacy First Keeper Trial: Percival Rackham's Trial

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Throughout Hogwarts Legacy, players are tasked with going through Keeper Trials. These are an important part of the main story, and they’re where many of the harder battles in the game are. Filled with puzzles as well as combat, these dungeon-like areas can be complex. To help players get the Hogwarts Legacy First Keeper Trial, we’ve built this guide.

Hogwarts Legacy ancient magic archway

The Beginning of the First Keeper Trial

Upon entering the trial, players should walk down the stairs and continue into the next room. In order to create a path to walk out of this room, players need to walk down the stairs on either side. After reaching the bottoms, players can investigate an Ancient Magic Hotspot, which will create a path up top. There’s also a chest near the hotspot.

After grabbing the chest, go back upstairs and take the newly-formed path. Once crossing the archway, new paths will show up. Both the left and right sides of the main path have chests. The next room will have a hotspot to investigate after walking through the arch. On that same end of the room will be a chest in the upper-right corner and another on the right side of the circular-wall. 

After activating the hotspot, turn back around and go through the arch. Follow the new hallway into the next room.

Pensieve Protector in Hogwarts Legacy

The First Combat in the First Keeper Trial

After walking further into the room, players will need to beat a few Pensieve Protectors. On the right side of the room will be a path. Go down it and hit the circle revealed with Revelio to create a bridge over the gap, which will have a chest at the end. Go back to the original room and go behind where the main statue was. Use Accio to bring the platform in the center of the room and climb on. Using Accio on the other handles will pull the player and the platform they’re standing on to different areas. 

Once the player has been pulled forward, turn toward the right and use the handle on the wall to get to the area. There will be a spot to investigate. After investigating, a wall opens up behind the arch and the arch itself leads to a small room with a chest.  

From there, go back to the platform and use the handles to reach the chest in the left of the room. Afterward, return to the area where the arch is and continue on the new path. The next room will have more enemies to defeat. After defeating them, use Accio to pull the floating platform towards the player.

floating platform magic hotspot Hogwarts Legacy

There will be another Ancient Magic Hotspot on the floating platform. Investigating it will create a pathway horizontally in the middle of the room. However, players need to get the platform through the gap in the path that existed before investigating. To do this, go through the archway in the middle of the room by the original staircase. This will revert the room back and forth each time the player goes through it. 

Use Accio to pull the floating platform to the other side of the pathway created by the investigation spot. The statues on the floor are a good marker of how far to pull the platform. After doing that, go back through the arch and then walk up the stairs and pathway to get on the platform.

Finally, pull yourself to the other area with stairs. Follow them, going to the right when it ends to grab a chest. Go the opposite direction to enter a new room with even more waves of enemies to defeat. 

magic archway in Hogwarts Legacy

The Road to the End of Percival Rackham’s Trial

Take the only exit available of from the room that isn’t the entrance. There will be an Acient Magic Hotspot to investigate that will create platforms and areas players can jump to. After investigating it, use Accio to pull the floating platform towards the player and hop on it. From there, players can use Accio on the platform in the middle of the area to go towards it.

Players can use the handle in the left of the room to position themselves in front of the arch. Once there, players can use Accio on the floating platform through the arch to pull towards it and hop on it. While moving over the center platform, players can jump down and grab the chest in the middle. Straight ahead will be another handle that players can use to get back on land and get to the next room. 

Hogwarts Legacy first trial boss

From there, go up the staircase and grab the chest in the next room before going through another set of doors. Players will then have to fight their first major boss battle after defeating a few enemies, which isn’t too difficult as long as players use Protego and roll dodges to avoid its attacks. Potions can be incredibly helpful as well. 

After defeating the Pensieve Guardian, players can use the new pathway to get to the last room in the trial. There will be a chest next to the pensieve in the center of the room, and that’s the end of it! 

Let us know if we missed anything in the comments and check out our other Hogwarts Legacy guides. If you're ready, tackle the Second Hogwarts Legacy Keeper Trial next!

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