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Valheim Elder Boss Fight Guide

February 8, 2021

By: Robert N. Adams


The Valheim Elder boss fight represents a serious step up in difficulty for players. The second Valheim Boss is typically found deep in the Black Forest and it won't be easy to take him down!

How to Prepare for Valheim's Second Boss

Preparing to fight the Valheim Elder boss comes down to collecting the right items, finding The Elder's spawn location, and being as prepared as you reasonably can be.


Step 1: Be Able to Survive in the Black Forest

Your first step is one of the biggest: the second Valheim boss fight takes place in the Black Forest. The Black Forest is a challenging environment for new players and you're going to need the right equipment to survive. I recommend you acquire the following items:

  • A full set of Bronze armor
  • A Bronze Shield
  • A Bronze Axe
  • A Fine Bow
  • Ample Food

You're going to need the Pickaxe, and that means beating the game's first boss. As soon as you're smelting ore and making metal tools and armor, you're probably ready to fight the Elder.


Step 2: Find the Elder Spawn Location

Your first step is to find the Elder Spawn location somewhere in a Black Forest. If you're lucky, you'll discover a Runestone in the world or in a Burial Chamber that tells you the location. It's also entirely possible that you'll just stumble on it, though.

Valheim Elder Boss Fight Ancient Seed and Summoning
Greydwarf Nests (top left) will give you Ancient Seeds (top right). You can't summon the Elder unless you have 3 Ancient Seeds (bottom left). Once you sacrifice three Ancient Seeds, he'll spawn in just a few seconds (bottom right).

Step 3: Find 3 Ancient Seeds

Next, your job is to find three Ancient Seeds. You can most easily find these items by destroying Greydwarf Nests in the Black Forest. These nests will be represented by purple clouds; destroy them quickly or you could be quickly overwhelmed by spawning enemies.


Once you have 3 Ancient Seeds and the Elder spawn location, you're almost ready!

Valheim Elder Boss Fight base camp

Step 4: Build a Base Camp

Your next step is to build a base camp nearby The Elder's spawn location. I recommend a spot that is a 1–2 minute run away. Here's what you should have:

  • A complete house (floor, walls, roof, door).
  • A campfire.
  • A bed.
  • A portal (optional).
  • A defensive wall (optional).

If you die, you're going to want a safe place nearby to respawn. It won't take any more than 20–30 minutes to build a small base camp and it's worth it.


Step 5: Stock Up on Supplies

Now that your base camp is set up, it's time to get ready for the fight itself. I recommend you get the following in addition to your Armor and Equipment:

  • Food to reach 75+ HP
  • 200 Arrows
  • 3 Ancient Seeds

Valheim Elder Boss Fight defense

Step 6: Prepare Defensive Positions (Optional)

The Valheim Elder boss can cause a fair amount of damage at range. It's not a bad idea to build some small defensive trenches at various spots surrounding his spawn point so you can jump into cover. Beware of trees — The Elder cut down dozens of trees in my first fight against him, so it may be worth cutting them down in the surrounding area, too.

Step 7: Summon The Elder

Now it's finally time to summon The Elder! Make sure there are no living enemies nearby — you don't want them jumping into the fight! — and sacrifice the three Ancient Seeds to begin the boss fight proper.

Valheim Elder Boss fight attack
Trees can be quickly felled by The Elder's powerful ranged attacks — be careful!

How to Beat the Valheim Elder Boss

Defeating the Valheim Elder Boss isn't as easy as the first boss Eikthyrnir. You can definitely fight in melee range, but you're probably going to take some hits. That's why I opted to fight at long ranges using a bow and arrow. As a bonus, The Elder moves pretty slowly; it's very easy to pelt him with arrows from a safe distance.

The Elder largely uses three attacks. He'll stomp if you're in melee range and it's pretty easy to dodge this. If you're at medium range, he'll summon some Roots that surround and attack you; use your axe to quickly chop these down and run out of the area. At long range, he'll shoot a bunch of vines at you in a wide cone.

The projectile vines attack is the biggest danger here and why preparing cover in advance is a good idea. It does a fair amount of damage to you (even with armor), but it also can destroy trees (which can fall down and land on you for even more damage).

Stay at range and keep shooting arrows at The Elder until he's dead. Other enemies in the world can join the fight, too, so be careful not to aggro any of them. Once he's defeated, you'll be ready to move onto the next biome: The Swamp!

One final important note: once summoned, The Elder does not despawn! He can and will chase you over long distances, so be ready for this fight before you start it!

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