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Where to Find Valheim Iron

March 5, 2021

By: Robert N. Adams


Are you wondering where to find Valheim Iron? This powerful metal is a serious step up from Bronze and it unlocks a fair few improvements in the game, but finding it might not be as clear as you'd like.

A big part of the Viking survival crafting game Valheim is progressing to new materials. You'll start out with equipment made of Wood, Stone, and Flint before moving up to metal weapons, tolls, and armor made out of Bronze. Iron is the next step in the game — and you're going to have to venture into a new biome to find it.


Valheim Iron Sunken Crypt Swamp slice

Where to Find Valheim Iron

You can find Valheim Iron in the Swamp biome, although it's not quite as easy as getting the Copper and Tin you've dug up in the Black Forest. This time, you're going to have to head underground.


The easiest Iron to access is found in Sunken Crypts, a dungeon in the Swamps akin to the Burial Chambers of the Black Forest. Unlike Burial Chambers, however, the Sunken Crypts are locked. You can't get in until you've acquired the Swamp Key by beating the game's second boss.

Valheim Iron Sunken Crypt Swamp
Iron is found in "Muddy Scrap Piles" which typically block doors. (Image enhanced for brightness.)

Once inside, you'll be able to get Scrap Iron by digging away at "Muddy Scrap Piles." These big piles of garbage typically block the doors in the Sunken Crypts, so be careful — you may find that there are some enemies on the other side of the pile you're digging into it.


Scrap Iron can also be discovered in chests within the Sunken Crypts. Unless you're tremendously unlucky, you'll probably find more Scrap Iron in a single crypt than you could possibly carry out in a single trip. From there, it's simply a matter of smelting it as you would any other metal.

Valheim Iron Swamp buried slice

How to Get Even More Iron in Valheim

You can find even more Valheim Iron in the Swamp, but it's a little more difficult than diving into the Sunken Crypts. There are a few deposits of Iron scattered around underground on the surface, too.  Getting to it, however, will require beating the game's third boss.

These extra Muddy Scrap Piles are often difficult to find. Beating the game's third boss Bonemass will give you the "Wishbone" item which allows you to detect underground ores and treasures. Take it with you into the Swamp and you'll likely find a little more Iron that you didn't even realize was there.

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