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Screenshot of the Black forest in Valheim, Cover image - Valheim Black Forest Biome Guide

Our Valheim Black Forest Biome Guide will cover all of the spooky enemies in the area, as well as the new items, creatures, and plants found within the darkest depths of the Forest. 

Where is the Valheim Black Forest Biome?

The Black Forest biome can be found pretty much anywhere in the world of Valheim, other than extremely far North or South as those are designated for future biomes. The Black Forest is also where the Merchant, Haldor, can be found. 

Valheim Black Forest Biome Creatures

  • Gull
  • Deer
  • Crow

Valheim Black Forest Biome Plants

  • Carrot Seeds
  • Thistle 
  • Mushroom
  • Yellow Mushroom
  • Blueberries 

Valheim Black Forest Biome New Items

  • Surtling Core
  • Bukeberries 
  • Bone Fragments 
  • Copper Ore
  • Ancient Seeds 
  • Troll Hide
  • Tin Ore
  • Greydwarf Eyes
  • Core Wood
  • Pinecone 
Screenshot of the Elder in Valheim

Valheim Black Forest Biome Guide | List of Enemies

Here are the enemies you'll find within the Black Forest Biome in Valheim:

Greydwarf Shaman

Greydwarf shamans are similar to the greylings found in the Meadows, but are much more powerful, and can even heal themselves and other enemies around them with an AOE heal. They attack by swiping their claws, as well as spitting a cone of poison at their target, so make sure to dodge any incoming attacks. They appear to only heal once you engage with them, so try to burn them down quickly. 


These feisty creatures are native to the Black Forest and will attack on sight. They look almost identical to the greylings, but are much larger and have glowing blue eyes. Though they use a similar swipe attack, they are much stronger than the greylings, so be prepared for anything. They also throw rocks at their target to do minimal damage from afar. 

Greydwarf Brute

The Brutes are much like the Shamans but have glowing red eyes and a dandelion growing from the top of their heads. They wield large clubs that do a substantial amount of damage, so it is best to dodge or block their attacks. 


Trolls are extremely tall and hard to miss and can wield humongous tree branches or fight with you with their bare hands. They hit very hard, so it is best to have somewhat decent gear before taking them on. Though as they say, the bigger they are, the harder they fall. 


Skeletons are relatively easy to fight but can come armed with an array of different weapons such as a sword and shield, just a sword, or even a bow and arrows to attack their target. Though their damage is not great, they can hit several times in succession which causes a decent chunk of health to be lost. Their attacks also knock players back, creating distance between you and them. The skeletons take more damage from blunt weapons. 

Who is the Boss in the Black Forest Biome?

The boss of the Black Forest Biome in Valheim is The Elder. 

Valheim Troll Guide Meadows
Trolls are big and scary, but you can beat them in a one-on-one fight if you're smart.

How to Kill a Valheim Troll

The Black Forest is home to Trolls, massive creatures that can splinter wooden structures and smash a player to bits in seconds. Fighting a Valheim Troll is a challenging prospect for a new player, but it's certainly doable. In fact, you can beat a Troll using the basic Crude Bow, a few dozen Arrows, and not much else.

Let's get one thing out of the way: Yes, you can fight a Troll in melee combat. It's generally not a good idea, though -- the Troll's attacks hit hard, and even a Bronze Shield and a full set of Bronze Armor might not absorb enough damage to make this a viable strategy. There's also the risk of the Troll knocking down trees; these trees can fall and damage you.

Whether you sneak up on a Troll or you're ambushed by one, the strategy is the same:

  1. Jog (don't run) until you're about 20-30 feet (6-9 meters) away.
  2. Shoot an Arrow at the Troll.
  3. Keep shooting until the Troll gets closer.
  4. Start jogging away as it gets closer.
    • If the Troll gets close enough to attack, run -- don't jog -- to get out of range of the melee attack.
  5. Keep the Troll at a distance, firing arrows at it until it's dead.

And that's it! If you do this right, you won't take any hits -- you can kill a Troll with no Armor and a Crude Bow. A Troll will drop some Troll Hide (which can be used to craft stealthy Troll Leather Armor) and some Coins.

Valheim Black Forest Biome Guide - Troll Cave Sunset

Valheim Black Forest Biome Locations

Here are the notable locations of the Black Forest Biome in Valheim: 

Burial chamber screenshot in Valheim

Burial Chamber 

The Burial Chambers are almost like little dungeons players can enter that hold treasures to find, enemies to kill, and chests to discover. This is also the place to find the glowing red stones that uncover the Black Forest Boss's location. Several yellow mushrooms can be found within the chambers, as well as skeletons, skeleton spawners, and Surtling Cores. 

Screenshot of Greydwarf spawner camps

Greydwarf Spawner Camp

These purple flame-looking things are called spawners, and they do exactly that; spawn enemies. The ones located all around the Black Forest spawn the different kinds of Greydwarves, including Shamans and Brutes. 

Screenshot of Troll cave in Valheim

Troll Cave

The troll caves are home to, you guessed it, trolls! These caves are randomly spawned into the world, and once inside, you will find a very angry troll waiting for you. Some of the troll caves are larger than others and can have chests in them, so make sure to check each one you find. Trolls do pack a big punch though, so be prepared for the worst. 

Screenshot of the Elder's Altar.

The Elder's Altar

This is where you will attempt to defeat the Boss of the Black Forest; the Elder. The large tree-like creature that towers over the lands has quite a few scary mechanics to dodge, and can be spawned with three Ancient Seeds. There didn't appear to be much more within the area around the altar, but it is still a necessary place to visit in order to move on to the next area. 

Thanks for reading our Valheim Black Forest Biome Guide. Make sure to check out our other guides, too!


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