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In this Valheim Moder Boss Fight Guide, we'll tell you how to find and defeat the giant dragon that protects the Mountains Biome.

Where to Find Moder in Valheim

You can find Moder in the Mountains biome, the fourth biome in Valheim. As with most bosses, you'll have to find her Altar in the Mountains. The Mountains are freezing cold, so you'll need to make sure you have the correct equipment or Frost Resistance Mead available to survive.

How to Unlock the Moder Boss in Valheim

Here's how to unlock the Moder Boss in Valheim:

  1. Equip Frost-resistant Armor or brew Frost Resistance Mead.
  2. Explore the Mountains and find 3 Dragon Eggs.
  3. While collecting Dragon Eggs, search for the Moder Vegvisir; it can typically be found in Stone towers on the Mountains.
    • I strongly recommend finding the Merchant and buying Megingjord to increase your carrying capacity; each Dragon Egg clocks in at a massive 200 Weight.
  4. Take the 3 Dragon Eggs to Moder's Altar and activate it when you're ready to fight.

Valheim Moder Boss Fight Guide - How to Prepare for the Moder Boss Fight

How to Prepare for the Valheim Moder Boss Fight

The Moder Boss fight is going to be your most challenging endeavor yet in Valheim. Not only do you have to face your first flying boss -- you have to do it in the freezing cold of the Mountains Biome.

Moder has several powerful ranged attacks (and she's no slouch in melee, either). Even Stone Buildings can't survive her onslaught for long, so don't rely on any player-made constructions for cover. Instead, you should build a small respawn base nearby, but far enough away from the fight that it won't take any damage. Dig trenches with your Pickaxe to give yourself some cover.

Naturally, you'll need Frost Resistance on the Mountains -- that means either Armor with Frost Resistance or Frost Resistance Mead.

As for your Weapons and Armor, you'll want to bring the best equipment you can muster. I recommend bringing at least 300 Fire Arrows per person, too, to ensure that you don't run out of ammo while you're in the fight.

What is Moder's Weakness?

Moder's Weakness is Fire, so it's a good idea to bring a large number of Fire Arrows for the fight. Conversely, Moder is completely immune to Frost damage -- leave those Frost arrows at home.

How to Summon Moder in Valheim

You can summon Moder in Valheim by bringing 3 Dragon Eggs to her altar in the Mountains and activating the Altar.

Valheim Moder Boss Fight Guide - How to Beat Moder Solo

How to the Valheim Moder Boss Solo

As with most fights against the big boys (and girl, in this case), beating the Valheim Moder Boss solo is best done at range. This is doubly important considering that Moder has a weakness to Fire, and Fire Arrows are the cheapest and easiest way to do Fire damage to enemies.

Moder will alternate between flying and landing. When she's in the air, Moder will shoot a bunch of projectiles that will explode and leave ice crystals behind. On the ground, Moder will either use a swipe attack or an icy breath attack.

Fighting Moder in melee is doable, but there's not as much margin for error -- she hits like a truck! I strongly recommend hanging back and letting your Bow do the damage.

How to Beat the Valheim Moder Boss in Multiplayer

Fighting Moder in multiplayer changes the game somewhat. While she does have AOE attacks on the ground, it's possible to attack her in melee from behind. Generally speaking, you should go with the standard "rabbit" strategy -- whoever is targeted by her attacks takes cover and shoots her from range with a Bow. Everyone else can use Bows at range or hit her from behind in melee.

When Moder is in the air, however, your only real option for combat is Bows. Everyone should be equipped with a Bow and at least 300 Fire Arrows to ensure that you can successfully win the fight.

Valheim Moder Boss Fight Guide - Moder Boss Drops

What Are the Moder Boss Drops in Valheim?

The Moder Boss drops the Moder Trophy and several Dragon Tears. Dragon Tears, in particular, are only used for making the Artisan Table and unlocking a higher level of Crafting.

What is Moder's Power in Valheim?

Moder's Power will ensure that the Wind direction is always in your favor while you're sailing, although it doesn't affect the strength of the Wind. Still, it's very useful if you have to make long trips between islands.

Thanks for reading our Valheim Moder Boss Fight Guide -- make sure to check out our other Valheim Guides below!

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