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This Valheim Eikthyr Boss Fight Guide will tell you how to find Eikthyr, how to summon him, and how to beat him in solo and multiplayer!

Where to Find the Eikthyr Boss in Valheim

You can find the Eikythr Boss in Valheim's Meadows Biome, the first Biome in Valheim. You'll likely find the spawner for Eikthyr very close to where you started, and a Vegvisir with his location is right at the world spawn point.

How to Unlock the Eikthyr Boss in Valheim

  1. Craft a Bow or several Spears.
  2. Hunt Deer and kill them until you acquire 2 Deer Trophies.
  3. Go to the Vegvisir (the square stone with the glowing red rune) at the spawn point and interact with it to find Eikthyr's location.
  4. Go to Eikthyr's Altar. Interact with the Altar with the 2 Deer Trophies in your inventory and you'll spawn Eikthyr.

Valheim Eikthyr Boss Fight Guide - How to Prepare for the Eikthyr Boss Fight

How to Prepare for the Valheim Eikthyr Boss Fight

Preparing for the Eikthyr Boss Fight in Valheim can be a little challenging for new players who are still learning the ins and outs of the game. While you can fight Eikthyr in melee, it's strongly recommended that you fight him at range with a Bow -- and it can't hurt to be well-armored, either.

First and foremost, you're going to want to secure at least three pieces of Food so you can increase your Health and Stamina. Raspberries, Red Mushrooms, and Cooked Deer Meat is a good combination.

Next, you'll want to work on getting yourself a full set of Leather Armor. This is going to mostly involve hunting Deer and Boar for Deer Leather and Leather Scraps, respectively. (As a nice bonus, you'll also get some Boar Meat and Deer Meat that you can Cook.)

While fighting Eikthyr in melee isn't required, it's not a bad idea to have a good Club and Shield available just in case. The ability to block an attack might just save you at a critical moment.

Once you've Crafted a set of Leather Armor, your final step will be to Craft a Crude Bow and some Arrows. Being able to fight at range will be a huge advantage in the fight against Eikthyr and you'll want to use it! Once you have Food, Armor, a Crude Bow, and some Arrows, you'll be as well-prepared for the fight as you can hope to be.

What is Eikthyr's Weakness?

Eikthyr has no weaknesses in Valheim as far as we can tell. This is the first Boss you'll fight, however, so it shouldn't be all that challenging compared to some of the later ones.

How to Summon Eikthyr in Valheim

You can summon Eikthyr by sacrificing two Deer Trophies at Eikthyr's Altar in the Meadows.

Valheim Eikthyr Boss Fight Guide - How to Beat Eikthyr Solo

How to Beat the Valheim Eikthyr Boss Solo

Defeating Eikthyr solo in Valheim is going to be your first lesson in managing Stamina. You'll want to keep him a good distance away, and that means occasionally running -- but you'll also need your Stamina to attack.

Once Eikthyr is summoned, back away a fair distance and fire off shots from your Crude Bow. Try to keep your Stamina from reaching 0. If Eikthyr starts to approach you, fall back until you have a little distance and continue shooting your Crude Bow. If you can maintain this pattern of attack, you'll whittle down Eikthyr's health and eventually win the fight.

How to Beat the Valheim Eikthyr Boss in Multiplayer

Fighting Eikthyr in multiplayer is a much easier endeavor in Valheim. Eikthyr can only come after one player at a time, so that player should focus on running and dodging while the other players shoot Wood Arrows (or Flint Arrows, if you can afford them) from afar.

It's not a good idea to engage Eikthyr in a melee fight with your group. He has pretty tough AOE attacks that can take a fair chunk of your health out. However, players skilled at Blocking might be able to pull it off if they're coordinated; use this strategy at your own risk!

Valheim Eikthyr Boss Fight Guide - Eikthyr Boss Drops

What Are the Eikthyr Boss Drops in Valheim?

Eikthyr drops two items: his Trophy (which is used to unlock his Power) and several Hard Antlers, which can be used to Craft your first Pickaxe and unlock the ability to start Mining.

What is Eikthyr's Power in Valheim?

Eikthyr's Power reduces the drain of Stamina when running or jumping, making it easier to traverse long distances on foot.

That's the end of our Valheim Eikthyr Boss Fight Guide. Take a look at our other guides below!

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