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How to Find a Valheim Swamp

February 8, 2021

By: Robert N. Adams


The Valheim Swamp biome is packed full of challenging enemies, Crypts, and — most importantly — Iron. This guide will tell you how to find it and what you can expect!

Valheim has multiple biomes. You start off in the peaceful Meadows before moving on to the much more difficult Black Forest. After fighting and defeating The Elder boss, you'll soon be given a mysterious Swamp Key and not much direction on how to actually use it. Unsurprisingly, that key gets used in the Swamp biome.


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How to Find a Valheim Swamp Biome

Finding a Valheim Swamp biome isn't too hard, but you probably won't be able to walk there. I searched the entire island I started on and didn't find one, so that means your best option is to travel by boat. (It's possible that you might get lucky with your seed, but there are no guarantees.)


Once you've mastered the basics of the game, you're going to want to build a Raft. Your next step is to sail along the coastline looking for dead trees as you see in the images on this guide.

It's really that easy — hop into a boat and sail around until you see dead trees. However, you can end up sailing for quite a while — I spent a good 30 minutes or so on the water before I finally encountered my first Swamp biome. You may be more lucky than I was, but you also might have to search even longer.


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Valheim Swamp Key, Crypts, and Dangers

The Valheim Swamp biome is packed with wonderful new items for you to get but it also has its fair share of dangers! You should make a habit of building a safe base camp (ideally with a defensive wall) so you have somewhere nearby to respawn. It might not be a bad idea to build a Portal to connect it to your main base, too.

Enemies & Dangers

  • Draugr – Tough zombie soldiers that can fight in melee or at range. Basically tougher skeletons.
  • Blob – Gooey blobs of slime that can poison you. Shoot them with arrows from a distance.
  • Leech – Eel-like enemies in the water. Shoot them with arrows, too.

The Swamp Key

The Swamp Key you get from defeating The Elder is used to open up Crypts.


Crypts are basically the Swamp's dungeon, somewhat similar to the Burial Chambers in the Black Forest. These have much tougher enemies, though, and they also have water in them. It's very easy to get stuck in a hallway and die here — definitely build a base camp so you can respawn nearby!


A Selection of New Items You Can Unlock

  • Ancient Bark
  • Longboat (Get Ancient Bark, craft Iron Nails)
  • Iron Armor, Tools, & Weapons (from destroying Muddy Scrap Piles in Crypts)
  • Mead Base: Medium Healing (from Leeches)
  • Mead Base: Frost Resistance (allows exploring the Mountain biome)
  • Sausages (from Draugr Entrails)
  • Stone Buildings (from unlocking Iron)
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