Hogwarts Legacy Flying Guide: How to Unlock Flying and Upgrade Brooms

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Hogwarts Legacy Flying Guide

One of the most important mechanics in Hogwarts Legacy is flying. Not only is it fun, but it’s vital for traversing the large world map, which covers far more than just Hogwarts itself. It’s important to note, however, that access to flying isn’t available out the gate. You’ll have to make your ways a little way into the main scenario to unlock broom riding and then a bit more to use your flying mounts. There’s also some accompanying side quests which lead to broom upgrades that will increase overall mount speed.

How To Unlock Flying in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy Flying Guide

Unlocking flying in Hogwarts Legacy is relatively simple: the main scenario will open up with a quest called “Flying Class” at level 6. Attend the class, complete Professor Kogawa’s missions and you’ll be told to purchase a broom at Spintwitches in Hogsmeade. There, you’ll meet the shop owner Albie Weekes, who will sell you a variety of designs for 600 gold each.

Throughout Hogwarts Legacy, you can collect 13 brooms in total, and though they have different designs, their flying speed is the same across the board. Whilst Weekes sells a number of brooms himself, others can be obtained through other vendors or by breaking those floating balloons you might have seen floating around the map.

After that, Weekes will chat about the possibility of upgrades for your broom. He wants to use you as a test dummy of sorts, so you’ll be set off to do some time trials with a Slytherin student by the name of Imelda Reyes. Meet with her at the quidditch pitch to continue the “Flight Test” quest. Ideally you should be able to beat her best time by staying on course and not missing any of the rings.

Upon clearing her trial, head back to Weekes and report on your progress. From there, Weekes tells you he will hear back from him at a later time while he develops your upgrades.

How Do Broom Upgrades Work in Hogwarts Legacy?

Hogwarts Legacy Flying Guide

Some time later, Weekes will contact you with the quest “Sweeping the Competition” and it’s from here you can purchase the first broom upgrade from him for 1000 gold.

This one is important to grab because it will increase your acceleration and speed – a necessary boost if you want to continue doing the time trial quests. The second quest, titled “The Sky is the Limit,” will give you access to a 4000 gold upgrade that further increases your broom’s speed. The third and final upgrade will cost you 7500 gold so if you want your broom to go faster, make sure to start saving. It’s important to note that this will count for any amount of brooms you have purchased, so you won’t need to buy the upgrades more than once.

Hogwarts Legacy Flying - How To

Hogwarts Legacy Flying Guide

Once you’ve unlocked flying, it’s important to know the does and don’ts of the mechanics as they’ll keep the experience smooth sailing for the rest of the game. First thing’s first: flying is only available in certain areas. You can tell which areas are banned by a crossed out bird symbol located next to the mini-map. These places tend to include Hogsmeade, and some surrounding quest areas.

To use your broom, access the left-most items wheel and press the corresponding button to mount up. If you’re on a controller, you can move forward and speed up using the trigger buttons, whilst the analogue sticks control you from side to side and up and down.

For those wanting to fly using beast mounts, you’ll have to put in a little extra work to get there as they don’t become available at the same time as brooms do. There is some further progression in the main story needed, and you’ll get the first hints of that once you unlock Beasts. Following the quest “The High Keep,” you gain the ability to ride and summon the Hippogriff Highwing and other mounts you may have already acquired through the Deluxe Edition or pre-orders. Similar to broom flight, you can summon your mount by accessing the left wheel menu and pressing the appropriate button.

All in all, you'll be doing yourself a favor if you unlock flying as soon as you can in Hogwarts Legacy. It'll save loads of time given how much distance you'll be covering all over the map - especially with how densely packed the world is with collectables.

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