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In our Valheim The Queen Boss Guide, we'll tell you how to find The Queen, how to summon her, and how to beat her in solo and multiplayer!

Where to Find The Queen Boss in Valheim

You can find The Queen Boss in Valheim's Mistlands Biome, the sixth Biome of the game.

How to Unlock The Queen Boss in Valheim

Here's how to unlock The Queen Boss in Valheim:

  1. Defeat Yagluth.
  2. Craft a Wisplight so you can safely move through the Mistlands Biome.
  3. Explore Infested Mines to find 9 Sealbreaker Fragments.
  4. While exploring Infested Mines, search for The Queen Vegvisir which will show you the Infested Citadel.
  5. Use the 9 Sealbreaker Fragments to Craft a Sealbreaker.
  6. Take the Sealbreaker to the Infested Citadel in the Mistlands. Open the door and you'll be able to fight The Queen.

Valheim The Queen Boss Fight Guide - How to Prepare for The Queen Fight

How to Prepare for the Valheim The Queen Boss Fight

Preparing for The Queen Boss fight in Valheim is fairly straightforward, and that's not good news for you -- simply put, there is no special strategy required because The Queen has no notable weaknesses.

The Queen will be a standard battle whether you're using melee, ranged, or both. As such, you should aim to have the best gear possible. That means a full set of Carapace Armor, a Spine Snap Bow, and your melee weapon of choice. You'll also want to have Healing Potions, good Food, and all of the best buffs you can stack.

What is The Queen Boss' Weakness?

Unfortunately, The Queen Boss does not appear to have a weakness in Valheim as far as we can tell. That said, it seems that she takes more damage from melee weapons than from ranged weapons, so it may be worthwhile to

How to Summon The Queen Boss in Valheim

You do not have to summon The Queen Boss in Valheim; she's already active within the Infested Citadel. You will, however, have to open up the door to the Citadel.

Valheim The Queen Boss Fight Guide - How to Beat The Queen Solo

How to Beat the Valheim The Queen Boss Solo

Let me be upfront -- beating the Valheim The Queen Boss solo is going to be a challenge. You only have two real options: kite her throughout the Infested Citadel, or be extremely disciplined with your melee.

If you're going for ranged combat, you'll want to keep as much distance between you and The Queen as possible. Ideally, you'd want to keep her on the other side of the arena -- it's possible to get her stuck on the railings, allowing you to get in many free shots with little risk.

Fighting The Queen in melee is considerably more challenging. Block, counterattack, and retreat. That's exactly what you have to do, over and over again. If you mess up a block or can't retreat (or dodge) with good timing, you're going to lose a big chunk of your health.

In both cases, you'll also need to be mindful of the adds. The Queen will occasionally be joined by Seekers throughout the fight and you'll have to make sure you kill them so you don't get overwhelmed.

How to Beat the Valheim The Queen Boss in Multiplayer

Beating The Queen Boss in multiplayer can be considerably easier than a multiplayer battle. As we've established, The Queen moves fast and exclusively uses melee attacks. One possible strategy is to dedicate one or two players to tanking her attacks while the others focus on attacking her.

An alternative strategy can use a "round robin" strategy. Whoever is aggroed makes a run for it while the other players attack. When The Queen turns her attention to someone else, that person can flee and the others will attack. This can be done in melee, too, and may be easier; one person focuses on blocking and everyone else focuses on attacking.

Either way, it's a good idea to prioritize killing the adds, just like the solo gameplay. They can quickly get out of control if you're not careful!

Valheim The Queen Boss Fight Guide - The Queen Boss Drops

What Are The Queen Boss Drops in Valheim?

Currently, The Queen Boss only drops a placeholder item called "Queen Drop." This is a placeholder for whatever the item will be used for in the next update.

What is The Queen's Power in Valheim?

The Queen's Power has two effects in Valheim: Faster Mining speed and +100% Eitr regeneration.

Thanks for reading our Valheim The Queen Boss Fight Guide. Make sure to check out our other guides, too!

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