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Last Update: November 28, 2022


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Our guide tells you how to summon the Valheim The Elder boss, how to prepare for the battle, and how to defeat the game's second boss!

Where to Find The Elder Boss in Valheim

You can find The Elder Boss in the Black Forest Biome in Valheim, the second Biome of the game.


How to Unlock The Elder Boss in Valheim

Here's how to unlock The Elder Boss in Valheim:

  1. Travel to the Black Forest
  2. Kill Greydwarf Shamen and Brutes or destroy Greydwarf Camps to collect 3 Ancient Seeds
  3. While hunting Greydwarfs, search for The Elder Vegvisir in Burial Chambers and Stone Towers.
  4. Take the 3 Ancient Seeds to The Elder Altar and summon him.

Valheim The Elder Boss Fight Guide - Base camp

How to Prepare for the Valheim's The Elder Boss Fight

The Elder Boss can be challenging for new players, but he also exists to serve a valuable lesson: some bosses are weak to certain attacks. In The Elder's case, his weakness is fire.

Fighting The Elder in melee is doable, but at this stage of the game, it's much easier to shoot him from a distance with a Bow. That is doubly true because of his weakness to Fire -- craft a bunch of Fire Arrows and you'll be able to kill him much faster. Crafting a total of 200 Fire Arrows per player should be more than enough to win the fight (and fend off any other enemies in the area, too).

You'll also want to prepare the area a bit. Dig some pits or trenches that you can dive into to avoid his ranged attacks. Just make sure you can get back out, too -- the Roots he can summon can beat you up pretty badly if you can't get away from them!

What is The Elder Boss' Weakness?

The Elder Boss is extremely weak to Fire in Valheim. Use Fire Arrows to rapidly reduce his health.


How to Summon The Elder Boss in Valheim

You can summon The Elder Boss in Valheim by collecting three Ancient Seeds and using them at his Altar.

Valheim Elder Boss fight attack
Trees can be quickly felled by The Elder's powerful ranged attacks — be careful!

How to Beat the Valheim Elder Boss Solo

Defeating the Valheim Elder Boss isn't as easy as the first boss Eikthyr. You can definitely fight in melee range, but you're probably going to take some hits. That's why I opted to fight at long ranges using a Bow. As a bonus, The Elder moves pretty slowly; it's very easy to pelt him with arrows from a safe distance.


The Elder largely uses three attacks. He'll stomp if you're in melee range and it's pretty easy to dodge this. If you're at medium range, he'll summon some Roots that surround and attack you; use your axe to quickly chop these down and run out of the area. At long range, he'll shoot a bunch of vines at you in a wide cone.

The projectile vines attack is the biggest danger here and why preparing cover in advance is a good idea. It does a fair amount of damage to you (even with armor), but it also can destroy Trees (which can fall down and land on you for even more damage).

Stay at range and keep shooting arrows at The Elder until he's dead. Other enemies in the world can join the fight, too, so be careful not to aggro any of them. Once he's defeated, you'll be ready to move on to the next biome.

How to Beat the Valheim The Elder Boss in Multiplayer

Fighting The Elder in multiplayer doesn't require any special strategy -- simply pelt him with arrows from afar until he's dead.

Valheim Elder Boss Fight defense


What Are The Elder Boss Drops in Valheim?

The Elder drops The Elder Trophy and the Swamp Key in Valheim. The Swamp Key grants you access to Sunken Crypts in the Swamp.

What is The Elder's Power in Valheim?

The Elder's Power increases damage to Trees in Valheim, making it easy to collect large amounts of Wood.



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