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Our Valheim Fishing Guide will tell you how to get a Fishing Rod, how Fishing works, and where you can find Fish in the game!

How Valheim Fishing Works

Fishing in Valheim is a fairly straightforward process. Naturally, you'll need to have your Fishing Rod equipped and some Fishing Bait in your inventory. Once you're all set up, it's time to find some water and get to fishing!

Here's how to Fish in Valheim:

  1. Stand near water and look for Fish.
  2. Hold down the left mouse button to charge up your cast.
  3. Release the left mouse button to cast your line.
  4. Tap the right mouse button to bring the line in.
  5. Once you hook a fish, you have to mash the right mouse button to reel the fish in. Keep in mind that this uses up your Stamina!
  6. You can press E to pick up a Fish once it gets close enough.

If your luck is poor (or you're not finding any Fish), you're going to have to cast your line and try again; each cast of the line will use up 1 Fishing Bait. Each Biome has a different kind of Fish as of the Mistlands update, so you'll have to travel around the world to catch 'em all.

Unfortunately, the Valheim Fishing Rod is not quite a true "tool" like other things in the game. The upside is that it won't break after being used too much. The downside, however, is that you cannot upgrade it in any way to improve its performance, although you can level up the "Fishing" Skill as you continue this activity.

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Where to Find the Valheim Fishing Rod

There are two ways to find the Valheim Fishing Rod:

  1. Purchase it from the Merchant.
  2. Find it in the world.

The Fishing Rod spawning in the world seems to be pretty rare as far as we can tell, so it's easiest to save up some Coins and buy it from Haldor the Merchant instead. You'll need to visit him to purchase your first batch of Fishing Bait anyways!

Where to Get Fishing Bait in Valheim

You can purchase Fishing Bait in Valheim from the Merchant Haldor in the Black Forest. However, this will only help you catch Fish in the Meadows Biome; you'll have to level up your Fishing Skill and collect other ingredients to Craft more advanced Fishing Bait.

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Valheim Fish List

Fish Biome Bait Needed
Anglerfish ? ?
Coral Cod Ocean Heavy Fishing Bait
Giant Herring Swamp Sticky Fishing Bait
Grouper Plains Stingy Fishing Bait
Magmafish Ashlands Hot Fishing Bait
Northern Salmon Deep North Frosty Fishing Bait
Perch ? ?
Pufferfish Mistlands Misty Fishing Bait
Trollfish Black Forest Mossy Fishing Bait
Tuna Meadows Bait

Valheim Fishing Bait Crafting List

Fishing Bait Crafting Recipe
Cold Fishing Bait x20 1 Tuna, 1 Ulv Trophy
Frosty Fishing Bait x20 1 Magmafish, 1 Drake Trophy
Heavy Fishing Bait x20 1 Pike, 1 Serpent Trophy
Hot Fishing Bait x20 1 Anglerfish, 1 Surtling Trophy
Misty Fishing Bait x20 1 Grouper, 1 Lox Trophy
Mossy Fishing Bait x20 1 Perch, 1 Troll Trophy
Sticky Fishing Baitx20 1 Trollfish, 1 Abomination Trophy
Stingy Fishing Bait x20 1 Giant Herring, 1 Fuling Trophy

We're all done with the Valheim Fishing Guide, but there's plenty more to explore in our other guides below!

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