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This guide will tell you everything we know about the Valheim Ocean Biome, a location with a lot of water, a handful of hazards, and not much else.

Where is the Valheim Ocean Biome?

The Valheim Ocean Biome is located all over the world -- take a Boat far enough away from shore and you'll find yourself in the Ocean biome.

Currently, the Ocean Biome is only partially complete. It doesn't have much in the way of enemies, unique resources, or notable Locations. Still, it is a Biome that players will inevitably interact with as they travel to other islands in the world.

That's not to say that the Ocean Biome doesn't have its unique hazards, though. Massive storms can pop up that will cause the Ocean waters to churn and sway, making it much more difficult to control your Boat. Take care when sailing the high seas, and consider turning around or avoiding storms if they're in the way.

Valheim Ocean Biome Creatures

There are no unique creatures in the Ocean Biome.

Valheim Ocean Biome Plants

There are no unique plants in the Ocean Biome.

Valheim Ocean Biome New Items

  • Chitin
  • Serpent Meat
  • Serpent Scale
  • Serpent Trophy

Valheim Ocean Biome Guide - List of Enemies

Valheim Ocean Biome Guide | List of Enemies

Here are all of the enemies you'll find in Valheim's Ocean Biome.


The Serpent is the sole enemy in the Valheim Ocean Biome. These massive creatures pose a great hazard to Boats, so you'll want to take them down as soon as you can.

Realistically, there are two ways to deal with Serpents. The first and best way is to use an Abyssal Harpoon to hook it and drag it ashore; you can then easily slash it to pieces with your Weapons. The second method is to attempt to keep moving on your Boat and pelt it with arrows, but this runs the risk of losing loot or having your Boat destroyed.

Who is the Boss in the Ocean Biome?

There is not yet a boss in the Ocean Biome as of the Mistlands Update.

Valheim Ocean Biome Guide - Locations

Valheim Ocean Biome Locations

Here are all of the notable Locations you'll find in the Ocean Biome in Valheim.


Valheim Ocean Biome Guide - Leviathan

The Leviathan is not a location insomuch as it's a passive creature., That's right -- the Leviathan is alive. Fortunately, it doesn't want to do you harm.

The back of the Leviathan is home to several Abyssal Barnacles. Destroy these with your Pickaxe and you'll get Chitin, a material that can be used to Craft some useful items like the Abyssal Harpoon. Work fast, though -- once you start picking at the Abyssal Barnacles, the Leviathan will start to shake. It will subsequently dive underwater after around a minute or so, never to return to the surface.

That's the end of our Valheim Ocean Biome Guide. Have a look at our other guides below!

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