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Valheim Merchant and Selling Items Guide

February 10, 2021

By: Robert N. Adams


Vikings aren't always about pillaging and burning — sometimes you just want to go out shopping. In this Valheim Merchant and Shopping Guide, I'll cover all of the essentials for making the most of your gold and valuables!

Valheim is a game that's largely about survival and crafting. You may have encountered Gold, Rubies, or Amber at some point in the game; these items do indeed have a purpose. Valuables can be sold for money, but you won't be able to do much until you find the Merchant.


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Where is the Valheim Merchant?

As with most things in this game, the Valheim Merchant is located at a specific location depending on your map seed when you generate the world. Unfortunately, there's no easy way to find him — you're going to have to look around.


It's not that bad, thankfully. In the few maps I've seen, the Merchant is typically not that far away from the center of the map. The icon for the Merchant (seen above) will appear when you are relatively close to him. Although the Merchant has a cart, he doesn't ever appear to move from his position.

One important note about the Merchant: a series of four Runes surround his camp. These aren't like the Runestones that you can read in the world; rather, these Runes ward off any and all enemies. Enemies won't attack you or follow you into the Merchant's area, so you never have to worry about a Troll smashing your head in while you're shopping.


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How to Sell Items to the Merchant

Selling items to the Valheim Merchant is as easy as pushing a button. Pushing that button will sell all of the salable items that you have in your inventory. Don't worry about accidentally selling any of your equipment or anything like that, either — the Merchant is only interested in vendor trash.

Where Do You Find Items to Sell to the Merchant?

You can't sell anything without finding it first! The Valheim Merchant buys Amber, Amber Pearls, and Rubies. These can be found in a few different locations in the game world:

  • Chests in abandoned buildings
  • Burial Chambers in the Black Forest
  • Troll Caves in the Black Forest
  • Crypts in the Swamp

Troll Caves are especially good sources of loot. You can also fight and kill a Troll in the open world — while you aren't likely to get any treasure, you will get some Gold.


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What Does the Valheim Merchant Buy and Sell?

The Valheim Merchant only buys a handful of treasures that you can find in the game world; this is the only purpose for these items, so there's no reason not to sell them unless you want to use them to decorate.

The items the Merchant sells, however, are much more interesting. You can get a magical flashlight on your head, a fishing pole, or even a special item that increases your carry weight!

Items You Can Sell to the Merchant

Item Name Price Description

Amber 5 Valuable. Only purpose is for selling.

Amber Pearl 10 Valuable. Only purpose is for selling.

Ruby 20 Valuable. Only purpose is for selling.

Items the Merchant Sells

Item Name Price Description

Yule Hat 100 A festive cosmetic hat.

Dverger circlet 620 A circlet that projects a light in front of you that never runs out.

Megingjord 950 Increases your carry weight by 150.

Ymir Flesh 120 Crafting material. One of the pieces of the two-handed Iron Sledge.

Fishing Rod 350 Allows you to fish.

Fishing bait x50 10 Required for fishing.
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