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Last Update: May 20, 2022


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Iron Gate Studio's wildly popular Viking survival game, Valheim, isn’t for the faint of heart. Death is only a moment away if you’re not vigilant at all times. You can die of smoke inhalation if you don’t ventilate your fire or from twisting your ankle if you run down stairs too fast. For a lot of people, the difficulty and light realism is part of the appeal. For the rest of you, read on. Valheim has followed in the hallowed footsteps of many classic PC games by providing cheat codes. Who else remembers the Cobra Car cheat code from Age of Empires II? What do you mean it was before your time? Damn, I’m getting old. The Valheim cheats that have been discovered by the community can do a variety of weird and wonderful things, as well as make the game a lot easier and less grindy.

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Say goodbye to hours of axe-work with this one simple trick... Lumberjacks hate it!

It's important to put a disclaimer that using these cheats could well impact your game negatively if you don't know what you're doing. Some of the commands bring up content that's not even been properly implemented into the game yet. I recommend starting a new save file to test out the cheats before you use them on a character you've spent time building up. It's unclear whether using cheats will result in a ban so any inputting of these codes is done so at the player's risk.


"Never cheat your master."
Njal’s Saga

How To Use Cheats in Valheim

First of all, you'll need to press F5 to bring up the console.

This allows you to type commands. The first command you will need is: imacheater. Type that and press enter. A message should appear saying "Cheats:True". You can now cheat away to your heart's content by entering the cheat codes into the console.

There are literally hundreds of possible cheats, including content that's not accessible in-game yet. Considering the mad resource bottleneck around different metals, cheats like "Iron" and "Bronze" will probably prove very useful.  You can also enter commands that increase your skills, alter your appearance and do loads of other useful things.

There's really way too many different Valheim cheat codes to list here. Luckily, the Steam Community have compiled a list of every cheat that's been discovered so far.

Happy cheating!



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