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This Valheim Yagluth Boss Fight Guide will tell you how to find Yagluth and what you need to do to defeat the ultimate enemy of the Plains Biome.

Where to Find Yagluth in Valheim

You can find Yagluth in the Plains Biome, the fifth biome in Valheim. His Altar is hard to miss -- it's in the middle of a giant stone hand sticking out of the ground.

How to Unlock the Yagluth Boss in Valheim

Here's how to unlock the Yagluth Boss in Valheim:

  1. Travel to the Plains.
  2. Raid Fuling Camps and Stone structures to recover 5 Fuling Totems.
  3. While hunting for Fuling Totems, search for the Yagluth Vegvisir which shows you his location.
  4. Take the 5 Fuling Totems to Yagluth's Altar and you'll be able to summon him when you're ready for the fight.

Valheim Yagluth Boss Fight Guide - How to Prepare for the Yagluth Fight

How to Prepare for the Valheim Yagluth Boss Fight

The Yagluth Boss fight in Valheim is not going to be an easy one. Until now, you've always had the option to fight Bosses at range. Yagluth represents the first Boss where ranged combat isn't a good idea, largely due to his resistance against Piercing damage.

Obviously, you're going to want to have the best Weapons and Armor you can muster for this fight. That likely means Padded Armor and Black Metal Weapons. Bringing some Healing Potions is a good idea, too -- like most Bosses, Yagluth hits hard.

Finally, there's the matter of where you'll be fighting him. Odds are, you're going to be fighting in close quarters. It's still a good idea to dig a few trenches or pits around the area so you can duck underneath Yagluth's ranged attacks.

What is Yagluth's Weakness?

Yagluth in Valheim has no weaknesses. He is, however, somewhat resistant to Fire damage and Pierce damage. That means fighting him with Bows is not an ideal option.

How to Summon Yagluth in Valheim

You can summon Yagluth in Valheim by bringing 5 Fuling Totems to his Altar in the Plains Biome.

Valheim Yagluth Boss Fight Guide - How to Beat Yagluth Solo

How to the Valheim Yagluth Boss Solo

Fighting the Yagluth Boss solo is going to be a tricky prospect, but it's certainly doable. One of the biggest issues is that Yagluth is resistant to Pierce damage, so fighting him with a Bow isn't a very good idea. That means your best bet is to fight him in melee.

If you have a flair for Animals, you should strongly consider bringing along some Wolves to help with the fight. Wolves will help provide melee damage and will spread out the potential targets for Yagluth to attack.

Yagluth has three primary attacks. The first is an AOE attack where he raises his fist in the air and slams it on the ground, burning the area immediately around him. You'll definitely want to run away from him when he starts to wind up this attack. Even if you can block or parry the attack, it continues to cause damage in a small area around Yagluth for a few seconds after it's completed.

The second attack has him raising his arm up in the air and calling down meteors from the sky; your best option is to keep moving to avoid getting hit. This is a good opportunity to hit him, but you'll want to keep an eye out for any falling meteors while you're swinging your weapon.

The third attack, however, is perhaps the biggest threat: Yagluth shoots out a devastating beam of energy in a horizontal line, and he can move it to track the player (albeit slowly). This beam will absolutely shred any kind of defensive structure you can build, so you'll want to rely on trenches or pits for cover. Take care not to hide behind any natural Stone formations, including the "fingers" of the Stone hand surrounding his altar -- these can shatter quickly and drop debris on you.

Basically, your main concern will be to avoid the AOE attack when you're fighting Yagluth in melee and do damage when and where you can. The meteors and beam are equally avoidable as long as you're paying attention. Yagluth has a lot of health, so this will be a battle of attrition more than anything else -- take your time, don't take unnecessary risks, and you can win this fight.

How to Beat the Valheim Yagluth Boss in Multiplayer

Unfortunately, the Yagluth Boss fight doesn't get much easier in Valheim when you bring some friends along. Extra players will only be able to get in free shots when Yagluth is using his beam attack -- the meteors and the nova attack are a threat to everyone at the same time.

The multiplayer version of the fight is essentially an extension of the single-player strategy -- don't bother with Bows unless you want to go through hundreds of Arrows (and probably a couple of Bows, too). Move in for melee strikes, dodge his nova attack, and try your best to stay alive.

Valheim Yagluth Boss Fight Guide - Yagluth Boss Drops

What Are the Yagluth Boss Drops in Valheim?

Yagluth drops the Yagluth Trophy and the Torn Spirit in Valheim. The Torn Spirit is used to Build the Wisp Fountain, an item that attracts Wisps which allow you to properly navigate the Mistlands Biome.

What is Yagluth's Power in Valheim?

Yagluth's Power gives you Resistance to Fire, Lightning, and Frost Damage.

That's the end of the Valheim Yagluth Boss Fight Guide. Make sure to check out our other guides below!

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